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Tarpley - Peace Movement Must Embrace 9/11 Truth


The Rock Creek Free Press
Week of January 27, 2007 - P.8


by Webster G. Tarpley

The escalation announced in Bush’s January 10 television speech was much bigger than many expected: the threats he made against Iran and Syria threaten a wider US aggression, quite possibly carried out with nuclear weapons. In addition to his 21,000 extra GIs, Bush is sending an additional carrier battle group and Patriot missiles to the Gulf. Admiral Fallon, the new Centcom commander, is a carrier admiral trained in air attacks, not land warfare. John “Death Squads” Negroponte, Rice’s new deputy at the State Department, is said to be assembling a team of private contractors to prepare the attack on Iran. Russian intelligence reports indicate that there are four US missile-firing submarines in the Gulf. The London Sunday Times says that the Israeli air force is actively drilling for a sneak attack on Iranian military facilities at Natanz, Isfahan, and Bushehr. The ING international banking group is telling its clients that the Israelis may attack Iran in February or March. February 17 or March 18, the preferred sneak attack times of the new moon, may thus mark the beginning of a regional Middle East war, a war tending to slide into World War III.


...Peace activists often ask why the 9/11 truth movement insists on making the truth about terrorism a central component of anti-war agitation. One answer is that we bring up 9/11 frequently because Bush and Cheney do – they incessantly parrot slogans about the “global war on terror” and “the lessons of 9/11.” Bush claims that he is fighting terrorists in Iraq so that the US will not have to fight them over here. He raves that, if US forces pull out of Iraq, the terrorists will follow them back home and launch attacks on US territory. There can be no doubt that 9/11 is the foundation of Bush’s castle of warmonger lying – the fountainhead, motivation, and legitimation of the entire policy of unilateral aggression. To ignore the centrality of 9/11 to Bush’s every move is like trying to fight Hitler without mentioning anti-Semitism. Attacks on Bush that do not include 9/11 truth are simply impotent, and will not be effective.

The Future of 9/11 Activism

"Get active, or get radioactive." - Webster Tarpley

About 150 people gathered in Dover NH, this past Saturday to discuss 9/11 strategy in this politically essential state. New Hampshire is where the presidential primaries begin.

Activists confronted Democratic Senator Chris Dodd with some questions on Saturday, and Webster Tarpley reported on the activities from the Friends Meeting House in Dover. The first hour of World Crisis Radio was spent primarily on a Q&A session with some of the activists who were there, and started on the Dodd questioning toward the end of the hour.

At a Quaker meeting house in Dover, Rob LaPorte and Mike Casner confronted Sen. Dodd. (Hopefully, there will be pictures and video later on.)

LaPorte was called on to ask a question at the Town Hall meeting Dodd and others were attending, and said, roughly (LaPorte was going from memory);

"The 9/11 attacks became the justification for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many Americans have serious questions about the 9/11 Commission Report, and the 9/11 Commission. Days after Pearl Harbor and the Oklahoma bombing there were committees formed. It took well over a year for such an investigation of this monumental crime to come about. The investigation was resisted by the administration, the head of the investigation (Zelikow) was essentially in the employ of the administration. The resulting report had tons of gaps.

So Senator, I have two questions;

Would you consider initiating a truly independent commission to investigate the attacks of 9/11?

How can a 47 story modern steel high-rise collapse at free-fall speeds when it was not hit by a plane and had minimal fires, and minimal damage? The 9/11 report mentions nothing about it and it seems important to me and other Americans to know what happened."

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Marc Estrin of Vermont on World Crisis Radio

Vermont's Marc Estrin will be Webster Tarpley's guest on World Crisis Radio today.

World Crisis Radio - 4-6pm Central on RBN Live.

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9/11 Radio 12/23/2006

Preceding Kevin Barrett's "Truth Jihad" radio show on RBN is Jason Bermas' program "Louder Than Words" from 2-4pm Central and Webster Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio" from 4-6pm Central.

Today on "World Crisis Radio" Tarpley interviews John Robb of the website Global Guerillas, for a discussion primarily about the on the ground situation in Iraq, but as always informed by the events of 9/11.

