Conspiracy Theory: 911 Episode 2 Parts 1 thru 6

I'll say it again...

Best. 9/11. Show. Ever.


I couldn't agree more!

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Zombie America

I should clarify: While it

I should clarify: While it IS the best hearing that US corporate airwaves have aired of 9/11 truth, this is only because, much like an emaciated prisoner deprived of food, we have been truly starved, in the very real sense of the word, for investigative journalism that's even this good. Without exception, prior to this, every US piece on the subject has been essentially a hit piece, with the official story defenders having the last word. The only thing on US airwaves that even remotely compares in terms of fairness was around the 5th anniversary in 2006 when AJ Hammer gave a very fair interview to Alex Jones on CNN, regarding Charlie Sheen's speaking out.

I think the criticisms of this episode are very valid. My biggest problem has to be the "superthermite" experiment. The Nanothermite spoken of in the peer reviewed paper is a completely different thing than what was shown on Romero's experiment. You can't just instantly make nanothermite, it so far only comes from the most highly classified US govt labs.

I post on this anti-WarOnDrugs, pro-cannabis/hemp forum from time to time, on the Politics and Current Affairs subforum. Some people there are sympathetic to 9/11 truth and some are not. So folks here might be interested to see what a randomly eclectic mix of American citizens think of 9/11 truth and of this episode.


Holy Shit!

just starting watching it and that's all I have to say right now!.

F'ing powerful!

Thanks Jesse, we, and the victims, and the historical record, appreciate you and your courage to take this thing on!

Beats the shit out of the WWF!

Just stay credible, as a credible voice for the revolution, the transformation, not in military affairs, but in human affairs.


Rob and the 9/11 Truth Movement, of which the average everyday American, is the very cornerstone, and the heart and the soul.

One generation - when the Dick Cheney's of the world pass away, and it's ours we can reclaim it.

Yours is a good voice I think for our movement, for our eventual triumph and historical transformation.
On the 11th day, of every month.

This Rocks!

Thanks for putting this up so soon, guys. Just watched part 1 and had to chime in. "Donna Marsh O'Conner, Willie Rodriguez, Dr. Steven Jones, Clips of Building 7, and Superthermite."

And full-on Jesse Ventura. No Fear. This guy body slams the cover-up.

Building 7

Loved seeing Building 7 come down again and again on the show! Loved the super-thermite in paint experiment! Loved the Willie Rodriquez interview and recap! Loved the lesson on False Flag operations! Loved seeing Bob McIlvaine, Manny Badillo, and Luke Rudkowski! Loved all the questions Ventura asked about the cover up including how all the evidence from Ground Zero was destroyed. Hated that over half the show was about the black boxes. Seriously. The first half of the show gets 5 HUGE STARS! The second half gets 1 lil star.

I think overall, the show is so strong, that more people will look into 9-11 Truth.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -
I work for the 9-11 First Responders, the 9-11 victims, and all those who are being slaughtered and tortured because of 9-11.

The black boxes segments

The black boxes segments were uncovering new evidence. Remember, you aren't going to prove the whole thing in one hour. The best you can do is expose a few lies and encourage people to look into things for themselves. The average TV viewer knows what a black box is, the old "why don't they build the planes out of them" joke has been beaten into the ground. It's something for them to grasp on to and something new for us.

Small Investment, Big Dividends

By concentrating on a seemingly inconsequential aspect of 9/11--the black boxes of Flights 11 and 175--Jesse has proved that the government is lying. Those who watched the program and are defenders of the official 9/11 story are now scratching their heads and asking themselves why is the government obviously lying about the black boxes?

