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Finally, an apology from the National Geographic Channel

Six days after September 11th, National Geographic Today (NGT) published one of the very first descriptions of the official myth for what happened to the World Trade Center (WTC) towers.[1] This article exaggerated the little known facts about the fires in the towers, equated gas temperatures with steel temperatures, and detailed the long-surviving but incorrect Pancake Theory of “collapse.” Since that time, millions of people have been killed or injured in the 9/11 Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that originated from the official myth about 9/11.[2,3] Fortunately, this week it was announced that the NGT’s parent, the National Geographic Channel (NG Channel), is scheduled to broadcast a new television special covering the science behind the events of 9/11. We can only assume that this new show is meant to correct the record and apologize for the company’s false statements that contributed to the ongoing wars.

What Hit the Pentagon? - A new paper at the Journal of 9/11 Studies

The Journal of 9/11 Studies has published a new paper by Dr. Frank Legge, entitled "What Hit the Pentagon?"

Here are some excerpts:

"The most logical inference from the Pentagon attack evidence is that the perpetrators of 9/11
knew that there would be many members of the public who would become suspicious for one
reason or another. The perpetrators realized that a powerful technique for weakening the
arguments of the skeptics would be to have them arguing against one another."

"There are two essential points to note:

1. Nothing should have hit the Pentagon. This implies a stand down order existed, as
appears to be confirmed by Mineta’s testimony to the 9/11 Commission.

2. The authorities could easily show us what hit the Pentagon but they do not."

New paper at The Journal of 9/11 Studies

A new paper is available at The Journal of 9/11 Studies. This is from Professor Graeme MacQueen, and is called "Did the Earth Shake Before The South Tower Hit the Ground?" Here are some excerpts.

"In the debate over the collapses of the Twin Towers on 9/11, the shaking of the earth that accompanied these collapses has played an important role. This shaking registered clearly on seismographs. Less clear, however, are its causes and the times it began. The National Institute of Standards and Technology emphasizes the role of the debris from the collapsing buildings in producing the seismic signals. In assessing NIST’s hypothesis I focus on the collapse of the South Tower and attempt to determine the time the collapse began, the time the debris from the Tower struck the ground, and the temporal relation of these events to the shaking of the earth that accompanied the collapse. I consider both the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory’s seismic evidence and the evidence provided by a less studied form of seismic instrument, the video camera. I also draw on witness testimony. I conclude that key statements by NIST are false. Major shaking of the earth, and corresponding seismic signals, started well before the debris hit the ground. In fact, it seems certain that the shaking of the earth started before visible signs of building collapse. This evidence is incompatible with the official NIST hypothesis of the cause of the collapse of the Towers."

Thanks to Professor MacQueen for this interesting new work, and for his other great papers at the journal.

Please support NYC CAN

Dear 9/11 Truth Movement Supporters,

As authors of the recent mainstream scientific articles relating to events at the World Trade Center, we urge you to support a tremendous opportunity for getting the truth out about 9/11.

On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) filed a petition containing 52,000 signatures calling for a referendum on the creation of a New York City independent commission to begin an investigation with subpoena power. Unlike the first 9/11 Commission, this one will consider all of the evidence, including evidence for the use of explosives in bringing down the buildings.

This is what many of us have been working toward for years. With a new commission, our scientific evidence can be used to achieve real results.

NYC CAN now needs only 20,000 more signatures to override City Council if the referendum is vetoed. If NYC CAN gets the signatures the referendum will go on the ballot, and surely New York City will vote in favor of a new investigation. Please donate now so that this new investigation can happen:

Becoming Our Government, Making the Future Our Own, by Don Paul

Don Paul is a writer, musician and activist who was among the first to speak out about 9/11 fraud. His books, including "'9/11': Facing Our Facist State" and "Waking Up From Our Nightmare (with Jim Hoffman)", have inspired many to seek the truth about 9/11 and other critical issues.

A new compilation of Don's writings is called "The World is Turning: "'9/11'", the Movement for Justice, & Reclaiming America for the World". This new book combines two earlier and much-acclaimed Don Paul books with many articles that are new to print and that extend into late 2008. I was honored to be asked to write the introduction. The book should be available soon though Don's website.

Today, a new essay from Don, entitled "Becoming Our Government, Making the Future Our Own" is available here.

Many thanks to Don for all his courageous and hopeful work.