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The Tea Party Memo

The 9/11 truth movement contributed decisively to the defeat of the pro-Bush forces in the November 2006 election. Bush and Rove intended to terrorize the electorate with the 9/11 fear issue, as they had successfully done in 2002 and 2004, to create an atmosphere conducive to stealing yet another election with vote fraud, vote suppression, and other illegal dirty tricks. But this time, as even some leading Democrats noted, the spell had been broken, and the nightmare vision had lost its hypnotic power. Bush was exposed as the desperate little demagogue behind the curtain. This was the result of five years of agitation and political education carried out by the 9/11 truth movement on the internet, through regional, national, and local conferences, in books and other publications, in battles for academic freedom on campus, and on cable television especially during 2005-6. The turning point of the election campaign was probably the four telecasts in July-August of the round table of the Alex Jones Los Angeles conference, taped in late June; these broadcasts reportedly garnered the highest ratings in the history of C-SPAN – thanks in part to a campaign of call-ins to talk radio by 9/11 truth activists – and deflated the racist, militarist, and fascist 9/11 myth in the eyes of a whole stratum of opinion leaders. The Hillary Clinton-Lieberman-Rahm Emmanuel wing of the Democratic Party, by contrast, did everything possible to re-enforce the 9/11 myth and lose the election, and has been attempting ever since to throw away the fruits of victory in the name of “bi-partisan” sellouts.

The United States is now in the throes of a party re-alignment on the model of 1828, 1860, 1896, 1932, and 1968. This past election, like 1930 and 1966, was the prelude to and harbinger of a great historical watershed. If the cause of 9/11 truth prevails, the re-alignment can be resolved in a positive direction for the United States and the world. If 9/11 truth is strangled, the re-alignment may well turn out to be a re-alignment into totalitarian fascism. If the Democratic Party attempts to continue the war of civilizations imposed using the 9/11 pretext, it is the Democratic Party which will be destroyed. The new Congress must repudiate the discredited 9/11 commission and re-open the 9/11 question, working to bring the September criminals in the US government to justice.

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World Crisis Radio - Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth interview

Today on World Crisis Radio, Webster Tarpley will interview Jason King, and possibly others involved with the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth group, and hopefully organizers from the San Francisco event.

(Add DC911 truth to the Party - 11am-12pm - in front of Lafayette Park in Washington DC - for a shredding of the 911 Comission's lies.)

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Webster Tarpley: "Filibuster Al Qaeda Founder Robert Gates"

(Today, Webster Tarpley released a statement against Robert Gates' nomination as Secretary of Defense. Gates' relationship to the Muj has also recently been explored at the Daily Kos, in a post called, Robert Gates Promoted and Financed Osama Bin Laden. -r.)


Wednesday, December 6, 2006

"Most damning of all is the fact that Gates was one of the founders of al Qaeda, the CIA’s Arab Legion which was assembled to attack the Soviets in Afghanistan. Gates is thus part of the infrastructure that produced the patsies of 9/11..."


The nomination of Robert Gates to be Secretary of Defense must be rejected. Gates is deeply implicated in three decades of crimes by the intelligence community. There is no reason to think he intends to begin the necessary rapid departure of US forces from Iraq. His nomination by Bush can only be read as a deliberate provocation directed against the new Democratic Congress. Will the Democrats fight back, or will they capitulate? The American people are watching the Democratic Senators carefully, and they are appalled by the self-congratulatory and clubby narcissism of the Senate at a time when US forces are facing encirclement and decimation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Senators must not only vote against Gates; they must stop the confirmation process with a filibuster. A look at Gates’ sordid record shows why.

Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio" to feature Meria Heller today - 12/2/2006

Webster Tarpley will interview Meria Heller today during his radio program, "World Crisis Radio". As always, a unique roundup of the global political scene, and a hefty dose of discussion of all things 9/11 will take place on Tarpley's weekly show.

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World Crisis Radio - Live stream from Virginia 9/11 conference - 4-6pm Central

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World Crisis Radio - 9/11 Candidate Special - Saturday, November 4th (tomorrow)

Tomorrow on World Crisis Radio, Tarpley will be getting reports on the air from as many 9/11 Truth candidates as he can during the final leg of their campaign(s).

Confirmed so far;

Christopher B. Garvey

Craig Hill

Matthew Woodson

Carol Brouillet


RBN Live Stream - Sat. 4-6pm Central.



Tarpley is preceded on RBN on Saturdays by Jason Bermas, and followed by James Fetzer:

Micheal B. Haupt (threeworldwars.com) recommends Webster Tarpley's "911 Synthetic Terror" in his E-Mail letter

Sitting-Bull, A Bombshell 9/11 Book

Dear Sitting-Bull,

I'm talking about Webster Tarpley's book, "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA". I was cleaning up my desk recently and came across the book again.