Good strategy, Jesse!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

black boxes - rodriguez key.. but one blemish, next week's show

i agree.. the black box segment would plant a realistic element of doubt in anyone's minds.. the "first" for steel frame building failures, many have heard before.. but not the controversy and eyewitness account of the government finding the 'indestructible' flight recording boxes..

the only blemish that bothered me on this program was the next show.. advertising a global warming hoax as the way for the government to take over our freedoms, and that warming was not based on real science. [This puts some doubt on episode 2 by promoting episode 3 during the program.]

i posted an article by craig hill on this called: Global Warming Crises & 9/11 Awareness, which could go off topic here, so please reply about global warming evidence hoax on the above linked thread. i understand the influence of alex jones on this issue, but it detracts from scientific research and the real science questioning the official 9/11 (cover-up) story.

Global Warming and its climate changing impact is obvious to me from hundreds of years of deforestation and tremendous output of pollution from fossil fuel, with CO2 measurements taken from arctic ice. Yes.. natural cycles occur on planet earth.. but also the impact of billions of humans insensitive to those natural cycles.. and pushing life to the edge by greed and so much disinformation.

As a researcher from before 9/11/01 in exposing the New World (dis)Order, I have many resources on Mounting Evidence of Extreme Global Warming.

Thanks for posting this important program. Nevertheless, Jesse Ventura is a hero in our world.

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Actually, the "manmade global warming" issue could be a 'plus'

I do not want debates nor discussions about the validity of the global warming issue. I have a degree in Environmental Science, and I have my own take after years of looking into the subject. I won't state what my take is, because I do not want to discuss it here.

NO BLEMISH - Fortunately, there is a huge audience who feel that the manmade global warming and the carbon tax issue is a scam. I have discovered this aspect of opinion on other message boards where the same people who deny the private nature of The Federal Reserve and who deny that there was any "inside" conspiracy about 9/11 readily agree that the global warming issue is a hoax.

So, I do not see next week's show as a blemish. Rather, I see it as a show which will strike a chord with those people who already have their minds made up that the global warming issue is a ruse.

Man Made GW is BS

You know when propagandists like Al Gore and John McCain agree that "the debate is over" and that we must be taxed to save the planet that the whole theory is nonsense.


Absolutely, the earth has been warming at a steady rate for 300 years and has actually cooled in the past 8! All this in the face of exponentially increasing CO2 levels in the past few decades. This shows no significant influence by man-made CO2 on Global temperatures. We are well within natural variability, and are in fact at the peak of a Holocene climactic optimum, and we are due to descend into a cooler period, probably a mini ice age.

Added to this is the fact that the IPCC has blatantly tampered with data, interchanging dodgy proxy data with instrumental when it suits them and adjusting data to create pronounced warming trends, this is proven!
Add to that the enormous amount of money a group of bankers, corporations and politician stand to make from it at the expense of society's freedoms, standard of living, and ability to survive and it becomes blatantly obvious that it's nothing more than a plan to implement a tyrannical, communist, oppressive, one world government.

Sorry, but all the science

Sorry, but all the science shows that man-made CO2 has no significant effect on climate change.

the earth has been warming at a steady rate for 300 years and has actually cooled in the past 8! All this in the face of exponentially increasing CO2 levels in the past few decades. This shows no significant influence by man-made CO2 on Global temperatures. We are well within natural variability, and are in fact at the peak of a Holocene climactic optimum, and we are due to descend into a cooler period, probably a mini ice age.

Added to this is the fact that the IPCC has blatantly tampered with data, interchanging dodgy proxy data with instrumental when it suits them and adjusting data to create pronounced warming trends, this is proven!
Add to that the enormous amount of money a group of bankers, corporations and politician stand to make from it at the expense of society's freedoms, standard of living, and ability to survive and it becomes blatantly obvious that it's nothing more than a plan to implement a tyrannical, communist, oppressive, one world government.

Continue the Global Warming discussion on other threads

global warming is off topic; there are several other threads started by articles on the global warming debate (check the tracker or search "global warming")- the discussion can be continued there

"Keep your comments relevant to the blog entry."


