Amy Goodman: "We need a complete investigation into what actually took place"

A few weeks ago we visited Amy Goodman at her no-Q & A book signing in San Francisco. She tried the "sorry, I've gotta run" thing but we weren't having it. When Joe asked her what was it about building 7 that deserved more investigation, she said "everything" and then "We need a complete investigation into what actually took place". When I asked her if she'd be willing to talk to someone from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, she said she'd "like to find out more". Will she devote any of her considerable resources to pushing for a complete investigation or finding out more? Video by Joe.

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This thread should be called:

"More Big Talk From Amy Goodman" because that's all she is: talk.

Amy Goodman

is a gatekeeper

bird in a bird cage?


Amy is a coward...

While it's never to late to come forward... her moment to do the right thing and stand up for her country has passed. She is a coward.
"Cogito ergo sum"

Either that Chris or she's

Either that Chris or she's fearful of loosing funding or a big chunk of audience. The next time someone "interviews" her about 9/11, they need to ask her specifically what her reticence is about showing passionate conviction to actually use her journalistic clout to promote a new investigation. That was bull shit about 'needing to look into' what Richard Gage is about. Yarrow Mahko, myself and many others have been sending her stuff for years now. If she lacks the courage for anything, it is to address exactly why she won't have guests like Richard, Griffin, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan on her show. This woman needs to be confronted by truth activists wherever the f**** she goes. Always. Non stop.

I share your anger.

She dropped the ball too many times.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I personally gave Goodman a copy of the War on Freedom

in the summer of 2002 or 2003 (sorry, can't remember which)

I know hundreds of others have given her materials, pleaded with her, etc.

She is making a mint off being "the voice of the voiceless". She is a fraud. Period.

She, like her fellow fraud Chomsky, charts the boundaries of acceptable dissent for us, "the voiceless".

I agree she needs to be questioned non-stop, everywhere she goes.

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YT / Cosmos

I am glad that you posted this.

From what I gather there is a good chance she has been compromised and and possibly threatened and or blackmailed.

Don't rely on her type.

Gatekeeper or Operative, either way her consistent lack of interest and attention to Treason at the Highest Levels on 911 and being an eyewitness of WTC7 collapse is a pure indicator of the type of crooks we have to deal with.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

One thing that is important to keep in mind

while questioning these gatekeeper types in public is that we may or may not have any effect on them but we can and will have an effect on their multitude of fans. So we need to make sure that it is a positive effect. For instance, Goodman saying we need a complete investigation might be a steaming pile of meaningless bullshit, but she has given us a quote that we can put to good use in regards her fans.

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I see your strategy and agree with it. You have to be as wise as as a "serpent" and as innocent as a dove.

This is where cunning (in a good way that is) and street smarts amongst other things have to come into place.

This battle in the Court of Public Opinion is important and as the tide shifts and former gatekeepers like Goodman and even Moore who should have done a better job on Fahrenheit 911 are suddenly willing to go further for 911 Truth, we must capitalize on their statements.

Michale Moore is doing a sequel to F911 and possibly may touch on 911 Truth. Very late into the picture but we can make use of this to further strengthen our case.

The tables have to be turned on those in the media who have failed their duties as the 4th Estate and did not execute their duties in duly informing the general public about the Truth behind 911.

A day of reckoning is coming for the gatekeepers also.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


God Damn Right. And that's the joy of it.

Is that a guilty look, at the last frame of the



Great persistence YT.

The political and left-wing

The political and left-wing intellectual class produce the most vociferous and passionate attacks upon the 9/11 truth movement.

George Monbiot, George Galloway, Noam Chomsky etc. do so by pretending all serious critics of the official story are a homogeneous group that have bought into a package of ill-founded alternative theories. In doing so, they assiduously avoid mentioning the increasing number within their own class that have gone public on 9/11 truth.

Others, like Tony Benn, Amy Goodman, Clare Short and until relatively recently Michael Moore, take a non-committal, arms-length approach as if waiting to see which way the wind blows.

They're fully aware of the parameters of acceptable dissent within which they can maintain their niche within the political game. 9/11 truth crosses the line by threatening the fundamental political and socio-economic structures in which their careers are vested.

