11th Day Action in Melbourne on Sunday April 12, 2009

We've been doing our 11th Day Action ever since November 2007. ;O)
We even made "Ask me about 9/11" badges with messed up DVDs!

My daughter's

and mine,

I put mine on my "Investigate 911" cap that I bought in NYC last September on the side, and it's been working really well like, to get others' attention, or start conversation with strangers. Using a DVD was a real good idea cause it's BIG, so easily catch others' eyes.

Anyway, this month's action will take place(as usual) from around 12noon, at corner Swanston and Burke.

Bring along any flyers, banners, DVDs and CD-ROMs to wake up more citizens!!
And let's sing this loud and clear together. ;O)

France Canal+ attacks the 911 truth movement the 24 april 2008

bonsoir ,

in France, Thursday 24th April 2008, the French television CANAL + attacked the 911 truth movement with their Documentary called
"Jeudi Investigation : Rumeur, intox : les nouvelles guerres de l’info" by Stephane Malterre


Vidéo Jeudi Investigation : Rumeur, intox : les nouvelles guerres de l’info

New Jersey 9/11 Truth Street Action

New JERSEY 9/11Truth movement

There is an emerging 9/11 Truth movement building in New Jersey, a very nice and smart young man Glen is starting to organize the state. He could use some support and help in New Jersey. If you are from New Jersey and want to help or join the movement , please contact Glen at: iglooz@gmail.com or www.myspace.com/jc911truth
or the other NJ911Truth movement group at nj911truth@yahoo.com or myspace.com/nj911truth

He is also organizing a street action on the 11th in New Jersey.

Wednesday, the Eleventh of April, 2007 in Jersey City, NJ: 4/11 Day of Action
NJ - Jersey City
12-1 at Journal Square
1-2 at Grove Street
2-3 at Exchange Place

4:30-Washington Square Park NYC:NY 911 Truth