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March 26 - No Lies News Featuring Kevin Barrett

Wednesday March 26, 2008
Kevin Barrett reads the 9/11 truth news of the day in this issue of No Lies News

(5 Minutes - 1.5 Meg)

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New evidence suggests second shooter killed RFK

This video is from MSNBC News Live, broadcast March 26, 2008.

Forty years after Democratic rising star Robert F. Kennedy was killed at a Los Angeles hotel during his presidential run, new evidence suggests the man serving a life sentence for his murder did not fire the shots that killed the charismatic senator.

Court Clears Way for 9/11 Illness Lawsuit

Court Clears Way for 9/11 Illness Lawsuit

March 26, 2008

A federal appeals court has refused to give New York City immunity from the lawsuits of thousands of city workers and construction laborers who say they now suffer from respiratory illnesses after they helped clean up ground zero in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The lawsuits claim that the city failed to ensure that ground zero was a safe work place. High among the claims is the assertion that the city failed to enforce rules requiring workers to wear respirators while working amid the toxins and rubble.

Citing the unprecedented nature of the disaster, New York City and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, both defendants in the suits, have argued that they are entitled to immunity from the claims. The defendants say they cannot be required to pay out to the workers what could amount to billions of dollars in damages.

Franchi Questions Tom Ridge in New Hampshire

March 23, 2008

(Ridge starts at 2:50)

Tom Ridge was outside the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire rallying the people while they waited for John McCain, Gary Franchi was there to ask Ridge about a host of topics including the Amero, the NAU, 9/11, membership in the CFR and if he had ever gone to Bohemian Grove. His responses revealed alot about the topics especially Bohemian Grove.

Plan 51 From Outer Space - Air America's Richard Greene Discusses National Nightmare

Tuesday March 25, 2008
Air America Radio's Richard Greene chats with Matthew Rothschild, 9/11 truth sceptic and editor of the Progressive Magazine, about Presidential Directive 51 (seize control of the country) which is apparently modeled after one of GW's mentors in the early 1940's. John Conyers (202.225.5126) reveals that he doesn't know what it is.

(35 Minutes - 9 Meg)

* source = http://www.airamerica.com/clout

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White House Directive 51
(White House)

Richard Falk and Kevin Barrett on GCNLive

Monday March 24, 2008
Kevin Barrett speaks with Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University, about 9/11 Truth, the Nation Magazine (left of center media in general) and the possibility of another false flag attack on America.

(I just listened to this again and Dr Falk doesn't specifically talk about "the next" false flag attack. He and Kevin talk about the 9/11 attack and Bush not leaving power at the end of his term which could only happen because of some national emergency.)

* source = http://www.gcnlive.com

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Iran 'behind Green Zone attack' (or could it be Al CIADuh?) - BBC

Iran 'behind Green Zone attack'
Gen David Petraeus

Gen Petraeus said he was surprised how Sunnis turned against al-Qaeda
The most senior US general in Iraq has said he has evidence that Iran was behind Sunday's bombardment of Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone.

Gen David Petraeus told the BBC he thought Tehran had trained, equipped and funded insurgents who fired the barrage of mortars and rockets.

He said Iran was adding what he described as "lethal accelerants" to a very combustible mix.

There has as yet been no response from Iran to the accusations.


Dr Paul Craig Roberts predicted an imminent attack on Iran today on the Alex Jones show.

Fed's rescue halted a derivatives Chernobyl (London Telegraph)

Fed's rescue halted a derivatives Chernobyl
Last Updated: 1:24am GMT 23/03/2008

When the Federal Reserve stepped in to save Bear Stearns, most people had no idea what was at stake, writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

We may never know for sure whether the Federal Reserve's rescue of Bear Stearns averted a seizure of the $516 trillion derivatives system, the ultimate Chernobyl for global finance.

"There was the risk of a total meltdown at the beginning of last week. I don't think most people have any idea how bad this chain could have been, and I am still not sure the Fed can maintain the solvency of the US banking system."

All through early March the frontline players had watched in horror as Bear Stearns came under assault and then shrivelled into nothing as its $17bn reserve cushion vanished.

Melcher was already prepared - true to form for a man who made a fabulous return last year betting on the collapse of US mortgage securities. He is now turning his sights on Eastern Europe, the next shoe to drop.