Awesome Jesse has real presence and some clout, to talk to a counter terrorism FBI expert on TV. The guy was rattled and didn't believe a word he was saying, you could tell, I almost felt sorry for him, especially when he brought up the age-old debunker fallacious tactic of appealing to the victim's families "Would the FBI lie to the families?" ummmmmmm YES!!!

I was a bit dubious about their super thermite paint experiment though. It sounded as if they were mixing thermite with paint, or even superthermite with paint. One would think this would interfere with the carefully mixed reactivity ratio of aluminium, iron oxide and organic gas components such as carbon in a silicon-rich sol gel matrix. It looked more like a slow burn, nanothermite is more explosive.. If they confirmed it had the same reactivity as the nanothermite found then I'd be more comfortable with their results.

Otherwise Awesome video! The poor guy Balone could have had his family threatened, I feel for him. Bt he still revealed vital info!

The evidence is so overwhelming it is no longer a conspiracy theory it is just plain old fact that it was an inside job.

I agree

"I was a bit dubious about their super thermite paint experiment though. It sounded as if they were mixing thermite with paint, or even superthermite with paint. One would think this would interfere with the carefully mixed reactivity ratio of aluminium, iron oxide and organic gas components such as carbon in a silicon-rich sol gel matrix. It looked more like a slow burn, nanothermite is more explosive.. If they confirmed it had the same reactivity as the nanothermite found then I'd be more comfortable with their results."

I would like to hear what Dr. Steven Jones thinks about that experiment and its relevancy.

This show was 'debunker' free.

Of course, they haven't even attempted to 'debunk' nanothermite, and you can't 'debunk' the fact that it was a lie that no black boxes were found.

I can already imagine any negative reviews; they will claim that Jesse didn't invite Popular Mechanics etc. on to represent the "other side," and seize upon this to say "See, those conspiracy theorists only present one side." However, given the barrage of propaganda against 9/11 truth in the MSM over the years, I welcome such criticism. We've long been waiting for a TRULY fair hearing on national TV, one where no 'debunker' gets the last word before commercial, in a tone where Last Word = Truth. And as we saw from the CBC show, James Meigs' prime argument was "too many people involved; someone would have come forward." Well, we see from this episode, from Mike Bellone, how many people who know stuff ARE INDEED scared to talk. Bellone even mentions one woman whose house is bugged and who says she finds a bug practically everywhere she goes. I say, if it could happen in John Grisham's "The Firm," it can happen in real life too. So Meigs would have been a lame duck if he were on.

comic book detective work

and a very stagey approach. I never thought it would boil down to.....entertainment.
Millions dead world wide and our president solemnly invoking this day as an excuse for more the meantime,
an attention hound in a shiny black leather jacket has conferences with 20 year old "investigators" leading the public on a thrilling adventure even trying to break into forbidden warehouses like the Hardy boys???

Is this what it takes to get people to think?

Or will they just laugh and consign the whole thing to another stupid reality show?

I'm just a little sick about it. Hope it works.

Excellent point

but if it forwards the truth in history, by making more and more and more people question what we've been told to accept as true, and draw the only possible conclusion, then we'll take it.

But your statement, within the overall historical framework, given the sheer magnitude of the event, makes a very salient and horrific point.

And yes, this is what it's come to. Due to the conspiracy, the actual conspiracy and coverup, we're left with no valid historical record of the event itself, except, that contained in the 9/11 commission report and NIST report and that's it.

9/11, as a historical event, is a complete vacuum of information, and accountability.

But yeah, there's something very freaky about it being presented solely within this contextual framework, as "entertainment".

What a horror, for the sake of historical truth and justice.

I voted your post back up. I think you make a good point, which detracts not on iota from the horrific truth of the matter at hand.
On the 11th day, of every month.

If you make it as serious as

If you make it as serious as the material deserves, the average viewer will run and hide, or at least switch over to "Trading Spaces" and think about what color they should paint the spare bedroom. I wouldn't care if there was a split view with 9/11 on one side and people getting hit in the groin on the other, as long as they got some real information out of it.