Judy Andreas, of Rense.com, said on March 18, 2006: "A bombshell, brilliant book - I strongly recommend 911 Synthetic Terror. Should be required reading for all honest truth seekers."

I'm a little more reserved with praise for the book, for two reasons:

1. The fuss made about 9/11 (for the most part) does little to help us understand the bigger picture;

2. Since many important facts about 9/11 are so difficult to prove conclusively, many of those in the 9/11 Truth Movement rely on hearsay.

Tarpley is no different. He constantly makes definitive judgments in cases where the evidence presented is strictly circumstantial. There are many sentences like: "This happened, so the only explanation can be that." The 9/11 Truth Movement suffers from this malady too.

Nevertheless, if you are searching for a somewhat better book than the many other 9/11 titles out there, try Tarpley's book. You can order the brand new 3rd Edition for less than $15 from Amazon using this link:

Matthew Woodson on World Crisis Radio 10/29

Matthew Woodson, candidate for congress from Oklahoma, will be interviewed today on Webster Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio".

Tarpley gives a weekly roundup and analysis of world events on World Crisis Radio, broadcasting live on RBN, from 4-6pm Central.

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Former CIA Robert Steele, & Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones today - 10/26

On October 7, 2006, former CIA Case Officer and Intelligence expert Robert David Steele posted his review of Webster Tarpley's "9/11 Synthetic Terror";

I am forced to conclude that 9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war... and I am forced to conclude that there is sufficient evidence to indict (not necessarily convict) Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others of a neo-conservative coup d'etat and kick-off of the clash of civilizations...

Today, October 26, 2006, Steele gave an interview on the Alex Jones show that was wide in scope, covering intelligence matters, the dangers of concentrated wealth in the United States, and the evolution in technology that is putting open-source intelligence in the hands of the average citizen with an enquiring mind.

At the end of the interview, Steele chatted briefly with Tarpley on air, giving him kudos for "Synthetic Terror", and reaffirming the book's value as a starting point for a new, serious investigation into the events of 9/11.

This endorsement by such an experienced intelligence insider pushed the sales of Tarpley's book into the Amazon Top 100 for the first time, a feat matched thus far only by Michael Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" in the 9/11 skepticism lexicon.

The interview is archived at this link:

and mirrored here:

53.5 MB - interview starts at the 50 minute mark.

A Report on the Italian 9/11 Conference

9/11 skepticism is an international phenomenon. 5 years after 9/11, people in France, Germany, Ireland, Britain, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, and elsewhere, gathered to discuss and review the abundance of materials that cast a critical eye on the events of 9/11. The lies, deceptions, half-truths, and omissions that swirl around the events of 9/11 will not stand.

In this great report from Emanuele Montagna, we get the lowdown on the biggest 9/11 conference in Italy to date, and probably the biggest 9/11 conference in Europe, to date. Thanks to Webster Tarpley for helping get this report to us, so we can share it with everyone.

(Two video links of conference coverage, from Italian TV)

11-9 Global Deceit
Nature and significance of September 11, 2001

Bologna 17 September 2006
Teatro Arena del Sole

Report on a special day

About the event

The first international conference on the events of September 11, 2001, which took place in Bologna (Italy) was an (un)expected occasion. The venue was the well-known theatre, Arena del Sole. An imposing structure, it conferred a sense of solemnity on the proceedings, and for this reason provided the right kind of backdrop for the subject discussed and for a re-evocation of the key moments of that tragic day, seen in the light of the passions and in the light of reason. If September 11, 2001 is a historical watershed for the evolution of contemporary society – which it is – then it was commemorated as it should be commemorated. Not only does the date occur at the dawning of the third millennium; it also reveals the true face of the forces that move the world.

Bologna hosted the first and largest international event of this kind in Europe. Many experts turned up. Particularly important was the presence of experts from the United States. The many papers they have dedicated to analysis of the events are of particular value since they combine consistency on a conceptual level with attention to detail, and because they are the product of social and community commitment of an order that requires considerable courage and generosity. The task they have set themselves is a hard one, and dangerous too. However, it falls into the category of the most noble of human efforts – the search for the truth.

"9/11 Revealed" author Ian Henshall to be interviewed on World Crisis Radio today - 10/21/2006

Live on Webster Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio", streaming at RBN.

In progress, from 4-6pm Central. Interview is usually in the second hour.

Amazon link for "9/11 Revealed".

According to the US State Dept, 9/11 Revealed is misinformation. Wonder if that has had a net positive or negative effect on the book sales? I always see 9/11 Revealed copies for sale at book stores.