PART 2: WeAreChangeLA --> 4-11-08 <-- freeway blogging

After having our First Amendment rights violated by the CHP (see Part 1), we came back out to a new location and MADE HISTORY!

Freeway blogging is so much fun, especially when you do it in groups! Standing by yourself with a truth sign is admirable, but I recommend you do whatever you can to get more people out there with you. Each additional body with you makes an exponential difference in the perception your audience has toward your message. We have strength in numbers. Make huge banners and stand together.

Thanks to all those that stood together that day. Thank you Katy, Randy, Stewart, Cheryl, Mike, Anne, Stefanie, Esther, Annie, Zan, Travis, Krena, Garko, Steve, Klara, and Max! If someone was left out, you have our apologies, let us know. It's such a pleasure to be on the same team with all of you. Thanks go to those who were also on the initial freeway blogging crew as we suffered together to figure out the messages and medium: Lisa & Mark! Last, but not least, we extend thanks to three icons in the 9-11 Truth movement for their tremendous support: Sofia, Tom Tvedtan, and A K Dewdney!

Video footage shot by Steve Wright, Katy Kurtzman, and Stewart Howe. Music by SHUMONIK. Editing by Bruno Bruhwiler.

Advice on wind resistance.

Take a tin can, and use it as a template to cut a few dozen half-moons in your banner.

When the wind picks up, this helps decrease the force of the wind on yr banner.

Advice on resistance.

Get to know your fellow Truthers. At least the ones you trust. On your user profile, put a check-mark next to 'Personal Contact Form' and make sure your email addy is up to date. Check your spam folder! Sometimes the contact emails wind up there. (Especially first contacts.)

(shumonik, u a muthaf*n DJ!)

You beat me to it, Rep!

Of course, you do have a small advantage....

Yes, cut some holes to decrease your wind resistance and you may want to reinforce the areas where you cut in order to keep the banner from tearing at those points.

Also, think about putting something on the back of the banner, you'll get more bang for your buck.

Kind of interesting where googling 9-11 mysteries takes you....

Hope to see you all, and that banner, in SF in May.

Shumonik, I'll have my dancin' shoes on, so bring your tunes, yo!

Keep up the great work, WAC LA!

I just love freeway blogging, neighborhood blogging rocks, too.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

"interesting where googling 9-11 mysteries takes you...."


"9/11 Mysteries Viewer's Guide" appears before in the Google listing.

Not for me.

When I googled 9-11 MYSTERIES,

1) the uploaded 911 MYSTERIES google video came first

2) then,

3) then again

4) then 911 MYSTERIES on


With you in the struggle,

Great job!.Honks give me hope!!

Great job you guys!!

I know this is off topic...but are any truthers attending the LA Times Book Festival at UCLA next weekend? It would seem to afford an excellent opportunity for a few "Do you have no shame?" moments with the media.



You Guys are AWeSome!!!



Most excellent!!! I love the honks! That sign was gigantic!! I swear people from 1/4 of a mile away could see it! *thumbs up*

Great stuff LA!

Great stuff LA We are Change! Look out for similar along the 101 up near Santa Barbara shortly! Freeway blogging, especially with a HUGE banner (and as many bodies as possible) is really effective: on a busy LA freeway for example, there are thousands of cars passing each hour. This is true "bang for the buck".

Regarding harassment by the CHP: freeway blogging (in a public space) is an act of free speech and is allowed under the First Amendment. As long as the banner is not physically attached (or has caused damage) to any CalTrans assets, then there is nothing they can do either. If the CHP try to pull a guilt trip by spoutingsome B.S. about "causing accidents by distracting drivers", then perhaps Clear Channel and company are equally liable re. their massive freeway billboards. Ever see Clear Channel being harassed about "causing accidents by distracting motorists"? No chance. If corporations have the right to advertise in a public space, then the people do as well. Any attempt by an official body to muzzle such freedom of expression (for example supporting 9/11 Truth) is a flagrant and deliberate violation of the US Constitution, the supreme law of the land, and as such constitutes an act of treason. Tell that to the CHP next time !


the sign was impossible to miss . . . wish I could have been there with you


Looking forward to a response fro WAC NYC.

Shumonik, that's cool music. Can you give us a source - which artist / album?

Excellent piece.

I would love to hear the whole piece.

The Truckers were LOUD AND CLEAR.

Something heavy is moving into the Truth Department.

Remember 911 Truth IS Counter Terrorism.

This is the Way and it should be replicated cities across the Nation.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Increase "honks" tenfold...

Great work LA...

Its nice to notice that people in the cars on the overpass are very interested and supportive of your efforts also. And the numbers of "looks" is probably higher than you think, especially if you get some info on the reverse side or use two banners. This is because people that you don't see actually see you and your banner.

So, in my view THIS is how the number of "sightings", "readings" and "honkings" can increase tenfold.

I believe that every driver on the highway knows the international peace symbol...and those who want peace will definitely "look twice" at what's up with the banner and all. AND...when doing so, those many folks in the peace movement, or who are quiet peace acitivists, may actually "see" something about 9/11 and begin the process of "commingling" the two messages.

Its good to remember that the top echelons of the peace movements have rejected the 9/11TM and have told its followers to do the same...and they have indeed ignored us with fervor, and have simply "turned off" their receivers to our information...but only as instructed from above.