Wow. Van Romero came out of the closet.


I have to give credit to Van Romero also

I was really surprised to see him on the show and at first was expecting some sort of counter argument.

He didn't have to do this, but it seems he deep down wants to know what the real facts are himself.

He did it the right way as he was cool and professional and just let the demonstration speak for itself, which was quite powerful.

What exactly did he say?


Seeing this, go on national TV, and now the Internet, in a very very big way, I have to say, represents an answered prayer from as long ago as 2002.

And I don't care if they lump it in with his other shows, or mock the framework. There is still no denying the evidence presented, and now at least everyone has ACCESS to much of it, via that show tonight. What a night eh truthers?

On the 11th day, of every month.

But that said

why did he not cover the war games excercises, both in the lead up to, and on the very day of 9/11, which might have served as the smokescreen, for the standdown and false flag that it was, and why not cover Mineta's testimony about Cheney and the plane approach to the Pentagon, or the free fall aspect, for building 7 and the near free fall explosive destruction of the twin towers? How could he have left those observations out? Seems he was only ALLOWED to go so far, and in a way, it left me disatisfied and unsatiated at the end I have to say.

So it was good, but not nearly good enough for our purposes.

He'd better do a follow up show on it, and include all these other points, with an examination of the actual explosive destruction of the twin towers and building 7 itself. Everyone NEEDS to really take a good hard look at that.

The black box stuff was pretty damn good though I have to admit.
On the 11th day, of every month.

The guy got 45 min showing

The guy got 45 min showing truth in a good light on TV. 45 minutes. If people want more information, they can type in Steven Jones, William Rodriguez or the many others in the show. Hopefully this is a start point for many. 45 min of throwing facts on the screen won't do well when most people are holding a remote.

Jesse's a Demolitions Expert

From his Navy Seals days.

And so, of course, if they keep him on and don't cut the show (don't see how they can do that with the ratings skyrocketing), then he'll surely do a follow up show on building 7 and the explosive destruction of the twin towers, featuring the 1000+ engineers and architects on board, and he'll prove it. So from that perspective, this was a good warmup and leadup to that kind of expose - people need to look again and see the buildings blowing up and free falling faster than any pancake collapse would be possible - this is one of Jesse's favorite points to make, especially given his demolitions training, and I can't imagine that he won't revisit this particular conspiracy. But he must show that it's no longer a theory, but a proven FACT, since the laws of physics are immutable.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Airs Again Wed. at 9:00 p.m.

just before the new episode at 10:00 p.m. This will give channel surfers another opportunity to check out 9/11 smoking guns and info. Another million viewers could catch the repeat! Promote.

And then it repeats yet again at 1:00 a.m.

MSM advertising

And it's actually being promoted (advertising) on "The Situation Room" on CNN.
This will certainly bring in more viewers.

"The main focus going on that day

was to get rid of every shred of evidence, melt it down, build Navy ships out of it, ship it off to China, anything they could do with the remains out there they did it. It would have taken a mere two to three hours to check for demolition" Jesse Ventura

This has got to bring out some more whistleblowers!

If you're a perp

then that was the scariest show you've ever seen on TV..
On the 11th day, of every month.


... the perps themselves are behind this slow and measured seepage into the mainstream...

Just to think of it -- they could railroad the NWO right into the US of A if the inside job aspect would ever reach mainstream... The US govt and media would be revealed as totally corrupt and untrustworthy -- hence the need for a "supranational" entity to govern us...

Sometimes I catch myself at a thought that the PTB seem not have been all too serious about quashing the Truth Movement... I wonder, why? (Sorry, but I don't believe in incompetence theory.)


... in cockpits before take-off? (Part 6) I don't see how this makes any sense...

not when they never even learned how to take off in a Boeing

let alone, navigate from there to the targets!
On the 11th day, of every month.

