9/11 Truth protests

FEDERALJACK.COM and WeAreChange FL. confront Francis Fukuyama and Parag Khanna

FEDERALJACK.COM confronts Francis Fukuyama on his 9/11 involvement


WeAreChange FL. confronts Fukuyama on Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Bilderberg, CFR...

9/11 Truth Takes Over MSNBC Hardball at the Denver DNC

Watch as Chris Matthews' MSNBC Hardball at the Denver DNC is taken over by Alex Jones and We Are Change Colorado, whose "9/11 Was an Inside Job" chants can be heard as loud as the program's hosts thanks to Jones' bullhorn:

Lawmaker asks McCain to talk with 9/11 theorists <-- ARIZONA REPUBLIC article

(AP wire piece here. -rep.)

Lawmaker asks McCain to talk with 9/11 theorists

Matthew Benson - The Arizona Republic - Jun. 3, 2008

An Arizona state senator is petitioning presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain to meet with 9/11 conspiracy theorists, including an adjunct professor from Scottsdale who has been fasting outside McCain's Phoenix office for more than a week.

State Sen. Karen Johnson, a Mesa Republican, delivered a letter to McCain's Senate office Tuesday asking that he sit down with Scottsdale activist Blair Gadsby and a pair of leading members of the 9/11 Truth Movement to consider alternative explanations for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. Gadsby's fast outside McCain's Senate office entered its 10th day today.

"There are so many questions left unanswered," said Johnson, who called for a new, independent investigation into the attacks.

West Coast Convergence -- San Francisco <-- Sat and Sun

Take a stand. Come stand with us. We have strength in numbers.

I implore everyone to do whatever they can in order to be in San Francisco this weekend. No matter what role you play in the 9-11 Truth movement, no matter what methods you personally use to reach out to others, the world needs you to be in San Francisco for the West Coast Convergence.

When I was arrested in December for bull-horning the Fox Television building, I spent over 24 hours in jail. I found myself in a small cell with 11 others, and I brought up 9-11, telling whomever would listen that the buildings were brought down in controlled demolitions. An older white man stood up and told me that I am crazy, and that 90% of Americans know that terrorists did it. Another guy in the room spoke up, "Nah actually I believe this guy" pointing to me, then another guy "What I saw that day finally makes sense", and another and another etc.

PART 2: WeAreChangeLA --> 4-11-08 <-- freeway blogging

After having our First Amendment rights violated by the CHP (see Part 1), we came back out to a new location and MADE HISTORY!

Freeway blogging is so much fun, especially when you do it in groups! Standing by yourself with a truth sign is admirable, but I recommend you do whatever you can to get more people out there with you. Each additional body with you makes an exponential difference in the perception your audience has toward your message. We have strength in numbers. Make huge banners and stand together.

9-11 Truth Movement CONVERGENCE MARCH in San Diego (Next one May 10th)

This was an amazing march in San Diego. We were honored to have Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange.org and Cosmos from TruthAction.org to help lead the march. If you have never been to a large 9-11 Truth march, then you have no idea what you are missing.

The 9-11 Truth Movement is growing in numbers and it's growing in solidarity. Come join the first ever WEST COAST CONVERGENCE in San Francisco. We meet in Panhandle Park then march down Haight Street to Golden Gate Park! This will be a phenomenal experience. Meet folks from all over the West coast, from Vancouver down to San Diego and all the fantastic people in between.

Expect a visibility experience like never before with an empowering convergence in solidarity!

Geraldo Gives 9/11 Truthers the Finger

video of geraldo giving the 9/11 truthers the finger. he tries to make it discreet but this is as obvious as it gets. the man knows there are cameras everywhere. this thing needs to be spread all over the place and geraldo needs to apologize to the families of the victims that want the truth.


9/11 Unmasked

It just occured to me that we should wear those cheap nuisance dust masks with "9-11" written on them in big black marker at the Sept. 11,2007 and the 11th of the Month protests, in honor of the NYC dust victims, and to call for our elected leaders to "unmask" the Truth of 9/11.

9/11 Truthers In Southern Ontario Interested In Attending 9/11 Anniversary In NYC

For those of you 9/11 Truthers in Southern Ontario that plan on attending the 6th Anniversary of 9/11 in NYC on September 11 and would like to go down to NYC as a group, I am hoping to organize a group of people that wish to attend so that we can mobilize as a group and so no one will be forced to travel solo. So if you are interested please give me a shout no later than the end of July as this is already in the early stages of development and we want to be sure we get a flight and place to stay as much in advance as possible.

You can contact me by email at: farleyfan69@hotmail.com

I hope to get a decent response as this is a big year for 9/11 Truth on account of Loose Change Final Cut hitting theaters amongst other big breakthroughs on the war front of truth. So if you are planning on going don't delay because you WILL be a part of history come 9/11/07.

- Matt Etmanskie

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

New Video: Talking About a Revolution

You can also view and download this video at 911podcasts here:

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Bush is coming to New York to speak at the United Nations.


TOMORROW (Tuesday, Sept 19)
8:30 am

Lots of media cameras from around the world will be there. We must get
in front of those cameras with our message.

Come to the UN at 8:30 am Tuesday morning. Gather at 47th and 2nd Ave.