However, as all of us know, when we get a chance to talk to folks of peace in the streets, quite often these folks are quite open to our messages. I call myself, and these folks who do the marching the "peacesneakers". They are good people who want peace on earth, and they join in and use their sneakers to walk in marches etc. So, the way that I look at what I do when I march in peace events is that I am performing CI Civil Informationing to those very "peacesneakers" because if they do "get the 9/11TM" , we will have many more bodies to get out in our local towns and on local overpasses to spread the 9/11 TRUTH message.

It is my experience that when having a PEACE SYMBOL associated with my bannering, I get many more, or almost automatic honks, or thumbs up, or approving nods etc. Once one horn starts honking, it often spreads out as other motorists become more alerted that something is up and see the banners. So, once one horn blasts in support of PEACE, it makes the next driver more likely to honk also. The PEACE SYMBOL is the "hook" to get the "sighting".

So, the idea of commingling the 9/11 Truth message and the PEACE symbol at the same setting is that:

...the PEACE symbol will automatically draw attention because it is so familiar to everyone...
...there will be many more honks because we are up to 75-80% of the population want the war to end...
...honking for PEACE is a well established response...
...when these folks "get" the entire messaging...9/11 Truth and PEACE...this will run around their brains...
...the PEACE symbol will thusly serve to open some closed doors tothe 9/11TM solely by the association...
...there are no co-opted "peace leaders" telling the "peacesneakers" that the 9/11TM is to be ignored..., being activists, eventually the "peacesneakers" will do the work to get through this 911 blockage...

In the end, we are "going around" the very same organizations...corporate reaching out to people of peace who truly want some answers, and who truly want something to change. The existing peace organizations are NOT successful...obviously. To cover up this TRUTH, they are misinforming their followers by insisting that the peace movement IS functioning DUUUHHHH? And the 9/11TM can get around this blockage and get more folks on our side to help spread the word.

So, how about buying two white bed sheets...painting a simple peace symbol on them...the peace symbol is reversable so you can paint both sides of the sheet...and display them on each end of the huge banners.

Next, such bannering with the PEACE SYMBOL is also REALLY effective on public sidewalks and public entrances surrounding major sports events such as football games, baseball games, major concerts, or summertime festivals where event attendees must walk by to and from the event. I usually do the entry time slots. Again, its a short period of time and tens of thousands of people can "see" the messaging. In these HIGH PEDESTRIAN AREAS, if there are a half dozen 9/11 Truthers and some "converted" PEACESNEAKERS, some GREAT conversations will take place, many DVDs can be given away, and tons of literature will be handed out. So, not only doyou get VISIBILITY...but you get to hand out some stuff. CI is important here.

HOWEVER...this is where strict emotional control will be required because there will be a "few" folks who will want to disrupt the messaging just as was done back in the 60s. This is where "cointelpro" begins to penetrate and distort the friendly and peaceful scene. Thankfully, us activists have the upper hand because we are not soliciting them, they walk over to us and therefore, we have the right to ignore them and ask them to leave our presence. The best way to handle all of this is to simply REFUSE to engage in such negative discussions, and wish them a nice day, and state that isn't it great that we live in a country where we each can have differing opinions. Its really bad if one argues with a fool.

Some 911 Truthers might be a bit fearful of this to start, but it really takes only a few hours to "read" the crowds and to learn how to NOT get pulled into a bad conversation. In the end, people will be glad that you are long as you are NOT negative and confrontational.

Looking ahead..after a summer of activism and fun...

As the fall election approaches, I am concerned that the only way that McCain gets in is to have him "look strong" in the face of some form of another false-flag attack somewhere in the world. Something that will create fear of muslims and thus knock out Obama IF he is the nominee...or even Hillary Rodham if she is the nominee.

FYI...I think that I'm the only fellow who connected the dots between the 300-400 children killed by terrorists in a school in Russia in the fall of 2004...and it happening just before the US election. This event served as an indirect reminder to the "terrorized" voters that this country had to re-elect Bush.

So, after we have the summer of fun, I will be recommending that the entire focus of the 9/11TM along with our new support from the ranks of the "peace people", be that we make a huge effort to talk about "False-Flag-Attacks" using what the 9/11TM has developed in showing these events.

Hopefully, we can educate the country to "expect" such a False-Flag-Attack somewhere in the world in September or October.

If we can make some fair inroads in establishing this dialogue, again, the 9/11 Truthers and our movement will be seen in a very positive light, and MILLIONS more people will be a bit more open to our message. So, right now we have a week and hopefully a month of truth...and that is good. So, lets have some fun in the streets for the summer and focus on False-Flag-Attacks for the fall.

And of course, informed voting on reliable voting "apparatae"...such as paper also a good set of goals that we should support as a TRUTH MOVEMENT.

So, if this bannering and such grows as it well may, we can have a blast in the summer, educate the people in the fall, make a great leap forward with 9/11TRUTH, and be part of "getting our countries back".

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon

If at first you don't succeed ................................

Great JOB! COOL very COOL! NICE WORK , GREAT VIDEO, I felt like I was right there. I guess that last cop can't cover the whole freeway eh?