PART 2 of 3: WeAreChangeLA MORE freeway blogging

During our freeway blogging, with our massive blue banner, a special soul stopped by for a visit. Ferenz lost a good friend in one of the towers on 9-11, and he tells us his story, and he shares his feelings about what we are doing.

Durante nuestro blogging de autopista, con nuestra bandera azul masiva, un alma especial parada por para una visita. Ferenz perdió a un amigo bueno en uno de las torres en 9-11, y él nos dice su historia, y él comparte sus sentimientos acerca de lo que hacemos.



...heart wrenching testimony! Way to go L.A., keep up the great work!! Next time you see that Gentleman, give him a hug for me, will ya?!


That's what it's all about folks. I really enjoy the camera work. If you ever want to use our song "Name Your Price for Freedom" you can feel free. It's been played on Revolution Radio Live, and Michael Wolsey's 9/11 Visibility.

Camera work.

The camera work is by Katy Kurtzman. She has a natural talent for shooting amazing humanistic and engaging footage, all the while interacting with the people and environment around her.

Beautiful, touching camera work, indeed.

With you in the struggle,

I knew I'd seen that guy somewhere before :)

Keep up the Great work guys. It is so refreshing to see. So inspiring.

Birth Of A New 911 Truther