The implication is...

... that these could have been different hijackers, not those Arab patsies we know... But still, it does not make sense to me...


The perps would love for everyone to be arguing about 'when' the hijackers took over the plane, instead of 'how' or 'if'. As long as they have the people believing in hijackers on 9-11, the war of terror will continue.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -
I work for the 9-11 First Responders, the 9-11 victims, and all those who are being slaughtered and tortured because of 9-11.

I Hear You


of course there were hijackers on those planes! Don't you remember a black box recording of Flight 93 passengers' conversations as those passengers were attempting to break into the cockpit? Oh, wait a minute. Black boxes don't pick up conversations from the flight deck when the cockpit door is closed!

Sorry, you're right!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Think Able-Danger/Able-Warrior

This, to me, means that there was definitely live-fly drills happening on those planes and people were aware of it. Basically, it is a counter-terrorism training exercise, and there is the mock terrorists and the people training to counter it. So having all the actors in place before the flight leaves the tarmac makes sense from tht perspective.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

The Not So Friendly Skies


that is possible. However, if you're right and the "terrorists" in the cockpit were actors, then where did the aircraft that struck the towers originate from? This brings us back to military airfields.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Great question

That's the most likely reason the black boxes must NEVER be allowed to be examined.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

War game hijackers?

Is it possible that Flight 11 might have somehow been part of a live hijack war game with someone in the jump seat for that purpose?

I don't know. If this is indeed the case, there's still the possibility that the planes were remote hijacked from the 'hijackers.' In which case the participants weren't suicide pilots. They were double-crossed when the exercise flipped live with the remote hijacking.

Just a thought.

Makes sense

This makes more sense than Dewdney's explanation about crashing planes into the ocean in the CBC show

The Lone Gunmen Scenario


Aidan Monaghan says remote capabilities on 757/767s weren't in-place on 9/11/2001. However, if remote capabilities were in-place, then civilian aircraft wouldn't have been used to strike the towers. Why? Because remote flight capabilities could be overridden. Remember the first episode of the Lone Gunmen where a commercial airliner is being remote piloted towards the WTC? Remember that episode?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

I am personally convinced that the planes were RC or UAV

This is in part from talking to the only other Tony Lambregts in North America, my Uncle. He is not a involved with the Truth movement but I had an opportunity to talk about his experience and I asked him about the control systems on the 757s and He said that the only things these planes could not do on there own is take off. the reason for that is that most airport do not have the the infrastructure to permit it. I may have misunderstood him but that is my understanding.

Biography: Anthony A. Lambregts

Mr. Tony Lambregts has over 30 years of experience, mainly with the Boeing Company, where he worked on a wide variety of production and research projects in both the commercial and the military divisions of the company. Immediately before joining the FAA in 1996, he worked for a year with Fokker Aircraft on fly-by-wire design and taught at the Delft University of Technology.

Mr. Lambregts took part in various automatic flight control certification efforts, including the B747, the B747SP, the B737-300, and the B757/767 designs. He has managed development of integrated flight control systems for the NASA TCV B737, the Condor, and the HSCT flight controls system development programs, as well as Enhanced Vision/Situation Awareness and Fly-by-Light programs.

Mr. Lambregts is recognized internationally as an expert in advanced control systems. Mr. Lambregts has received five Boeing Inventor Awards and three NASA awards. He has contributed seventeen patents in control in turbulence and windshear, automatic landing, integration of multi axes/multi mode control and advanced fly-by-wire controls/displays. Also, he has published several authoritative papers on advanced design and safety of automatic flight control systems.

Member, professional organization: Mr. Lambregts is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Academic achievements: BS and MS in Aeronautical Engineering from Delft University, Netherlands

Please Elaborate on Uncle's Meaning


what did your Uncle mean? I don't understand. Can you clarify?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

I don't know if I can clarify this but I will try.

