August 2005

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Open Letter from Jenna Orkin, World Trade Center Environmental Organization

Open Letter from Jenna Orkin, World Trade Center Environmental Organization

To the Editor:

The recent controversy over Able Danger once again raises questions about the thoroughness of the 9/11 Commission. Among the events they failed to investigate were the multiple war games taking place on 9/11 which interfered with NORAD's and NEAD's ability to respond to the hijackings; the resulting 'chaff' on the radar screens which stymied efforts to recognize hijacked planes; the planes that were sent off at far less than maximum speed, from a relatively inconvenient air base and in the wrong direction; the failure of the Pentagon, the most highly defended building in the world, to defend itself on 9/11. The Commission also failed to follow Rule Number 1 of any investigation: Follow the money. "Ultimately the question is of little practical significance," they said (p. 172.) Their Report, in short, was an all-round failure.

Nafeez Ahmed to Air on PBS's 'Newsweek International'

PBS "Foriegn Exchange" Interviews Award-winning Author Nafeez Ahmed

Nafeez Ahmed, author of The War on Truth: 9/11, DIsinformation and the Anatomy of Terrorism, Behind the War on Terror and The War on Freedom, is interviewed by 'Newsweek International' editor Fareed Zakaria on his show PBS Foreign Exchange, to be aired within the next few days.

The show has three guests and Nafeez comes in as the third interviewee.

Description on the Foreign Exchange website: "In a new book, 'The War on Truth,' British author Nafeez Ahmed makes the claim that the U.S. and Britain actually increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks because of their foreign policy that protects governments with close ties to terrorist organizations."

Open Thread - Taking Action Everyday

A few months ago I had asked for suggestions for this site. A couple that stuck out at the time were adding prominent links to articles which might be good for newcomers to those that question 9/11, and another being ways for people to take action who believe in the cause.

I've been giving some thought as to the best ways that this site can promote activism beyond just listing a calendar of events, occasionally running blogads for important events, and suggesting users email authors of the articles posted here. I think a lot of people who believe in the fight for 9/11 truth spend a lot of time reading articles, watching videos, etc., and while being aware of 9/11 related news is important, what is most important is taking action to bring 9/11 truth to light.

CSPAN To Air 9/11 Congressional Hearing + More

C-SPAN will be broadcasting the entirety of the McKinney congressional briefing on 9/11

Representative Cynthia McKinney organized a day-long briefing on July 22 to address the 9/11 Commission's Final Report one year later. The event included leading victims' family members, former government and intelligence workers, academics and authors speaking on the flaws and weaknesses of the 9/11 Commission's investigation, assumptions, omissions, conclusions and recommendations. It was filmed in entirety by C-SPAN.

Atta Tracked Prior to 9/11 - Further Follow Up

A lot of articles related to the Army Intelligence group 'Able Danger' tracking Atta and others prior to 9/11 were posted while I was out of town. There were so many articles posted that I really can't do much to summarize them, so please check them out and feel free to comment on anything you find in them worth mentioning.

9/11 Revisionism, Revisited - The mystery of 'Able Danger' - AntiWar

Bush Appointee Obstructed, Sabotaged 9/11 Report - DailyKos

Army Intel Unit Exposes Massive FBI 9.11 Cover-Up - MadCowProd

More to the Pre-9/11 Put Options? High 100 Dollar Bill Circulation in August 2001?

Must-reads for budding fraudsters - Financial Times

One interesting question remains unanswered: what role did terrorist financing play in the build-up to the attacks of September 11 2001? There are two pieces of evidence on this point. First, during the days immediately prior to 9/11 the volume of put options, investments that pay off only when a stock declines in price, surged in the parent companies of American Airlines and United Airlines. According to a footnote in the 9/11 commission report, this unusual trading had no connection to terrorism.

Further Comments on 9/11 March Organized by The Pentagon

I mentioned the other day the 9/11 event being organized by Rumsfeld to garner support for the war in Iraq here. There have been a few comments by other bloggers about this event, you can find them below.

Sept. 11 party a travesty

Checking the news this morning, I happened to read an article which raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Incensed and incredulous, I scanned each line with steadily rising disgust. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and poking myself with a fork I had handy, I thought, "surely this is a joke." Organizes Events for 9/11/2005

Announcement from NY 9/11 Truth and the L.E.S./WTC Truth Movement

On Sunday September 11, 2005 we will march from the offices of the New York Times (near Times Square), passing other major media headquarters on the way to a rally and concert at the United Nations. We will demand that the International Criminal Court (ICC) open an immediate investigation into the unsolved crimes of 9/11.
The march may or may not result in an article in the New York Times, but that is hardly the point. The march will be witnessed by many thousands of people in Manhattan and by the hundreds of international journalists who will be in town for that week's General Assembly of the United Nations. And it will galvanize many future actions in defense of truth and justice.

Cindy Sheehan's Comments on 9/11

Cindy Sheehan's Letter to NightLine - March 14, 2005

The second reason that America was given before the invasion was that Saddam was the biggest sponsor of world terrorism and he supported Osama Bin Laden! Oh really??? The hijackers were predominantly Saudi Arabian as was Osama (who is still at large, by the way). The theory that Saddam had anything to do with 9/11 was disproven by the 9/11 commission's report. A huge factor in Americans believing all this bull is that our media..the Fourth Estate didn't do any research and expose the lies for what they were: justifications for invading a country that posed no imminent or long-term threat to America.

Eyewitness Reports to Explosions in the WTC - 'You are being lied to' Video

Dem Bruce Lee Styles sent me a link to a video entitled 'You are being lied to' featuring a bunch of eye witness comments referring to explosions inside of the WTC. I personally hadn't seen quite a few of these clips, so it may be worth checking out.

Click here to download the video from

If anyone has any video editing experience and can normalize the audio for all of the clips in this video it would be much appreciated!