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Has Transpartisan Alliance been infiltrated?

911 Blogger posted an invitation to the new Transpartisan Alliance Citizens' Summit meeting in Denver this February. While I and others expressed concerns about the participation of Grover Norquist, it seems the conference generated a good bit of enthusiasm among other truthers.

Well, since then, I've bumped into the below morsel of information that adds a bit more substance to my skepticism.

While leafing through last month's Foreign Affairs magazine published by the Council on Foreign Relations, I noted a section where it had asked various political figures to put together their ideal "Dream Teams" for the next administration. Norquist was one of those asked, and on his list he named Dov Zakheim as his "Dream Team" choice for National Security Advisor. Now, that is a very interesting choice.

Idea in Eighth place at

I was just notified by that my idea was in eighth place in its category. This is the same site that has censored ideas mentioning 9-11, yet this idea has survived for weeks. If it hits the top three in the category, it gets forwarded to Obama, and perhaps more importantly, the more votes it gets the more visibility it earns on the site.

Why not look it over and see whether it's worth a collective effort to bump it into third place. Here's how it reads:

End Censorship of War on Terror
Ever since the "War on Terror" began, there's been massive censorship about the facts surrounding it both within the corporate media, the progressive media, and internet news sites and blogs. The Obama administration should announce a policy of increased transparency surrounding the War on Terror, and the media should take that as a cue to stop censoring their content.

And here's the text of the email I received:

We wanted to let you know that there are only 2 weeks left in the first round of the "Ideas for Change in America" competition, and your idea is in 8th place in the Civic Engagement category.

Lindorff calling for new 9-11 investigation?

Despite Common Dreams' David Lindorff having previously dismissed "conspiracy theories," in his latest Mumbai article over at, he concludes saying, " And let us hope that Americans finally demand an honest accounting of what happened on 9/11/2001 and that those who are guilty of allowing it to happen ... are exposed and forced to pay for their ineptness and their crimes."

We don't need to convince everyone that 9-11 was an inside job in order to create a groundswell of public support for a new 9-11 investigation. So Lindorff, for all his previous arrogant claims about nutty conspiracy theories, can prove to be an important ally. It's a question of deciding our foremost objective.

This Sunday, Ask Gore Vidal your questions

This Sunday, 9-11 truth ally Gore Vidal will be taking calls on Air America Radio's Politically Direct
with David Bender. The show airs live at 4 pm on the East coast --that's 1 pm on the West coast. Gore Vidal will take calls for three hours. Yes, that’s THREE hours. Make sure you get in line for the chance to talk to him. Call 1-866-303-2270

Gore Vidal is a world-renowned author, historian and political and social commentator. Among many comments in support of the truth movement, Mr. Vidal has stated:
“We still don't know by whom we were struck that infamous Tuesday, or for what true purpose. But it is fairly plain to many civil libertarians that 9/11 'put paid' not only to much of our fragile Bill of Rights but also to our once-envied system of government which had taken a mortal blow the previous year when the Supreme Court did a little dance in 5/4 time and replaced a popularly elected President with the oil and gas Bush-Cheney junta.”... “It is interesting how often in our history, when disaster strikes, incompetence is considered a better alibi ...”