Please bear in mind that this was a casual conversation about his experiences and career. I do not have anywhere the level of expertise that he has but I have followed his career and paid attention when he talked. To be perfectly honest he was and still is a bit of a hero to me. All I can do is try to relate what i recall as accurately as possible.

One of the projects that he worked on was the NASA project plane TCV B737 Most of if not all the technology developed by this project was incorporated into the flight control systems of the 757.

The flight control systems (autopilot) incorporated the ability to fly and land using the existing infrastructure. They could also be made to take off on their own but it would be necessary to add additional navigational aids at an airport in order for them to take off.

A typical commercial airport has all the electronics needed to guide the flight control system in for landing eg: to tell it if it needs to be more to the right or left, up or down, or if tit is too fast or too slow. For regular flight it more or less relies on GPS The problem with taking off is that there is none of the electronic infrastructure in place that will tell it if it needs to be further right or left or how much runway is left to take off and GPS is not accurate enough.

For a better understanding of this take a good look at the TCV B737 project. It was done mostly during the 70's and 80's and the technology involved was incorporated into place in airports and the flight control systems put into the 757's

About 911, I had given him a copy of blueprint for truth and when I asked him in a email what he thought about it, part of his response was that I should get this stuff off my mind and out of my system, I believe that he responded in this way was not because he thought it was nonsense but because he thought it was dangerous. Still, if there is a real investigation then when it comes to the part of electronically hijacking the aircraft he is one of the people that it would be helpful to talk to.

Think war games,

think red team vs. blue team ...

It makes perfect sense if you are open to the possibility that AA11 was part of the planned hijacking exercises that day. Guys pretending to be hijackers bantering with the pilots before take off, heard by a few air traffic controllers (ATC's) over open channels before take-off. Then the exercise goes live and the ATC's are told not to say anything about what they heard.

Remember the taped debriefing of the ATC's that was destroyed and tossed into several different trash cans?

Remember the message from the alleged hijacker?

We have some planes. Just stay quiet and you'll be okay .. we are returning to the airport.

Nobody move. Everything will be okay. If you try to make any moves, you'll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet. Nobody move please we are going back to the airport .. don't try to make any stupid moves.

Does that sound scripted to you?

Thus we see that there are highly probable scenarios that could have "hijackers" in the cockpit before takeoff and ground personnel who helped get them on the plane.

Also remember that Daniel Lewin, a trained Israeli special ops asset, was aboard AA11.

As for the program in general, I don't think it helps the truth movement much and may actually be a net negative in some ways. The general tone of the program, the production values, the "investigative staff" on the show and Gov. Ventura's persona will strike many as cheesy and not credible. I think the only people that will be encouraged to look further into the events of 9/11/01 by this program will be the very few fans of Gov. Ventura who have not already done so.

Sandwiching the program between HAARP and the "Global Warming Hoax" does not help either.

I think that Gov. Ventura would have done much better to use two shows to cover the open questions regarding the events of 9/11/01, hitting all the main points in the first show and saving his "exclusive" on the black boxes for the second show. Forty-five minutes is just not enough time to cover this subject adequately.

It would be a very interesting experiment to screen this to a random audience and see what their reaction to and critique of it would be.

That said, the truth is moving forward globally and no one show or person can either push it over the top or bury it, so this program will just be one more ingredient in the simmering truth stew. Let's keep adding things to the stew and serving it to as many people as we can as often as we can.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Jesse's Black Box Strategy and Good Timing with Climategate


no matter what one thinks of Jesse, or global warming, etc., Flight 11 and 175's missing black boxes will give even the most ardent supporter of the official 9/11 story a moment of pause, then the ultimate realization that they have been lied to on that particular issue.

The current Climategate scandal will also increase Jesse's clout with supporters of the official 9/11 narrative within Republican/conservative ranks. They will see that Jesse truely tells it like it is; that Jesse doesn't cow-tow to ideological litmus tests.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC


One of the arguments that 9/11 couldn't have been an inside job is because so many would have known about it, therefore someone was bound to give it away. Well, Climategate proves that secrets involving thousands of persons can be kept under wraps for decades!

