I-75 Bohemian Grove Billboard Near Georgia/Florida Border

Billboard reads: "Google : 1. Bohemian Grove, 2. Building 7 , and find out what is going on right under your nose"

YouTube account holder 4409 to build and post 9-11 Truth billboards on Interstate 40

Approximately 50,000 cars drive each day on Interstate 40 in Northern Arizona!

Please forward this video to all your on facebook and myspace...twitter.

They are going to erect two 10' x 48' billboards on Interstate 40. Please check this channel for video logs of their progress .

Please help us build these....the cost of this project is enormous. They should be up by New Years :)


Information on how to bring about a successful Billboard Campaign...


This article states that a billboard can cost around $1400 dollars for a month's rent. This is at least good information for a group like this to have.

Look at the attention this type of advertising can bring...

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