Philadelphia CBS News: Group Of Engineers Believe Controlled Detonations Took Down World Trade Center

By Paul Kurtz
September 11, 2013

BLACKWOOD, N.J. (CBS) - There’s been a growing movement led by some architects and engineers to take a second look at the collapse of the New York City skyscrapers in the attacks on September 11th 2001.

“Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth” focuses primarily on Building 7 of the World Trade Center. Not many people know that a third building fell on 9-11. Tony Szambotti is a mechanical engineer from Blackwood, New Jersey. He says the 47 story skyscraper was not hit by a plane…yet collapsed into its own footprint at 5:20 in the afternoon.

“It’s in absolute freefall. There’s no resistance to it for the first 2.25 seconds and then it slows down a little bit,” Szambotti said. “The actual measurements are somewhere around 6.6 to 7 seconds for that 610 foot building to collapse completely to the ground.”

Szambotti and some 2,000 other of his colleagues contend that it was not scientifically possible for an office fire to be hot enough to melt steel girders and columns. Which brings these highly educated, white-collar professionals to a disturbing conclusion.

Philly 9|11 Truth Activism - Educating the Public [Odunde African American Festival]

Members of Philly 9|11 Truth helping pass along information to the Odunde African American Festival in Philadelphia, PA

Posting this up so you guys can continue to get motivated to do daily, weekly, monthly, etc. actions to help educate the general public into demanding a new investigation into the 9|11 attacks

AND... DON'T FORGET....!!!!! Debuts - Helping to Fight For a New Investigation! Debuts On The World Wide Web
Friday June 1st, 2007

- After weeks of deliberation, members from Philly 9|11 Truth have opened their website, amid the growing number of activist websites around the country and world. Still in its very early stages, other activists will be able to take part in looking through the past historical events we have done.

As you can see from the website, there is still plenty more content to be added. With prominent members such as Jon Gold and Mechanical Engineer Tony Szamboti - along with the consistent Temple 9|11 Truth activists known for confronting Alan Dershowitz on questions on false-flag terrorism as well as Jesse Jackson's involvement in the Council on Foreign Relations - the city of Philadelphia continues to grow for their support of a new investigation into the September 11th attacks.

Please take a look at our website. We encourage all activists to take a look at the site as we continue to grow together towards the same common goal of demanding a new investigation.

Matt And Huggy From Philadelphia's Premiere Radio Station, 94.1 WYSP, Covers 9/11

Click Here (MP3 22MB)

Today, Philadelphia's premiere radio station, 94.1 WYSP, and their show "Matt And Huggy" covered the finding in regards to Felicia Dunn-Jones. They also stumbled into a little 9/11 Truth, and covered Rosie O'Donnell as well.

This station carries Opie & Anthony, and used to carry Howard Stern. They reach millions of people.

I have sent them an email. Hopefully they will respond.