Serpico also proved that secrets involving thousands can be kept under wraps for decades, even when the press (in this instance the New York Times) knew the truth.

Let us also not forget the molestation of children by priests within the Catholic Church worldwide. Even government officials knew what was going on, yet everyone kept quiet for decades.

Yes, war games

This could explain why the names of the "hijackers" were not on the passenger manifests. If they came aboard as participants in a military "anti-terror drill" with the full cooperation of the airlines, maybe they never bought tickets. Maybe they were viewed as "intelligence assets" and given some degree of anonymity. It's coming back to haunt us: "Ask them about the war games."

Was that really super-thermite that was tested on the beam?

My understanding is that super-thermite is another name for nano-thermite which is thermite ground into extremely fine nano-sized particles through special high tech processing methods. Nano-thermite (or super-thermite), so we are told, acts as an explosive as compared to regular thermite which is a very hot-burning incendiary. Whatever they painted on that steel beam in the video appeared to me to be an incendiary rather than an explosive. So was it really super-thermite being tested?

Explosive Confusion

Thermite - the mixture of iron oxide and aluminum will react differently depending on how find the two are ground. You need to increased the surface area for any reaction to take place. When they are milled very very fine they can be explosive, not so fine they are incendiary at very high temps. It appears that they used thermite, not nano thermite. Nano thermite is apparently not commercially available.

The question about the use of a cocktail of these thermites and nano theremites raises the question as why bother with thermite if the nano thermite could blow the building apart?

I suppose it may have been part of a combination of requirements - the structure was to appear to fall down but that would not happen from fires alone, the nano thermite seems to be used destroy the concrete etc. and and the thermite to cut thu structure to create the illusion of collapse initiating at and above the crash zone.

It's like to have been a 1 - 2 punch with the thermite weakening the structure and the sequenced explosions taking it down. WTC 7 and WTC1 & 2 were done differently. WTC 7 being the traditional type of demolition. WTC 1 & 2 were exploded away top down and the debris was expelled as much as 600 feet.

WTC 7 needed only the bottom section (8 floors or so) taken out for the top to drop down and only the core at that.

That would not work for the cover story for WTC 1 & 2 which was to be a top down collapse. But the illusion wouldn't work because how would they explain the buildings falling from structural failure at the bottom which was intact and the world was watching the towers live on TV. So the exploded the buildings sequentially from the top down and this created the illusion of collapsing.

It's the speed of the tops going down which is too fast which proves they weren't collapsing but were exploded away.

Why didn't they slow the process to make it more accurately look like a progressive collapse which was the cover story?

This is a huge, landmark win for our side !!

This is a huge, landmark win for our side !! This show will create a precedent in TV with other networks trying to mimic such a strong, captive audience draw. A new standard is being set.

I'm glad...

That the black boxes finally got some attention though I wish they had spoken to Nicholas DeMassi as opposed to Mike Bellone. We were told they weren't found, and there is evidence that they were. A very simple lie.

It was good to see Donna.

Edit: Can the individual that voted down this comment please explain why you voted it down? Don't be a coward. Stand up for your beliefs. Thanks.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

Just seen the show.

.....Yes it was good to see Donna, and Bob. I know it would be impossible to show everything we have uncovered in the truth movement in thirty five minutes or so.
My advice to TruTV is simply this. This topic is hot and deserving. You want ratings? A once a week show lasting roughly an hour isn't going to cut it. You would need a two hour segment Monday through Friday for two weeks to cover it all, and then i don't know if this would be enough time. I guarantee you ratings like you never could imagine.
My comment on the show, for as short as it was wasn't bad. It points us in a new direction of the possibility that someone might have been in the cockpit before the planes even took off.
I want to say thank you to Jesse for his efforts, and Malloy for coming forward about the black boxes.
To comment about the American airline employee's who backed out i want to say this to you.
You are living in fear right now. In my opinion you should have went on record with Jesse. If you have been threatened, you may as well speak up. As it is now your a liability. What good would it do to harm you after you told the truth. Revenge? A message to those that know something?
I know this would be easier said then done. There comes a time when you have to take a stand.
Another comment i would have loved Jesse to ask the guy at the FBI was the fact they don't have the proof on Osama.

