catching up for the week..

welp, i was out sick for the later half of this week, so there is quite a bunch for me to catch up on.. here we go..

new Christopher Bollyn article:
THE HIDDEN HAND OF THE CIA - 9/11 and Popular Mechanics

OP-ED from The Nation on yahoo news:
Wolfowitz To Rule the World (Bank)
this is linked here primarily because it references wolfowitz's plans for iraq before 9/11, and how he continued to try to connect iraq to 9/11 as a motive for the war..

Freedom of Information Act request for confiscated Pentagon Videos

Just came across this site which is chronicleing a series of requests for the video footage of the Pentagon attack on 9/11. As most of you may know there were video tapes confiscated from both the on-site gas station as well as the nearby Sheraden hotel. There are also camera's all along the edge of the roof of the Pentagon, but I don't see reference to these in these requests.

The FOIA requests were denied due to ongoing criminal investigations, so the owner of this website has filed a lawsuit to try to get their hands on the footage.
This is a great effort, because whether you think the Pentagon was hit by Flight 77 or not, this could bring out new footage that proves, or disproves, the different theories..

Another PM related article, and another whistleblower

here is another article to refute the recent Popular Mechanics article on 9/11:

and here is a whistleblower apparently focused on green cards being given to morocans tied with al-queda:

Followup on Cynthia McKinney statements

the nice people over at 911CitizensWatch posted an article about Cynthia McKinney's recent discussion with Rumsfeld and Myers.. the article also has a link to c-span's archive where you can watch the footage itself:
Gen. Myers, Sec. Rumsfeld and DoD Comproller Grilled on Missing Money, War Games and Sex Trade

Cynthia McKinney talks to Myers, Rumsfeld about 9/11 wargames (again)

i saw cynthia mckinney on cspan last night.. it wasnt a rerun.. it said 'today' in the corner.. she was asking both rumsfeld and myers about the wargames, and they responded back.. i cant seem to find the transcript from the DoD's website or hers..

basically myers said the wargames helped the response time, not hurt it.. she also asked him if that day was declared a special day of intrest, to which he asked if she meant before or after the attacks, to which she said before.. he said he didnt know, then looked at rumsfeld and shook his head like he had no idea of what she was getting at..

if anyone knows where i might find the transcript please let me know..

A few daily links

the guys over at wrote up an article comparing the collapses of WTC 1, 2, and 7 to the recent massive fire in madrid.. you can find that article here

alex jones released a clip from his daily radio show in response to the recent 'interview' with chertoff from popular mechanics on art bell's coast to coast.. you can listen to that clip here

Christopher Bollyn from American Free Press has released a new article (and has another about to be posted) continuing the feud that has erupted from the same popular mechanics magazine mentioned before.. and Loose Change DVDs ready to go!

Big day in terms of 9/11 related videos..

first off, the video 'Confronting the Evidence' from Jimmy Walters at is finished, and is on its way to press. he is giving away this 4+ hour DVD on 9/11 for free, as well as making it available for download. You can download the video and/or order your free dvd at the link below:

secondly, enigs has announced that his new video Loose Change is done, and off to press, you can pre-order this video, and watch a preview, from the link below:

Really neat online web app

i came across this app today, and man is it cool.. basically it shows you a company, and its board of directors.. then from that board of directors you can see what other companies a person is a member of..

anyways, check it out.. it is really insightful in understanding how closely tied some corporations are.. be sure to use the 'load' function to load the most popular connections, such as how the energy companies relate, and a bunch of others..

anyways, i used it to make a real quick example of how Thomas Kean from the government's 9/11 investigation sat on the same board of directors with members of the Bush 1 administration, and the clinton adminsistration.. the picture links to a much larger example:

Are we really searching for bin laden?

check out this clip from last night's daily show:
(special thanks to for the clip)

does it look like goss thinks we are actively searching for bin laden? it doesnt to me.. to me it looks like he thinks what bush is saying is a joke, and completely removed from the truth..

so, if we arent really searching for bin laden, why not? perhaps they know something they would rather the public not know, like we dont really want to find him, or we already have, or he is dead, etc..


welcome welcome!

i have just relocated my personal blog to this new address, i have been blogging about 9/11 for about 5 months on my personal website.. i decided to move all of my 9/11 comments to a new site, one devoted to just 9/11 and apart from my other website..

leave some comments, ask some questions, and welcome!

WingTV begins its '9/11 on trial' video series

the nice people over at WingTV have begun their series that covers the material from their recently released book focused on the collapses of WTC 1, 2, and 7.. i beleive this series will air one episode a day for at least a week or two.. should be good stuff to watch, especially if you havent bought the book..

you can find the videos archived as they come out on this page here:

chertoff/art bell interview online

thanks to the guys at for getting the interview with chertoff from popular mechanics online so soon, here are links to download:
edited version
un-edited (mirror)

i beleive the edited version only has the commercials cut out..

also, tonight on the Daily Show they had a clip where GW brought up bin-laden and how the CIA is working day in and day out to find him.. Goss gets a surprised/bewildered look on his face like 'really?'.. if anyone has a link to this clip please hook me up :)

art bell's lame 9/11 show

i stayed up last night from midnight til 4am to listen to the head researcher of the recent popular mechanics article be interviewed by art bell on 'coast to coast'..

after 3 1/2 hours of going over the article, and talking down about anyone and everyone, there was 30 minutes of actual discussion.. i was blown away by the incredibly biased conversation that i sat through.. they received a call at the begining by Lisa Guliani, she asked a great question, but art said chertoff wasnt on the line yet, and never brought her question up to chertoff..

of the few callers who did get in, a few asked decent questions, or made decent comments.. and to those chertoff said they hadnt researched it.. it was quite apparent that asside from the 16 points in the article (that they spent 3 1/2 hours going over), they had little to no knowledge of anything else, including the 6-8 highjackers who are still alive.. they had never heard of that, and doubted its credibility, showing they really dont know much in the great scope of 9/11 oddities.

is a storm brewin?

ust got hit with some links (thanks phil) that are pretty interesting.. art bell, whom i think most ppl have heard of, is having the 'senior researcher' Ben Chertoff on his show tonight (3/5/2005)..

Christopher Bollyn from American Free Press apparently has been hawking on Chertoff, 'head researcher' of the Popular Mechanics article 'debunking' the major myths of 9/11..

here are the links:


wow.. i got a link last night to this video, and it is really really impressive.. the graphics in it are free-flowing vector graphis, and its focus is on the war on terrorism, PNAC, and the motives for wanting war..

this is just a great video, impressive stuff: