Take Action on June 11th

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Last month USMC Johnny Wave stood up for the truth. The pictures were powerful, emotional and inspirational. What a brave man Johnny Wave was. He touched so many of us that day. He gave us hope. The pictures were everywhere. If Johnny Wave was an inspiration to you or if you sent those pictures to your friends and family it's time to take a stand. Take it to the streets. If we continue to be timid in the streets we will lose our country. The time is NOW, it's upon us. Johnny Wave took that stand expecting to make a difference. HE DID and he expects that each of you do the same. He stuck his neck out for all of us that know the truth about 9/11 and we MUST take action and we MUST take it NOW. If you don't take action Johnny Wave's courage means nothing and his actions are wasted. That's a horrible thought in my mind. Everbody MUST do something whatever it is, its got to be something. Then show us what you did at TRUTHACTION.ORG and link up with truthers near you.

Stand up for your country on 6/11. Join the citizens across the world that are standing up for the truth tomorrow:

San Jose
Racine, WI
Oklahoma City
Paris, France
Carson City, NV
Ottawa, Canada
Cookeville, TN
Santa Cruz, CA
Berlin, Germany
Arhus, Denmark
Jersey City
Tampa Bay
Melbourne, FL
Saint Louis
Ft. Worth
Sydney, Australia


The slightest LIHOP is

The slightest LIHOP is already a holocaust for the credibility of EVERY newspaper EVERY TV station and EVERY intelligence agent. All we have to do is to get the justice-system rolling and prosecutions will snowball (from each other's subpoena'ed evidence)

The fact that NOT A SINGLE negligence has been prosecuted is a real-life farce.

Just imagine you would subpoena the guy who manipulated the AA77 flight-data recorder.
He would have a big story to tell, right?

I therefore want to float this idea:

11th of every month protest to be held at the steps of the district court building
... while handing out flyers that demand prosecution and detail the crimes.

not only that, but MIHOP is

not only that, but MIHOP is a much bigger probability than LIHOP.

Let's say I and three other guys are defenders on a soccer team and just as the other team attacks, we are out chatting with the spectators. Wouldn't you say we made that goal happen? But oh, no, we are just incompetent... we were running a drill on what would happen if we were chilling with the crowd while the other team attacked and then that scenario just happened... and we didn't get fired by the coach either... maybe because he betted on the other team to win...

LIVE CAM FEED from WeAreChange.org...

June 11th Street Action !!!!

Now streaming at... http://www.wearechange.org/

Thanks to greeneb24 at LC Forums for heads-up...

Soccer analogy

Soccer teams are supposed to try to score goals against each other. People are not supposed to hijack airliners and crash them into buildings. It is the terrifying specter of the latter which has enabled the administration to implement foreign and domestic policies which would not have had support otherwise. Your soccer analogy is still LIHOP all the way, not MIHOP, since it retains the notion of foreign attackers (the 'offense') conspiring and acting on their own, which is the essence of what continues to terrify much of the American people. MIHOP is NOT to argue that, well, y'know, after all, letting it happen IS making it happen, isn't it? Rather, it is to look at a level above the 'players,' where coordination of the actions of both 'offense' and 'defense' could have occurred. Sure, LIHOP could induce people to think--how likely is it that complicity consisited solely in passively 'letting it happen'?, and bring them around to MIHOP. But arguments that are strictly LIHOP typically have that effect of leaving the autonnomous al Qaeda bogeyman in place.


Every Freeway-blog helps!

Last September 11th, we stood on a bridge with a 10' banner questioning the official story. We received about 60% not interested, and an equal number of positive thumbs-up, versus negative index-finger responses. All up, possibly 3,000 people heard our message loud and clear. I know this may seem futile, and it hasn't stopped this absurd war, but every little bit helps. So, my sign for tomorrow says:

"9/11? -Giuliani can't pass the geiger-counter test!"

It's true, and I realize much too obscure for most people to get. But, imagine him winning the el, sorry, the 'selection'!

First they ridicule you, then you look for better ways to be entertained!

Paris “Onze bouge” First French RDV Eleventh of each month...

Herblay FRANCE

http://www.reopen911.info/ ------------------------------------>>>>
Le 11 de chaque mois… “Onze bouge” !
Posté par AtMOH le 8/6/2007

Le 11 de chaque mois… “Onze bouge” ! ***
Appel à tous: Réquisition générale! ReOpénien-nes, le 11 juin, délaissez votre clavier et sortez de chez vous ! Il n’y a pas que l’Internet dans la vie militante…

Avis et appel à tous les parisien-nes et proches alentours: Enfilez votre plus beau T-Shirt ReOpen911*, prenez un appareil photo/vidéo, Et venez nous rejoindre entre le Carrousel du Louvre et le jardin des Tuileries, devant le petit arc de Triomphe à partir de 18 heures

Outre que cela permettra à certains de faire connaissance, nous tracterons dans la joie et la bonne humeur pour informer nos concitoyens : Photos et vidéos au programme aussi pour illustrer notre action, Et montrer à nos amis du mouvement US qu’ils ne sont pas seuls au monde La lutte continue…mobilisons-nous et initions le “premier RDV du 11** Venez nombreux !

