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9/11 Civil Information on Truth Revolution Radio with Cosmos

On Sunday, May 4th 2008, "Cosmos" of Truth Revolution Radio featured "9/11 Civil Informationing" on his weekly show on WTPRN. His guests were Robin Hordon and Wayne Prante of the

Cosmos is the founder of and is the man behind the international "11th of Every Month" Campaign which has done so much to propel 9/11 visibility and action in the past 18 months.

Truth Revolution Radio starts Monday April 23

Truth Revolution Radio is the newest show on We The People radio network and the official broadcast of The show starts Monday April 23 and we will be focusing on truth activism, good music, getting people out in the streets and expanding the perspective of our oppurtunities for creating a better world.

Truth Revolution Radio will be broadcast live three nights a week at Midnight EST.

Archives will be available for listening at any time.

Our guest lineup for the first week:

Monday: Luke Rudkowski truth activist and organizer from NYC, founder of CHANGE
Wednesday: Carol Brouillet truth activist and organizer, publisher of Deception Dollars
Friday: dz founder and editor of

Call in: 888-202-1984

The Eleventh Day of Every Month