Nanothermites and WTC dust

This past year I've done some photomicroscopy of samples of WTC dust. A number of examples of the photos can be found in the latest video. The related scientific analyses of the particles found in the WTC dust, in particular the red-gray chips first discovered by Professor Steven Jones, are ongoing.

But I've also spent some time making nanothermites, and igniting them. Here is a slideshow of 26 photomicrographs, half of which are nanothermite residues and half of which are ferromagnetic particles extracted from WTC dust samples. These photos share many things in common, including the presence of metallic microspheres, vesicular formations and red-orange chips. Sometimes it's hard to remember which photo belongs to which category. If the nanothermite residues were mixed with concrete dust and glass fragments, it would likely be much more difficult to notice any differences.

New website for The 9/11 Working Group

The 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington is a local civic education advocacy group located in Bloomington, Indiana. They have sponsored two major speaking events, bringing Richard Gage and Steven Jones to Bloomington in September 2007, and hosting David Ray Griffin in September 2008. Both events drew large crowds to a local theater in the city that is home to Indiana University. These two events, as well as another lecture given by members of the group, were recorded and are replayed regularly on cable access television and community radio. The group also has sponsored several film series. All of these events have been free and open to the public.

Bloomington is the largest city in Indiana's ninth congressional district, where Lee Hamiton, 9/11 Commission co-chairman, served as congressman for 35 years. Mr. Hamilton is sill very active in the local community, and is director of the Center On Congress at Indiana University. Several members of the 9/11 Working Group met with Mr. Hamilton in May 2008, to discuss the 9/11 Commission Report, and to invite the former congressman to participate in any of the public discussions sponsored by the group. To date, Mr. Hamilton has declined due to schedule conflicts.

The 9/11 Working Group has also been active in the submission of Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIAs). Such requests have been made for information concerning the alleged hijackers, for information on the whereabouts and actions of Bush and Cheney on 9/11, for environmental data collected at Ground Zero, and for background Documents supplied to 9-11 Commission, among other things. Each such request is sent to numerous potentially relevant agencies, and as useful responses are obtained they are shared with the public at the group's website. Responses have also been used in a mainstream scientific article, and in the film Loose Change Final Cut.

Two new papers at The Journal of 9/11 Studies

Two new papers have been published at The Journal of 9/11 Studies.

The first is "Obstacles to Persuasion: Lessons from the Classroom", by Mark Vorobej.

Professor Vorobej teaches Philosophy, and is a former Director of the Centre for Peace Studies, at McMaster University. Here is the introductory paragraph from his paper.

"From January to April 2008, I taught an unusual upper-level undergraduate Philosophy course on Argumentation Theory at McMaster University. The course focused on such questions as “What makes a good argument good?” and “What makes a belief rational?” - where an argument is understood as an exercise in rational persuasion aimed at inculcating rational belief. And approximately five weeks of the course were devoted to studying the arguments of the 9/11 truth movement."

The second paper is an updated version of a letter previously submitted by Michael Fury. It is called "The Ghost in the Machines: Evidence of Foreknowledge in the WTC Hard Drive Recoveries." An excerpt is below.

"The locations of the computers in question within the towers is unknown, but if Wagner is correct, two possibilities emerge: (1) either the "insiders" had foreknowledge of the precise impact points of the aircraft (otherwise why assume that the main frames would be destroyed?) or (2) they had foreknowledge of the total destruction of the towers."

Conspiracies and Confabulation: Tales from two Naomis

Learning about self-deception is important for all people today. That’s because many of our problems, both as individuals and as a society, are rooted in self-deception, and many of the ways in which others abuse us relate to our inherent tendency to self-deceive. We can overcome these problems, and have a decent chance at long-term survival as a species, only if we learn about such limitations, and strive to control them. One great way to rapidly learn about self-deception, and other forms of deception, is to learn about the events of September 11th.

It’s easy to see wide spread self-deception with regard to 9/11. For one thing, most people don’t know the actual official story, given by the 9/11 Commission and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This is despite the fact that everyone, at least in the US, has invested essentially their entire future in that story, whether they know it or not.

David Ray Griffin on WFHB in Bloomington

Following up on our 9/01/08 event in Bloomington, here is the audio from David Ray Griffin's speech, recorded by our great community radio station - WFHB.
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If you can afford it, please send WFHB a donation! It's fund drive time, and they need the support.

WFHB has covered all of our events in Bloomington, and has been very fair and supportive to the cause of 9/11 Truth. Here's another link, to a presentation I gave two and a half years ago.
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9/11 Fighter Pilot called "self-serving...would-be hero" by 9/11 Commission staff

Real Heroes, Fake Stories
By JOHN FARMER, JOHN AZZARELLO and MILES KARA (9/11 Commission staff members)
New York Times, Opinion
Published: September 13, 2008

It is one of the most stirring accounts of heroism to emerge from 9/11: a fighter pilot from Andrews Air Force Base near Washington returns from a training mission, finds out that a plane, United Airlines Flight 93, has been hijacked and is heading for Washington, then takes off without refueling and low on ammunition in pursuit.

According to “Touching History,” Lynn Spencer’s recent account of what “unfolded over the skies” on 9/11, the pilot, Maj. Billy Hutchison, took off and flew over the Pentagon, asking the civilian air traffic controllers to give him a vector from his current location along with a distance to the target.

“This method works, and Hutchison quickly spots the aircraft on his radar,” writes Ms. Spencer. “He quickly comes up with a plan: he will try first to take the plane down with practice rounds fired into one of the engines, and then across the cockpit. ... If that does not sufficiently disable the aircraft, then he will use his own plane as a missile. He thinks again of his son and prays to God that his mission won’t end that way.”

It is hard to imagine a more thrilling, inspiring — and detailed — tale of fighter-jock heroism. There is only one problem with it: it isn’t true. It is about as close to truth as the myth of the Trojan Horse or the dime-store novels about Billy the Kid.

Another successful event in Bloomington Sept1 2008.JPG

We had another successful 9/11 Truth event in Bloomington this week. David Ray Griffin spoke to a crowd of nearly 300 people at the Buskirk-Chumley theater on Labor Day. Dr. Griffin covered a number of points related to the question “Were we attacked by Muslims on 9/11?” and then took questions from the audience for over an hour.

The event was sponsored by a group of citizens from the local area, including myself, who are concerned about the urgent need for 9/11 truth. This non-profit Bloomington 9/11 Working Group brought Richard Gage and Steven Jones to town last year, and has also worked to submit a number of FOIA requests, receiving some good but limited information in response.

The student newspaper at Indiana University covered the event in the article below.

Unfortunately, the student reporter made several major errors.

Two new papers at the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Two new papers have been published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies. The first is an article by Frank Legge, called "9/11 and Probability Theory". Here is an excerpt.

"If we compare these two explanations for the collapse of the towers it is immediately apparent that they are different in a particularly significant way: the fire based official explanation is a series of events, like links in a chain, while the explosive based explanation is a parallel set of scientific studies of evidence."

The second paper is a letter from Kevin Fenton, entitled "WTC Collapse Initiation Floors: What They Were And How Much Damage They Suffered".

"It is interesting to compare the collapse initiation floor in WTC1 to the central impact floors in terms of three of the main aspects thought to have influenced the collapse: impact damage, jet fuel spilled, and debris available to remove fire insulation."

More Evidence for Energetic Materials

MOD NOTE: The images are broken, we are working on fixing, but for now please see:

Received some new photos of the WTC destruction. More roasted cars are shown, and these have not been moved, but are pictured at the point of roasting – in the WTC parking complex.

These cars have been violently scorched to the point that nothing remains but metal.

Shelling Out for The Shell Game? – Use Your Rebate

By now we should all know that this Steve Alten guy is for real. Like some of the other new leaders of the truth movement, Steve is smart and articulate, and effective at getting his message across under pressure. And when given the chance, he speaks the truth powerfully. So getting him opportunities for major media appearances seems like a pretty good idea.

Of course there are other good books and videos we can support. Books like David Griffin’s new “Contradictions”, and Zarembka’s soft cover edition coming out this month, also deserve to be widely read. I also enjoyed the new 9/11 drama “The Reflecting Pool”, a creative effort that strikes me as being similar to The Shell Game.

But how can truth activists, many of whom have already sacrificed so much, afford to buy multiple copies of these new books and videos?

One way is to use the Bush Administration’s shameful “tax rebate” for the purpose, and to encourage others to do the same. If the crooks are going to rob our kids by borrowing even more money to give out tax rebates, at least those rebates could be used to help the next generation by getting out the truth while we still can.