The Case for an Explosive Device in the Sub Levels of the WTC: North Tower

I believe the reader will find that the following information proves without a doubt that terrorists used an explosive device in the subleves of the North Tower.

The Case for an Explosive Device In The Sublevels of the WTC North Tower
Author: Swing Dangler

I will not attempt the blame game with this premise. I am not a structural engineer or an explosives expert. I do have reasonable doubts about the official story. My research to this point on a personal level has been with a trained explosive expert in the U.S. military and with a construction engineer. I have read reports in support of the NIST and rebuttals to the NIST report. I have also read the NIST report summary as posted online. The reason for this hypothesis is to consider what assisted in the global collapse of the Twin Towers. The existence for this hypothesis is three-fold.

1. The NIST did not attempt to explain the reason for a global collapse nor consider the hypothesis which I proposed. Does that make the existence of explosive devices(ED) invalid? No.

Phillip Morelli - Basement Explosion Witness (Full Interview)

I had not seen the entire interview, he gives a detailed account of his experience.

William Rodriguez's Story Partially Confirmed

A video has just surfaced which partially corroborates William Rodriguez's testimony. In it (the second interview in the video below), a worker states that there was an explosion in the basement of one of the Twin Towers, and that he saw a guy with his "skin hanging off".

While the gentleman being interviewed does not give a timeframe for the events he witnessed -- and the most stunning part of Rodriguez's testimony is that the sub-basement explosion occurred before the plane hit -- this is a step forward.

If anyone knows who the gentleman is, please immediately interview him on video to get clarification of when he witnessed the events. Also, see this interview which also partially confirms Rodriguez's testimony and this scientific paper regarding seismic evidence.

Carpenter Marlene Cruz Proves Pre-planted Explosives in WTC Basement

On 9/12/2001, Peter Jennings interviews Marlene Cruz, a carpenter injured in one of the pre-collapse explosions in the WTC sub-basement level B long before the planes hit the towers. The first casualty of 9/11 admitted at Bellevue Hospital, Cruz is a living witness who proves that pre-planted explosives were used to weaken the foundations.

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