If Michael Moore has decided to break ranks, he should be commended for his courage. He will be vilified by the media but it will make it easier for others to follow.

False Flag Attacks.

False Flag attacks do occur and that is the bottom line. If people can't confront that fact or admit it, they are not living in a state of reality.

Great Truth Action....

...Amy Goodman seemed clearly uncomfortable in this clip with guilt on her face?

In all probability, a decision was made above her to implement a prohibiition on 9/11 Truth. This is possibly for purely financial reasons.

Again, Goodman seemed to have a detectable expression of guilt on her face? What is going on in her mind? Is it I just wish I had enough courage to do the right thing?

This was an interesting clip which documents for future reference. It makes these actions and clips of high value.

...don't believe them!

Excellent work guys! Great getting in that last question about

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth before Amy could bolt from the scene.

Goodman & the other "alternative media" need to be held accountable for "lying by omission" when it comes to 9/11 truth!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:


Right-on Colombo

Make no mistake

Wake up people, Amy is a left wing gate keeper and an obstacle to the path of truth. If you don't know that by now then you have not done your home work.

Amy Goodman knows about the forensic evidence finding thermate under building 1,2 and 7.

The reason Amy Goodman is not speaking out is for the exact same reason that FOX news is not talking.

Amy Goodman has been allowed to say that she "is suspicious" and nothing more.

If Amy Goodman's show DemocracyNow! were to cease to exist and another media such as NoLies Radio were to take it's place the world would be a better place tomorrow.

When Amy Goodman speaks up then you can bet that the perpetrators of this crime are ready for her to have spoken out about it.

We know. And if you ever look back at your life to review what you have accomplished know that there is a very bloody stain on your soul. There comes a time when silence is treason.

Another copout from a good-for-little journalist

Observe Goodman's annoyance when she first hears this guy is from We Are Change.

Her response to the questions are bland generalities. She says she supports a new investigation -- a safe idea in this context since she doesn't need to lay out exactly who'd undertake this investigation or what authority and resources they'd be allotted.

What she conspicuously refrains from noting is that the news media -- including such entities as her own _Democracy Now_ -- has a traditional role in investigating institutional failures and going where government, often acting in its own self-interest, is prone to stonewall and obfuscate.

Why is her comment limited to calling on the government to investigate itself? What are "investigative reporters" for, anyway? Why even have them if we should merely rely on institutions to set themselves right?

Persistent Nonsense

The real problem is that the vast majority of our movement is still clinging to the ridiculous plank that says the NYFD blew up Building 7,in cahoots with Larry.The real problem is that openly anti Semitic "analysts" are too visible and cited in our literature and outreach material.When we finally rebuke these people and shed these pathetic offerings,perhaps Amy will feel more comfortable joining us and broadcasting the more rational and sane information and evidence that we've uncovered.Amy Goodman has proved herself to be a journalist of the highest integrity and courage.Maybe we need to look within and clean up our act before we persist in calling Amy names.She certainly is NOT an agent of the elite,the NYFD DIDN'T blow up the buildings and Jews DON'T run the world.

I disagree with the premise of your statement

I respectully challenge the assumption that the real 9/11 Truth Movement has any anti-Semites.

1) Your assumption fails to diifferentiate between Zionistic/NWO criticism and anti-Semitic positions.

2) It also fails to differiential between cointpro types and the real 9/11 Truth Movement folks.

Hilter and Cheney are/were self-proclaimed Christians, Silverstien not, who cares what their "self-proclaimed religous" affliation is. Their only real religion is power and money. Criticism of world domination theorists and theories is not criticism of a peace based-religion.

Lumping indivuals/web-sites that fail to recognize #1 is what #2 is all about. Continued reference to individuals performing #1 then lopping them in with the real 9/11Truth Movement is nothing less than buying into the counter-intel ops game plan.

Anti-Semitism or Anti-Muslim or Anti-Hindu or Anti-Budda or Anti-any other peace based religion is generally accepted as bad. AntI-Zionism/NWO/Facism/Neo-Con is good.

