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David Ray Griffin's review of John Farmer's "The Ground Truth"

This is a scathing, one-star review of a book which pretends to be a truth seeking/telling book, and at this moment, 63 of 68 people found the review helpful!

Dr. David Ray Griffin's Review of

"The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11", by John Farmer

Although John Farmer's "The Ground Truth" has attracted a lot of favorable attention, it is a deeply flawed book, containing misleading claims and providing an extremely one-sided account of 9/11.

Much of the attention received by the book has been prompted by misleading claims made by Farmer and his publisher. The book's dust-jacket calls it the "definitive account" of 9/11, but it actually deals almost entirely with only one question about that day: why the airliners were not intercepted.

Amazon not accepting (positive) responses for reviews on Griffin's new book

I am trying to record my approval of reviews posted on Amazon of David Ray Griffin's new book on Osama Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?. I get the message indicating that my comment has been processed, but the counters do not increment. Elizabeth Woodworth has reported to me that others are telling her the same thing. Can some others try this and see if they get the same results? The link is

Here is the interaction:

The question after each review is: "Was this review helpful to you?"
The response button I choose for each good review is "Yes"
The Amazon response is "Thanks for your feedback"
The counter at the top of the review does not increment.

Is this a computer glitch, a mis-understanding of what is supposed to happen, or someone gaming Amazon to keep favorable review counts down?

Michael Zimmer

Informal Inside Job Poll - make your voice heard

Hi everyone:


Do you believe that the 9/11/01 attacks were carried out by Islamist terrorists without the knowledge or assistance of anyone connected to the US government, and that these perpetrators were wholly responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC7?

Please post Yes, No or Don't Know. I am not asking for a lot of discussion.

Shouldn't be too hard to log in and post "no," no?

Review of 9/11 Contradictions

I just submitted this review to Amazon. I'd like to submit it here; I'm not sure if there is a deliberate attempt to censor some damning reviews on Amazon, or just technical SNAFUs, but the last time I submitted a review there it never got published. It was a one-star review for "United 93," in which I accused the movie of being propaganda meant to reassure those who still believed the official story, and how NORAD has repeatedly changed its story, et cetera. Anyway, hopefully this review will show up there - and here!

Until reading DRG's latest book, I was not previously aware of the multiple stories put out by the Florida classroom teacher, Sandra Kay Daniels.

EDIT: My review is up on Amazon now. I guess I got past the neo-con censors this time. :D


Tally of Amazon Opinions on 9/11 Being an Inside Job

Hi everyone. There is a hot thread on the Amazon Politcs forum: The OP poster is tallying names on the OP in two colums: OCT believers and alternative theory supporters. So far we are ahead by three, but let's get more of an edge! Here is the OP as it stands thus far, and she intends to close the thread March 1.


LAST EDITED TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2008. 33 to 26. Leap Year ~ 3 more days until the final verdict can be posted.

It should be evident by this 'unofficial poll' that there are a whole lot of people who question the official government's story -OGS- (soon to be called OGMyth) fraught with too many inconsistencies, plus the unwarranted destruction of our precious Constitution, plus the Patriot Acts, Surveillance, Gulag Camps, Middle East wars, etc. There needs to be more transparency by our Leaders. And an end to aggression for grabbing the lion's share of the oil which is theirs, to sell to whomever they want.

Are these people paid to oppose, or just stupid? Amazon response to the Japanese Diet story

As some of you know, I am well-known on Amazon. I choose that place because Amazon is one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the web. In addition, what could be a more non-partisan site, right? Good place to spread 9/11 truth to newbies, no? And their forums which are purely for discussion, such as the Amazon Politics Forum, (i.e. not attached to a specific product for purchase; Griffin's books have their own little Amazon subforums), are still fairly new, but with catching popularity.

I took the liberty of introducing to the Amazon Politics Forum community the breaking story of the Japanese Diet covering 9/11 Truth. While Amazon indeed used to be a rational place, it seems that these days they're on a par with JREF when it comes to not just the dogmatic blindness of OCT defenders, but the speed at which they reply. Virtually all you need to do these days is make a post, hit refresh, and someone's already come back with a post "debunking" you!

"The Floor Is Yours, Truthers" on

Hi all,

First off, this Steve Farrell guy is a 'dedicated' skeptic, but without the hate of the SLC and JREF crowd. However, in previous threads he's said such as things as "Hani Hanjour's poor flying skills aren't evidence of anything, kameelyun." He has also rigorously defended NORAD's 'incompetence,' as well as waving away all of the controlled demolition evidence. He has handwaved away Dutch demolitionist Danny Jowenko. He has even waved away the fact that a phone call to Controlled Demolition revealed that "pull it" IS a demolition term. So I'm a bit weary about how productive the thread would actually be... Should we take this guy's bait or not? There are those here who are more knowledgeable than I, and have read more books. (I still have yet to read Ruppert or Tarpley because those books are so huge.)

Having said all that, here's how Steve opens this new thread:

"All the attention so far has been paid to the flaws in the official theory of 9/11, the Al Qaeda hijacker scenario. But any alternative theory has to stand on its own. What if we abandoned the conventional scenario for good? What should we believe actually happened on 9/11? Debunking 9/11 Debunking by DRG Update

I'm not trying to implicate Amazon in some kind of 9/11 coverup conspiracy, but I just wanted to post an update of David Ray Griffin's new book and the delays when ordering on

I had preordered the book about 3 weeks before it came out. It was supposed to ship out on the 31st of March or thereabouts. Then I got an update telling me that it was delayed until mid-June. I was very sad as DRG is coming to Seattle on May 18th and was hoping to have it in time for that event.

When a delay like this occurs you can "okay" the delay or cancel your order. I contemplated canceling my order to see if I could pick it up earlier from a local bookstore.

A few days later I saw a post here claiming that someone else had this problem, they emailed Amazon and then received an email saying that there order was back on track and to be shipped out the next day.

I decided to follow suit and emailed customer service at I sent the email on Thursday or Friday. I just received confirmation that my order has shipped today.

Hilariously inaccurate Amazon Synopsis of AJ's “Terrorstorm”

Just got this mail from amazon telling me about Terrrorstom;

Terrorstorm - A History Of Government Sponsored Terrorism [2006]
Alex Jones

RRP: £9.99
Price: £7.49
You Save: £2.50 (25%)

Release Date: 29 January 2007