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Colorado Democratic Party Supports New 9/11 Investigation
Colorado Democrats Call for New 9/11 Investigation: An Insider Tells Us How They Did It
Written by Frances Shure
Tuesday, 09 November 2010

It’s true! The Democratic Platform for the state of Colorado is the first major party in the US to adopt a resolution for a new investigation into the official story of the events surrounding 9/11.

Digital Journal: 9/11 Truth: Time to review post 9/11mentality and face reality?

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Opinion: 9/11 Truth: Time to review post-9/11 mentality and face reality?

Posted Oct 17, 2010 by  Bill Lindner
9/11 Truth: As more evidence obliterating the Government's 'official' 9/11 fairy tale emerges, demands for investigation into the truth about what happened that day are growing. When do we review the post-9/11 mentality and face reality?
September 11  2001  was the exclamation mark in modern history which will be remembered  the obvious...
National Park Service
September 11, 2001, was the exclamation mark in modern history which will be remembered, the obvious sign of a drastically changed global dynamic.

The public demand -- backed by former senior intelligence officials, former members of Congress and other government officials -- for a real investigation into the terrorist attacks of 9/11 is growing, and there is no sign of them going away any time soon. Why? Because, for many, it's common knowledge that the official story from the 9/11 Commission is admittedly full of lies and false information and has fallen apart.


An excellent essay by Elizabeth Woodworth explains the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and how it could be applied to an investigation into the attacks of 9/11. The effects of 9/11 are far from over as the U.S. Government has used those attacks to declare its fraudulent, endless 'War on Terror', and has shrouded itself in suspicious secrecy to keep its illicit actions covered up. There are many good reasons to investigate the attacks, and more evidence continues surfacing showing that the official story is seriously flawed and full of holes. It's important to understand the events of that day and how it has affected us. Has the truth been told about 9-11?

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National News
Has truth been told about 9-11?
By Saeed Shabazz -Staff Writer-
Updated Sep 28, 2010 - 12:09:50 PM

Has truth been told about 9-11?

By Saeed Shabazz -Staff Writer- | Last updated: Sep 28, 2010 - 12:09:50 PM

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Call for probe ignites controversy, but many still say September 11 tragedy needs investigation

UNITED NATION - ( After President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke before world leaders and the international press at the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly, an uproar followed and the United States expressed outrage at his remarks.


Message From Bob McIlvaine: Join the “Building What?!” Campaign

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“Building What?!” is a phone and fax campaign aimed at helping the New York City Council become aware of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, The Salomon Brothers building, and amplifying the request from more than one thousand architects and engineers that a new investigation be opened into the destruction of this building.

Japan's 9/11 Victims to Press for Criminal Investigation of 9/11

GLOBAL PEACE THROUGH 9/11 TRUTH - TOKYO, JAPAN: DEMAND for 9/11 JUSTICE - The third 9/11 Truth conference in Japan keeps growing -- Twenty-four Japanese nationals were murdered by the events of 9/11 - now the families and Japan's new government are determined to do what Americans should have already accomplished: A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION and TRIAL. Thanks go to the organizational skills of Architect, Richard Gage and his staff in their determination to wake up the civilized world to expose the Bush/Obama coverup of 9/11 that includes the deliberate demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC building 7. Councilor Fujita deserves to be nominated for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for his years of his international work advocating the Truth about why the US went to war.

War is illegal

War is illegal

Against a background of escalating ecological crises, and the fact that large parts of the world´s population are being exposed to extreme poverty, inhuman working conditions and increasing social tensions, the annual global military expenditure has risen to more than 1000 billion dollars.
The military-industrial complex of just a few G8 countries is responsible for the overwhelming part of this spending, causing incalcuable social and ecological consequences.

Unequal distribution of global resources, increasingly controlled by large multinational companies, global debt policy and unfair international trading practices ultimately could not be maintained without military security. In many countries the military is used to repress critical opposition.

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 are increasingly used to justify systematic surveillance and the dismantling of constitutional rights. Even European countries have helped to establish Guantanomo-like secret prisons, where torture in all probability takes place.