Do not continue to be unaware of the difference and develop skills to make that differentiation easier.

ae -

I know of no one who thinks that the FDNY had anything to do with the controlled demolition of WTC 7, other than clearing a collapse zone around it and, perhaps, going along with a cover story put out by others.

I find your persistence in pushing this nonsense quite curious, I might add.

Let me lay out a scenario that might explain the facts as we know them and allow you to abandon this fallacious "argument" of yours. I have several friends who are firemen (in CA) and this works for them quite well.

Hundreds of FDNY rush into the Towers to do their jobs and die as their brothers see and hear multiple explosions in the buildings and the buildings come down in a totally unprecedented fashion, clearly the result of controlled demolitions. Still in shock they are told not to fight the small fires in WTC 7, observe the blown up lobby of that building and participate in the rescue of Barry Jennings and Michael Hess off of the 8th floor. The FDNY commanders are really angry at this point and demand to know what's going on, probably from the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) team "managing" the scene, they are then quietly told that WTC 7 is also coming down and are given a cover story to explain the "collapse". The FDNY leadership goes along as they are not idiots and are politically savvy and most of the rank and file keep their heads down and the mouths shut and just go about their business, still in shock over losing so many earlier in the day. The knowledge that they will lose their jobs, benefits and pensions if they talk keeps most of them quiet to this day and far too many are struggling with health conditions related to the toxic dust to take on the battle for the truth when no one in the msm is asking them about it, anyway.

This is one of the reasons why we need to champion the cause of all those suffering from the toxic dust, to enable them to have the wherewithal to find the courage to stand up and speak the truth of their experience on that terrible day.

I hope this finally lays to rest this absurd Mark Roberts-like argument about WTC 7 and the FDNY.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Please see my blog about this appearance here:

Unfortunately, Joe was not taping when I talked to her and my apologies to Joe as the tape shows he got the first question in. I was behind them both and could not hear them very well in the store.

I think the best approach with Ms. Goodman and other gatekeepers is to continue to ask them civil questions in front of their fans, as the more times they hear it the more likely they are to either ask why she isn't talking about it or look into 9/11 truth themselves. Either way we come out ahead.

It's worth noting that one new technique I see being used more and more is for speakers to either not take any questions or to only take them in writing and skip the ones they don't want to answer, a sure sign of intellectual bankruptcy, imo.

The truth shall set us free (some will have to find new lines of work).

Love is the only way forward.

Our day will come

As with all gatekeepers, personal self-preservation is a key issue.. Most liberal gatekeepers in the M$M are probably EXTREMELY aware of the truth behind the 9/11 false flag. What prevents them from saying anything public about the issue is where "truth/journalistic integrity" and "personal self-preservation" fall on their moral priorities list. Just happens that "personal self-preservation/standard of living" is a bit higher than "truth/journalistic integrity". These people are not Morrow or Cronkite.

We are dealing with mass-murder/Nazi types who are ruining this country, its people and the world. The gatekeepers KNOW what these types are capable of doing and are not going to risk their lives by saying anything. Once "mass-public opinion" shifts sufficiently to provide them cover or BushCo removed from office and a more democratic "We the People" government re-installed, expect a flood of gatekeeper converts. Infact I suspect the Michael Moore has made the decision that there is now sufficent enough support in the general public to save his life. For him the gap between self-preservation and integrity is not
that wide. I do expect him and then Goodman soon after, not to mention all the rest of the gatekeepers to quickly jump on the wagon once their gap has been bridged.

Its not important who is first on the wagon at this time. The wagon has started and filling up everyday.

What is important is that the wagon fills up and builds a momentum that makes it impossible to stop.

Take great personal pride and humility in the fact that most in the 9/11 Truth movement are blessed with high moral standards, indivualist internal guidance and intellect. We are the field officers who lead the privates. Ignore the generals and staff officers(gatekeepers), it is us who get the job done and save the lives of the men (citizens of the world) under our command. What makes the Constitution the most significant historial document of modern times is the first 3 words...

"We the People".

We are the leaders who will direct this country, not the NWO types. We fought the Revolutionary War, We fought Hitler and Mussolini, We run this place not them!