WeAreChangeLA questions CFR President and Bush/Obama man Richard Haas on "Wars of Agenda," Building 7 and the CFR's 'big ideas'

On May 18, 2009, Richard Haas was at the war criminal Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California to expound upon the 'big ideas' of foreign policy. Although Haas insists, wherever he goes, that US foreign policy is driven by "big ideas" and not by the small-minded, destructive agendas of conspiratorial cartels and international crime syndicates posing as think tanks, intelligence agencies and transnational corporations, it remains difficult to actually find any ideas among the mountains of Haas' ahistorical, incoherent and amoral pablum. WeAreChangeLA showed up to clarify matters with Haas. Stewart Howe broke down Haas' Grandest Concept, that there are very crucial differences between the mass murder known as "War of Choice" and the mass murder known as "War of Necessity," by pointing out that the term "Wars of Agenda" cleared this deceptive dichotomy up once and for all. Bob Sherman asked Haas how he could praise the 9/11 Commission Report when it failed to deal with World Trade Center Building 7. Haas claimed to not know about WTC 7 and said he would research it. Other folks got involved with very precise questions that Haas decided to answer by avoiding altogether or answer ahistorically and deceptively. Later on, outside, Howe continued the questioning till Haas had to scurry away. To think that the current occupant 'running' the White House uses this man's language to describe matters of war and peace is quite disturbing. And when this thought is combined with the President's recently-aired rejection of history, morality and the laws of the physical universe under the guise of the 'facts' that 'Al-Qaeda claimed to do 9/11,' the intellectual honesty and/or moral fortitude of the current front running out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. appears to be almost on par with the previous sock puppet crew. Luckily, the questioners showed that the American peoples' intelligence and moral acuity is not well represented by one Richard Haas, his 'boss' and their 'big ideas.'

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Stuck in the Middle With You

"you know that was funny.... you didn't see building 7 fall.... [sic] do you have any comment?"

I can barely listen to CFR members any more.

It's all too clear their intentions and perverse reality.


Habeas corpus!

Any time any of these hacks state that the constitution and the bill of rights are not under attack, please ask them about the suspension of habeas corpus rights.

Ask them what the difference is between our republic and a monarchy when the president can designate anyone he wants as an "enemy combatant" and throw them in a hole forever without any process or rights, whatsoever.

There really has been only one U.S. - Iraq war, with a 12 year long limited cease fire in between to illegal wars of aggression (the U.S. tricked Iraq into invading in 1991).

Mr. Haas certainly is a slippery rhetorician, the guy could play verbal dodge ball all night.

Good video, but it does bother me to see Haas' name spelled incorrectly.

Keep asking the hard questions and demanding answers that make sense.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.