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9/11: As It Happened on MSNBC?

Did anyone else catch the "lightly edited" MSNBC "9/11: As It Happened" which was broadcast ?twice? on Tues. 9/11/07? I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and objectivity (especially after the History Channel's bias), but I can't seem to find a link to a DVD for purchase. It could be a little traumatic or stressful for some to watch 2 hours of 9/11 coverage over again, though.

MSNBC lists this at their website (but I can't find the 2 hour program):

About the only reference my searches found was this at Democratic Underground's discussion board:

Another excellent MSM coverage resource archive is located at:

For some reason the date looks fishy on this post preview- it was posted at 20:00 MDT on Fri. 9-14-2007.

9/11 Unmasked

It just occured to me that we should wear those cheap nuisance dust masks with "9-11" written on them in big black marker at the Sept. 11,2007 and the 11th of the Month protests, in honor of the NYC dust victims, and to call for our elected leaders to "unmask" the Truth of 9/11.

Bloody August

Hello Truthers (and unfortunately trolls/shills, too),

I'm wondering if anyone is aware of the "Bloody August" that Emperor Bush has been referring to since May 24, 2007. Get it straight from the horse's er-- well you know....:

It's quite long- search for "bloody" or scroll down to where "Axelrod" is prompted. I'd expect this to disappear soon, so I'd save a copy and mirror the PDF for future reference.

My sister has heard this phrase recently on C(ia)NN. With the September deadline for General Petraeus' Iraq report, NSPD51, and Dubya's July "Presidential" Executive Orders, do you think we just might have some new False Flag Operation(s) that will constitute the self-described "Bloody August?"

If August is exceedingly messy in Iraq (or possibly here at home), this could certainly look premeditated to me.