New Shadowplay Trailer

Attendees of the Truth Now Tour and Conference will get to see the latest cut of this documentary, the evolution of which we have been following here:

Gillian Norman is working toward an international distribution later this year;

"Five years after the dogs of war slipped the leash - with more than 1.2 million dead in Iraq, countless millions maimed, homeless and hungry; Afghanistan a smouldering wreck of a nation seething in bitter resentment; a legacy of depleted uranium deforming the next generation and blowing it’s cancerous death sentence in the wind – our hard-earned tax dollars are still at work wreaking devastation and destruction.

But who really cares? As one observant Aussie put it: “Oh yeah, we all know 9/11 was an inside job, but we’re over that…” Sure, it doesn’t really matter – just as long as we’ve got cold stubbies in the esky, meat on the barbie and the footy on the telly. The facts of the 9/11 events don’t surprise many people I meet, though most prefer not to let the truth get in the way of the comfortable numbness of silent complicity.

Yet like the lone voice of the fearless child who laughed at the naked Emperor when the chattering herd were all praising his imaginary regal dress, an assorted rabble of persistent 9/11 Truthers, Sydney Truth Action, has held up this issue with the tenacity of a hungry dog with a bone. Taking the issue to the streets on the 11th of every month, in discussions on blogs and radio broadcasts this group of activists is part of a growing Australian movement of businessmen, academics, mums and students who are not afraid to stand for the truth.


LiveVideo trailer:


“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on…”
- President George W. Bush

A preview of “SHADOWPLAY: 9/11 Deception & Dominion”, will be shown at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference.

SHADOWPLAY is an 80-minute feature documentary, produced by Upstream Media with Global Outlook.

Meet Director Gillian Norman and Associate Producer Ian Woods at the Vancouver conference to discuss this provocative exposé of treason and criminal hegemony.


"Shadowplay" - New Documentary Fuses Anti-War Left & 9/11 Skepticism

"The American empire is imploding and going down, it is already visible before our eyes. The ideological and the political currency and cachet of this government... it's disgraced around the world. The American government is hated more than at any time in my lifetime, so we really have an empire that's in a slow-motion decline and it will decline. My two worries are... they are going to do a lot of bloodshed, a lot of wreckage before it goes down, and that what stands to replace them is the Chinese empire, and the Chinese empire is a lot more experienced than the American empire, which would be rather parvenue by Chinese standards. "
- Prof. John McMurtry.

I've blogged a couple of times now about a forthcoming documentary from the Australian production company, Upstream Media, called Shadowplay. I'm happy to report that Shadowplay is finally coming to fruition due to the dedicated work of Upstream's Gillian Norman. Her long-distance co-producer is Ian Woods of Global Outlook.

Thanks in part to donations from visitors of 911blogger, Shadowplay is emerging as a strong piece with a serious focus on 9/11 and the decline of the American empire.

Meanwhile in Australia...

UPDATE SHADOWPLAY will be at MipTV at Cannes later this month. SHADOWPLAY will be represented at MipTV by Carlos Alperin.*

There is a feature documentary on the way from Australia that is looking really good so far. From what I've seen it features one of the most comprehensive roundups of informed 9/11 skeptics and US foreign policy critics that I have seen in one original production.

Some of the names involved in SHADOWPLAY are Ian Woods, Barrie Zwicker, Webster Tarpley, William Rodriguez, Nafeez Ahmed, Michel Chossudovsky, General Ivashov, Thierry Meyssan, Scott Ritter, Andreas Von Buelow, Ralph Schoenman, Annie Machon, and others. Most of these people offer their comments in interviews, but some have been involved at different levels of production and consultation.

There should be a preview up on the web in the near future, and I'll blog it ASAP!

A little more at the SHADOWPLAY website: