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For the French! Webster Tarpley interview...

While in Paris this past week to promote the French Edition of "Synthetic Terror", Tarpley gave an interview in the French language. Please pass this on to French-speaking truthseekers and fence-sitters everywhere!

French Synthetic Terror available here. (Editions Demi Lune)

37 minute Google video at link;

Tarpley and Morgan Stack in Dublin

Report from Dublin, 9/14/2006

The sun is shining down on the good people of Dublin's fair city this morning.

Last night's 911 Truth event in the Irish capital was a great success.

Over 50 people sat transfixed upstairs in the lounge at Doyles bar, to listen to the presentations of Morgan Stack and Webser Tarpley.

Morgan, an associate member of Scholars for Truth from Listowel, Co. Kerry, lectures in accountancy at University College Cork, is standing on a 911 Truth platform in next year's General elections.

Morgan introduced the evening with the history of the Irish 911 Truth movement and a summary of their campaigning efforts to date.

No slouch is Morgan, as he described his efforts to inform each and every member of the Dail with hand delivered 911 Truth packs and the uncompromising, intimidating rejection he received from RTE and subsequent action by the Garda.

For his efforts, Morgan described how he has been the subject of a police investigation for attempting to raise awareness among Ireland's politicians and media.

German 9/11 Summit a Success.

Photo credit: amman254.

Webster Tarpley, Andreas Von Beulow, Thomas Meyer and Gerhard Wisnewski had a successful summit last night at Kandern-Holzen near Basel. The event was sold out with 150 people in attendance.

On Saturday, Tarpley broadcasted his RBN show live from Germany and featured the above speakers giving their opinions and fielding questions from callers. Archived show here:

Tarpley continues his European tour with a stop on Wednesday at Trinity College, Dublin with Morgan Stack. Then he's off to Bologna Italy for a big conference on September 17th. Tarpley expects around 800 people to attend the Italy conference, and plenty of press as well.

Here's the Bologna info once again;


9/11 Global Deceit

Nature and Meaning of September 11th

First Italian International Conference on the events of September 11th, 2001

Bologna, Teatro Arena del Sole

Sunday 17th September 2006

from 14.00 to 23.00

Five years after September 11th 2001, the real criminal nature of the WTC and Pentagon attacks has finally been made clear, as has the culpability of the Bush Administration in orchestrating those dramatic events.

Achtung! Tarpley in Germany 9/10/2006

If anyone attends this event, please send us some photos and a report!