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Yukihisa Fujita Comments on Circumstances of Washington Post Editorial

Below is a statement made by Yukihisa Fujita today about the interview with Lee Hockstader, Editorial Writer for the Washington Post.

The Statement

March 10, 2010

Comment on Circumstances of Washington Post Editorial Dated Mar 8, 2010

Yukihisa Fujita
Member of the House of Councillors
Office Tel: 3508-8205

At 10:30 am on March 3, 2010, Lee Hockstader, Editorial Writer for the Washington Post, visited myself (Yukihisa Fujita, member of the House of Councillors, and Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) International Department Director General) having made an interview request on the subject of “Japan’s stance on and shifting attitudes toward immigration” via the Foreign Press Center, Japan. (original interview request and questions in Japanese available on request)

Rock Creek Free Press recognized by Project Censored

Rock Creek Free Press - Project Censored|

The Rock Creek Free Press has been recognized by Project Censored for our coverage of one of the year's 25 most censored stories: "Japan Questions 9/11 and the Global War on Terror".

The new Creek is out and you can read the online PDF version of the paper here if you're too lazy to email us for a free subscription.

Rock Creek Free Press

George Washington's deal with the Fed

Are these people paid to oppose, or just stupid? Amazon response to the Japanese Diet story

As some of you know, I am well-known on Amazon. I choose that place because Amazon is one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the web. In addition, what could be a more non-partisan site, right? Good place to spread 9/11 truth to newbies, no? And their forums which are purely for discussion, such as the Amazon Politics Forum, (i.e. not attached to a specific product for purchase; Griffin's books have their own little Amazon subforums), are still fairly new, but with catching popularity.

I took the liberty of introducing to the Amazon Politics Forum community the breaking story of the Japanese Diet covering 9/11 Truth. While Amazon indeed used to be a rational place, it seems that these days they're on a par with JREF when it comes to not just the dogmatic blindness of OCT defenders, but the speed at which they reply. Virtually all you need to do these days is make a post, hit refresh, and someone's already come back with a post "debunking" you!