Call for new 9/11 commission headed by David Ray Griffin

The interregnum should be used to put pressure on Obama to do what we want him to: investigate 9/11 properly. If we fail to do this it will be the final proof that the leading figures in our "truth movement" are not on our side at all, but only shills.

Therefore I propose something that no one can disagree with: a new 9/11 Truth Commission headed by David Ray Griffin.

Nothing more or else, because anything more or less would give too many people too many things to argue about and forestall the process. Calls for action must be as simple as possible. Ignore the outcries and specious arguments why this won't work. It will if we do it. If EVERY 9/11 truth group and site takes up this cause 100%, it will happen. Just do it, and watch them show their colors. There is nothing to organize. All you have to do is call for a new investigation headed by David Ray Griffin.

Watch what happens, starting right here...

On the Bus With Willie: ‘Hell yeah there’s a reason to investigate 9/11′

On the Bus With Willie: ‘Hell yeah there’s a reason to investigate 9/11′

Authorities would destroy evidence and cover-up truth only if it were concealing the real crime

Aaron Dykes - - October 29, 2008

On the bus with Willie Nelson: Authorities destroyed evidence to aid in the cover-up of the real crimes of 9/11.

***Opinions Needed***

One of the most frustrating feelings generated from this exploration of truth for me is the sense that, well now I know... now what?
I have done my best to wake up friends and family with a good amount of success but I suspect they feel the same as I do, now what?
I applaud all those street activists who have bravely weathered critics, government lackeys, and the just plain ignorant.
I admittedly have done nothing that could be called street action.
So as time passes I feel more and more uncomfortable with this admission.
I feel I need to do something but that creeping feeling of helplessness is washing over me, even with the prospect of joining others in the street. After talking to a friend of mine I arbitrarily mentioned that, "if shit doesn't start happening I am going to drive down to D.C. park my ass at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and go on a hunger-strike until we have our day in court!"
I was not serious when I said it at first but it got us talking and I am actually considering doing it now.

Exclusive: President Carter Was Concerned About Staged War Provocation, Says Calls for a New Investigation of 9/11 ‘Sound Good’

Exclusive: President Carter Was Concerned About Staged War Provocation, Says Calls for a New Investigation of 9/11 ‘Sound Good’

Infowars - April 28, 2008

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change caught up with President Jimmy Carter today at a Barnes & Noble bookstore located in Manhattan.

After Rudkowski referenced Operation Ajax and the CIA orchestrated overthrow of Mohammed Mosaddeq in Iran in 1953 via staged terror attacks, he asked Carter if he feared a staged-provocation for war with Iran.

Carter responded, “No, I don’t think lately that war is as likely as it was six months ago,” adding, “I hope not.”

It Has Happened: I'm a 9/11 Truther; A New Investigation, Broad Amnesty, and Forgiveness


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April 3, 2008

It Has Happened: I'm a 9/11 Truther; A New Investigation, Broad Amnesty, and Forgiveness

By Ralph Lopez

The biggest problem with the 9/11 Truth Movement is where it leads: a place dark and evil beyond imagination. Even if deep down you believed it was an inside job, you would need to deny it.

Call For New 9/11 Investigation Reaches Crescendo

Call For New 9/11 Investigation Reaches Crescendo


The following email sent out by Les Jamieson has some great questions & answers to use when speaking with the general public about 9/11 truth & the need for a new investigation!

Hello all,

Since many of you are active in the petition campaign and will be out with us on Saturday at Union Sq. Park, I want to share some dialogue points. For those on this list who are outside of the NYC metro area, these points should also be of value.


We need to get Kucinich in touch with Sibel Edmonds!!!

I've just seen this video with Kucinich saying he wants to start the hearings but the wire transfers and WTC7 isn’t watertight enough;


^ That's all he needs!! That's what he's looking for!!

This is perfect because she's recently just said she wants to speak out regardless of her gag order and here’s Kucinich looking for something ironclad to get the ball rolling! I understand about the put options, ISI wire transfers and of course Building 7, but Sibel's case is what he's looking for.

Someone like the guys from Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth, or anyone else in contact with Kucinich absolutely has to get the message to him!!