no new 9/11 news, new WTC7 video

well, i must say im a bit dissapointed at the lack of new 9/11 news the last few weeks.. there is tons of recent 9/11 news that the mainstream media could cover, but they havent, so its not like its really necessary to have new stories every week.. there is plenty to give probable cause for a real investigation, but anyways..

i got my hands on a new video of the collapse of WTC7 today.. its the best quality i have seen of the footage.. watch this video, and ask yourself if a solid steel building could liquify like we see, and ask yourself if bending or breaking steel would cause the puffs of smoke seen along the edge in this video:

new article from ron paul

here is an article from congressman Ron Paul of texas.. its an interesting story that is exactly what you wouldn't expect from a congressman:

much respect goes to someone like this congressman who can speak out against the majority of his colleagues.

bellingham citizens for truth

came across this image from here:


another daily link

this link tries to allude to the coverup of 9/11 involving ashcroft and his legal actions to silence sibel edmonds.. its a good article, take a gander:

another mention of 9/11 'conspiracies'?

well, while i wish this report wasnt so one sided, it does at least show the zogby report about new yorkers thinking a real 9/11 investigation must happen, and it isnt as negative as past reports of 9/11 'conspiracy theories'..

you know whats so messed up? this could easily be phrased as '9/11 deserves more answers'.. there are MASSIVE holes in the official report by the commission.. it doesnt address anything except providing lip-service for the administration.. no physical research, no black boxes recovered (even though rescue workers DID find them), no physical research at all.. despite incredible evidence, first hand accounts, whistleblower information, etc. etc. that could shed more light on the best that is 9/11..

daily links

here is a scathing article about how 9/11 has become the official seal of the government to get anything it wants accomplished:

But it remains doubtful that the White House will course correct on another tact, the practice of treating 9/11 like a brand name, a tool for selling ideas, selling a party, selling initiatives — even selling people. One blemished icon, or even two, is not is going to end what has proved a winning strategy, certainly good enough for first place with American voters in November.

senator mark dayton of minnesota

here is a video clip addendum from 'painful deceptions' in which senator mark dayton talks about the failures of the 'independent' commission:

also, here is another good research site:

new griffin book a best seller?

wow, a canadian news paper talks about david ray griffin.. looks like this canadian news source has a bit more courage than our media:
A theologian asks the hard questions about 9/11

a few quotes:

So why did this soft-spoken professor from the high-ranking Methodist-rooted School of Theology at Claremont, Calif., feel it necessary to risk his hard-earned reputation as a religion scholar to write one of the most incredible -- in all senses of the word -- political books of 2004?

new Griffin book, Iraq / CIA issues

welp, i got my new book today.. its called 'The 9/11 Commission Report: Ommissions and Distortions' written by David Ray Griffin, you can see more about it here:
amazon link

his new book is a really quick read much like his other book i highly suggest entitled 'A New Pearl Harbor'.. in only a few hours I've already made it through about 70+ pages.. its really good so far, and i would suggest it to understand the failures of the 'independent commission'..

voter fraud, and 9/11 activist karl shwarz

today on cspan i watched a conference in DC about the voting issues in the last election.. i am wondering if this subject might come to the forefront now, or if perhaps they will follow up the allegations until it leads to arrests.. either way, im glad to see that there are people out there trying to ensure our vote counts, unfortunately none of the republicans invited bothered to show up, i guess when voter fraud tends to go in your favor its not worth fighting against..

here is a page all about the voter fraud in the 2004 election, it is quite interesting stuff:

Just more random links and rants

From 9-11 to Fallujah, just another day

since today was the anniversary of pearl harbor there were alot of links.. so here are a few.. including some which show quite well that pearl harbor wasn't as much of a surprise as it was innevidible.. in fact there are so many mentions of how an attack against us is what we needed (and in some cases wanted) that the idea it was a complete surprise isn't exactly the truth:

lemme say this again

go to, read their compaint, and sign their petition.. read their complaint.