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Mayor de Blasio : Ballot Initiative “insensitive and inappropriate”

Bill de Blasio, another NYC Mayor who has an allergy to reality, decency, and an interest in actually investigating the crimes of 9/11/01 on Thursday said,

“From what I’ve heard it’s absolutely ridiculous,”… “And it’s inappropriate, after all the suffering that went on 9/11 and since. It seems to be this is a very insensitive and inappropriate action.”

That “insensitive and inappropriate action” is the ballot initiative spearheaded by the High Rise Safety Initiative, a group of grassroots activists and 9/11 family members like Bob McIlvaine, father of Bobby McIlvaine, have gathered 67, 192 signatures so far from verifiable New York legal residents, that if passed November 4th, it would require the City’s Department of Buildings to investigate the collapse of WTC 7 and any future high-rise collapses.

“I believe the City Council will share our view that this should never be on the ballot,” said that Mayor with Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito nodding in agreement beside him.

As far as I'm concerned, with Thursdays statement the current ”Hizzoner” officially joins the dishonor roll of elected NY City Mayors who choose to deflect genuine inquiry into the impossible physics of the 3 WTC towers destruction. He is on the wrong side of history on an issue that will never go away until properly investigated.

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Keyboard Activism : What Does The Council Speaker Have To Say?

11 Ways 9/11 Truth is Challenging The Hijacking of History And The Totalitarian Reengineering of Human Consciousnes

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator

Aug 5, 2011

For most of human history, empires and rulers have made a killing in the business of war, land grabs, territorial conquests, natural resource exploitation, and the high stakes game of power politics.

But that violent and savage era is coming to an end. Mankind is growing up. For proof, look at the global grassroots 9/11 truth movement that is changing the face of world politics, reawakening the people, and questioning the foundations of the criminal war on terror.

The inside job theory of the 9/11 attacks is supported by scientific evidence, numerous eyewitness accounts, circumstantial data, and common sense thinking.

People who are able to connect dots and break free from the mass conditioning can see that the Bush administration, the neocon fringe, the CIA and Israel are one hundred percent responsible for the 9/11 crime and tragedy.

What Might Work

What Might Work

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

Strap it on – This could be a wild ride! I, for one, admit to being a radical, in as much as “radical” means literally going to the root of the matter, as opposed to superficially dealing with or being content with merely tweaking old chestnuts, turning trifling truffles.

We in the trenches of the 911 Truth movement generally content ourselves with the low-key, slow-but-sure task of spreading our vital core truth one person or one DVD at a time. Meanwhile, up topside the movement, our designated superstars often hurl one bold hail-Mary or lightning-bolt after another, in the not totally unreasonable expectation that, while most will be knocked down, one or another may eventually land and score. In that same restless spirit of derring-do and devil-may-care virtuosity, let me suggest a sort of ultimate logical solution – a panacea, if you will – to our vexing bugaboo of getting “our” government to do what it ought to have done long ago regarding a real investigation and prosecution of 9/11 and other mass crimes of the elite.

Tutor spreads truth

The economic downturn has led to the loss of my job and a return to school. I am now a mature student amidst the younger generation, the next generation. One of the things I find disturbing at school is the amount of brainwashing that is going on. In our library, for instance, you won't find a single book which contradicts the events of that day. In fact, there is very little on the subject save for the 911 commission report and a couple others.

The 9/11 on 911 Campaign

The 9th anniversary of the 9/11 false flag attacks is nearly upon us. It's safe to assume that a huge number of truthers will be in NYC for the 10th anniversary, so let's make the 9th anniversary a big one in our home communities.

Truth Action Ottawa is producing nine hundred and eleven fliers and DVDs to hand out to members of our community on 9/11. We're issuing the challenge to all our fellow truth groups in every community across the globe to do likewise.

"The Disk" Passing Out Thousands of 9/11 Truth Disks at the Play "Yankee Tavern"

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers


The above Youtube demonstrates some very successful 9/11 Truth Activism we did during the month of January 2010.
We (Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth Milwaukee, Wisconsin) http://ts911t.org/ handed out disks for almost every showing of the play "Yankee Tavern" by Steven Dietz which played at The Milwaukee Rep for almost the whole month of January 2010.

This play has a lot of dialogue about the research behind 9/11 from the perspective of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Near the end of the play they find a hidden disk. We used that part of the play about "The Disk" to pass out over 4000 disks in the roughly 25 times we went to this theatre loaded with 9/11 Truth disks in our backpacks. All we needed to say was "The Disk" we have "The Disk" or "The Disk" is here. Little did these audience members know that if they watch "The Disk" they would be learning a lot about David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage. The audience members usually laughed when they heard this, but they took "The Disk".

RussiaToday.com VIDEO of 9/11 Truth Protesters at Ground Zero on 9/11/08

Yea! We (9/11 Truth activists in NYC) made the news.

Please see this glorious video filmed by an uncensored (oh, the irony) Russian news group yesterday
at Ground Zero, and other locations nearby as we marched through the streets.

New poster in spanish for 911 truth

New Poster has 911 truth now on one side in spanish, other side in engish:

Truth Revolution

Hey everyone,

Here’s my latest. Hope you like it.

if you haven’t already please come on over to truthaction.org/forum and add your city for October 11th.