Speaking Out for 9/11 Truth. { Combating the Milgram Syndrome }

The "Milgram Syndrome"
YouTube pulled the original footage, but here is a substitute.

The way we can all actively handle the "Milgram Syndrome" is by bringing up the subject of 9/11 Truth at every opportunity, at every discourse that is appropriate. (e.g. Checkout lanes, the water fountain, the Quick Stop, the phone solicitor, the clerk at the service desk, the salesperson, our bill payments, the restaurants, classrooms, etc.)

There are hundreds of thousands of QUIET people who know that the official version of 9/11/01 is a lie. I run into them all the time, because I hit the pavement with 9/11 Truth and I bring up the subject. There are also millions of people who innately do not trust our government.

"For Eli" (Fu** Your Yellow Ribbon) Andrea Gibson at the 2006 poetry slam

This "issue", in effect, is what opened my eyes to 9/11 truth three years ago. Andrea and Remo could/should collaborate maybe . . . What horror dwells in the hearts of all parents whose child was killed on 9/11 or in Afghanistan or Iraq? Or anyone else's connected? Spouses, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends, fiance(e)s . . . . I can't even begin to comprehend. And 1,000 suicides per month? At what point do our silent citizens and our spineless Congress say enough? We've been waiting too long.

Yes, god damn America. In this sense, former U.S. Marine Reverend Wright was right. The African American community has known truths for a long time that many of we(us?) white folks are just waking up to . . .



"For Eli"

Must Watch 3 Minute Video

Andrea Gibson at the 2006 poetry slam, performing "For Eli"

Fu** Your Yellow Ribbon.

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"For Eli"

By Andrea Gibson

Eli came back from Iraq
and tattooed a teddy bear onto the inside of his wrist
above that a medic with an IV bag
above that an angel

It's No Wonder 911 Happened... and It's No Wonder it's Going to Happen Again

For all of us who see that the official 911 narrative as really just an 'easy-to-swallow' control pill, it may be extremely hard for us to fathom why the designers of such a plan would be so cocky as to have such a detailed and documented account of that horrific day.
Shouldn't these perpetrators be frightened by the clear evidence of demolition in the hundreds of videos available?
Shouldn't these perpetrators be scared the NORAD "failure" (aka stand down) is just too unlikely to be true?
Shouldn't these perpetrators shake in their boots at the overwhelming evidence of conspiracy and complicity?

The short answer is: No. And the short answer to why these perpetrators are not scared is: JFK and American Indifference.