(* si vous n’en avez pas, venez quand même, vous pourrez vous le procurez sur place) ** le 11 juillet on vous prépare une grosse et belle surprise… Plus d’infos d’ici quelques jours (***ben oui, je suis passé dans le 11° arrondissement…)

First Eleventh Day of Every Month in Paris: 11 Juin 2007

Herblay FRANCE

Bonsoir ,

This evening at 18h00 we were eleven persons who meet up in the centre of Paris near the famous pyramid ( thanks to the The Da Vinci Code ) to visibly show our French and foreign Tourists that we have doubts on the official version of the 911 attacks. This was our firsts ‘Eleventh of each month’ = “Onze Bouge” event. There will be others especially as the American hero William Rodriguez's will hopefully pay us a visit next 11th of July.
We distributed a tract that I can put up here on 911blogger if someone wants a copy of the text.

We also learnt that there is a group “Americans Against the War” who meet up every Saturday at the “Fountaine des Innocents” in the centre of Paris.

I do not see how to join a photo of our French 911truthsquad. Can anyone tell me how ?




Sans titre

FAO mouv4x8... I like using IMAGESHACK.US...

at URL...



Just click "BROWSE"

Locate image on hard drive...

click "Host it"


You are then presented with several different link types to choose from (in long thin box)...

If the image is VERY BIG, then copy the text for "Thumbnail for Websites"

If you do not know how to make your own IMG tags copy text for "Hotlink for Websites"

If you know how to make your own IMG tags in HTML copy text for "Direct link to image"

This is pasted into the comment box on 911blogger...

Hope this helps, good luck and best wishes

"Onze bouge" photo uploaded. Thanks for the help.

Herblay FRANCE

Thanks, with your help. I managed to upload the photo correctly. Other bloggers should be able also to profit from your instructions.
Thanks again.


Edmonton Alberta Canada get 9/11 active for truth

Richard D. Brinkman www.edmonton911truth.com
6/11 Edmonton Downtown and the famous Whyte Avenue gets poster plastered for 9/11 truth. (see my poster on my Site) Also a third letter is mailed to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney via the White House last June 7/2007. No response as expected. My letter with White house confirmation is posted on my web site. All you people who do the walk for 9/11 truth rather than do the talk! You Rock!

Sydney, Australia the 11th of June...

A very successful action today although only about the same people as last time(10). It is a public holiday in Australia today and the opening weekend of our snow season, this could of had an effect on the turn out, I'm not sure.

The three standout things about the action today were;

1. The fella's (guys) that turned up worked there Aussie asses off for three hours straight, although I did catch them chatting up a couple of shella's (young ladies) along the way!
2. We had our first attack by the opposition who came very well briefed on the PM debunking angles! They were a little nervous though and kept asking the same questions about why this and why that! Occasionally they would f up and say some Dubiaism! The body language was a bit suspect too, like the sweating, eye twitches and the covering of their mouths when saying things like it definately wasn't a CD of 7. 911oz got these guys on tape so you can see what I mean!
3. Many older people where very interested in what we were doing and glad to get a DVD as they mostly don't have the broad band internet.

Anyway all of you truthers enjoy it out there today and please if you don't have any actions in your area just do something, anything please!

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

Add San Diego to the list

We just put up tons of signs and tomorrow at 5:30 we will be having a demonstration at Horton Plaza downtown. Tonight we had a film screening of "Orwell Rolls In His Grave" which is a great movie for understanding the corporate controlled media.

later my truth nation



Phillip Moore in the UK has an interesting approach. However, I suspect that commandeering PA systems will eventually get you arrested;



Ron Paul Vid

Check it out here, the opening montage is pretty good, and describes all of us...


In the Cincinnati area...

We will be meeting starting at 12 noon today in front of Cincinnati City Hall (801 Plum St. and W. Eighth St.) to carry signs, hand out 9/11 flyers and dvds. Join us if you can.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

The 11th Day of Every Month

Hackettstown, NJ
In front of The Gazebo
Main Street and Moore
6-7 p.m.

London taking part this evening

Our parliament has taken away the right for us to demonstrate outside parliament unless you get written permission 6 days beforehand. The only way to avoid headaches with this is to apply for a lone demonstration, which is what 13 of us have done, each demonstrating a different area of 9/11(this keeps us having 13 lone demonstrations at the same time without breaking the law). We will be videoing and will upload it to youtube at some point this week.

Way to go London...

Looking forward to the footage...

Many thanks and best wishes

John A MITCHELL Herblay

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

In France we are going to have the same problem. At our first "Onze Bouge" every 11th of the month in th heart of Paris last Monday the "Renseignements Générauax" or RG (the French intelligence service) told me that the next time we will have to get official permission. I told them it was just a rendez-vous. They told me that the instance that you have two people you have to get permission.
Have to look into the idea about "lone demonstration"
Looking forward to seeing your video
Yours John


Phone in your June 11 Action Reports 1-512-646-6445


Phone in your action reports on Monday - either directly from your action or afterwards - this is a message line we set up so you can call in and make a recording and we will play your report on the air Monday night on Truth Revolution Radio. You can also call into the show live with your report between 9-10 pm PST at 1-888-202-1984.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Truth Revolution Radio June 11 2007


Reports from Australia, San Diego, LA, Albany and SF

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Truth Revolution Radio June 13 2007

Post video-pics-reports

Help compile the international report and put your good stuff here:


Also we will be reporting on June 11th actions all week long on Truth Revolution Radio, so if you didn't phone in a report yet you can still do so on the message line at 512-646-6445 or live during the show at 1-888-202-1984. Good work, everybody! KICK ASS! God Bless the Truth Movement!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month