Steve Alten talks with Kevin Barrett Friday Evening on GCN Radio

Saturday March 22, 2008
Kevin Barrett talks with Steve Alten, author of "The Shell Game", about their respective encounters with neoconmedia, including Steve's run-in with Jim Bohanon
(75 Minutes - 22 Meg)

* source = http://www.gcnlive.com

Steve Alten's New Book, The Shell Game, Threatens to Expose the Next 9/11

Steve Alten's New Book, The Shell Game, Threatens to Expose the Next 9/11

The author, who has had several novels appear on best-seller lists, believes the topic is timely, especially with oil reaching the $100 a barrel mark.

Houston, TX,March 20, 2008 -- Why were there no jet-fighters dispatched on 9/11? Why was NORAD engaged in upwards of five separate military exercises dealing with fake hijackings on the day of the worst attack in U.S. history? Why were false blips allowed to be projected onto FAA screens, confusing air flight controllers? Why was Dick Cheney in-charge of NORAD on 9/11? Did the Vice President order a stand-down so that the attacks would succeed?

Tony Award Winning Daniel Sunjata Speaks With Alex Jones About 9/11 Truth

Monday March 17, 2008

Daniel Sunjata, co-star of the critically-acclaimed FX Network television series, Rescue Me and Tony Award nominated actor who has performed in film, television and in the theater and who came forward with his support of 9/11 Truth over a year ago tells Alex Jones' national radio audience how upset he is about the recent Geraldo Rivero vilification of 9/11 Truth activists

(19 Minutes - 5.23 Meg)

* source = http://www.infowars.com

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Steve Alten speaks about doomsday

Steve Alten speaks about doomsday
Published March 11th, 2008

By Skip Sheffield

Steve Alten dreams big.

In his fantastic 1997 first novel “Meg,” he imagined a gigantic prehistoric Megalodon shark that surfaced from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to terrorize mankind.

In Domain (2001) he visualized the cruel, violent human sacrifices of ancient Mayans.

In “The Loch” he explored the possibility of a real Loch Ness monster.

Now Alten is deadly serious in “The Shell Game,” a thriller that tackles the large and looming issues of the end of oil, the next 9/11 terrorist attacks and ultimately the end of civilization. Alten will speak and sign his book at 7 p.m.

Wednesday at Murder on the Beach Bookstore, 273 NE Second Ave., Delray Beach.

“I hope people will read this book with an open mind,” said Alten recently at Boca Raton News offices. “It is difficult to accept that your own government may be involved in one of the worst disasters in history. My book just extrapolates on what has already occurred. I am concerned about what kind of world my two children and two stepchildren will face.

The pendulum has swung from the public outcry against the Dixie Chicks over the Iraq War. The media must accept responsibility rather than shirking investigative journalism.”

Leonard Clark Speaks For Me On The Jeff Farias Show

Saturday March 15, 2008
Leonard Clark, commentator for the Jeff Farias show, shares his feelings (and mine) about the anti-constitutional ruling cabal that gorges on war profits while average Americans die standing in line for health care (warning! . . . Lenny is pissed)
(3 Min - 1.2 Meg)

* source = http://www.novamradio.com

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Sydney Conference: 9/11 - Physics and Findings: Challenging the NIST Report

Sydney Conference: 9/11 - Physics and Findings: Challenging the NIST Report

Dr. David Leifer, Registered Architect and Incorporated Engineer of the Faculty of Architecture, Design Science and Planning at the University of Sydney

In Sydney a conference is now under way challenging the official version and lack of investigation into what happened during the September 11, 2001 attacks in the USA.

Dr David Leifer, Registered Architect and Incorporated Engineer of the Faculty of Architecture, Design Science and Planning at the University of Sydney was the first speaker at the conference.

"We've all seen graphic video images of planes smashing into WTC 1 and 2 on 11th September 2001, we also saw in real time the two towers spectacularly collapse, for which it appears obvious to all that the impact of the planes and subsequent fires were the cause" he started his speech. Seemingly only a fool or subversive would question this chain of events..." he said.

Richard Gage on San Francisco ABC AM radio

Friday March 14, 2008

Richard Gage, AIA broke into mainstream radio last Friday morning
March 7th at midnight in a one-hour interview on the Christine Craft
show on KGO-810(San Francisco ABC)

(39 Min sans adverts - 11.3 Meg)

* source = http://kgoam810.com/

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