Contacting TruTV...

Profit or propaganda?

"I guarantee you ratings like you never could imagine."
Wouldn't it be amazing that, as the mainstream media find ratings dropping in every entertainment and "news" sector, that shows exposing 9/11 lies and inconsistencies, would gain in popularity??
Could the corporate controlled media continue to ignore something that would generate profits?
Would the profit motive override the propaganda agenda?


.......I doubt it. Yes money talks but 9/11 is off limits ! However to shame them into a corner is possible.
I would suggests everyone contact TruTv and say thanks , and ask for more !
Orangutan was kind enough to provide the link in a post above.

torrent file for episode 1 and 2

this torrent includes both last weeks episode on HAARP and last night's 9/11 story

The one drawback: this show is one of many "conspiracy theories"

Here's a classic example of psychological resistance thanks to 9/11 truth being bunched up against other "conspiracy theories."

From a non-9/11-truth-specific political forum I sometimes post on. This was the VERY FIRST response to my posting the links to the episode.

Sorry, I had to resize the image for it to all fit, but for those who are squinting their eyes trying to read it, here is what the poster says:

i'll give this a go sometime today but i clicked the first link and just about had a fit seeing "IS GLOBAL WARMING A HOAX?" in the first frame.

That was pure chance

That that frame was the first. I was a little late with pressing the start button and it just happened to be the first frame. I couldn't do that again if I tried.

How does one post an image on this site?

Would someone please be so kind as to tell me how I can post an image?

to insert image from an internet URL location

First put a less than sign: <

Then add this code with no space after the less than sign: img src="" height="000" width="000"

Then end it with a space, forward slash, greater than sign: />

Hit preview to make sure your photo appears the way you want. You can leave out the height width info, but that gives you less control over the appearance.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -
I work for the 9-11 First Responders, the 9-11 victims, and all those who are being slaughtered and tortured because of 9-11.

this is going to be a challenge

I take it I have to first post the photo on a photo sharing site.
I'm gonna try. Thanks for helping to walk me through this.


You can experiment by finding a pic on line, right click and get the 'link location' - the URL, then create a new blog entry here on blogger, follow the above instructions, hit PREVIEW COMMENT (NOT post comment), and see that it works. If the pic does not show up, then relook at the code you put in and make adjustments until you see the pic. Make sure that you do not hit POST COMMENT while experimenting so that you will not be adding busy work to the administrators of the site.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -
I work for the 9-11 First Responders, the 9-11 victims, and all those who are being slaughtered and tortured because of 9-11.

Bears demonstrating free fall

Hosted by

Love it!

LOL Love it!

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -
I work for the 9-11 First Responders, the 9-11 victims, and all those who are being slaughtered and tortured because of 9-11.

The Ending

Condemnation without investigation is the height of Ignorance
Albert Einstein

I thought this production was well done and will make many in the general public ask more questions. However, I feel the ending could have been put together more firmly. There is no need to mention, and does no further good by pointing out a statement which could be considered by many as "hear say", of the hijackers.
The whereabouts of the boxes, etc.. is important and would prove what the condition inside the plane was on 9/11, with no need to speculate beforehand.
One other thing to add, towards the end when he mentions the things not covered in the comission report,It would have been great to say, possibly as a ending statement, "and why wasn't building 7 mentioned in the report either ?" or something to that regard. Overall, A great job and great exposure for 9/11 truth!

Allegations over missing black box consistent with found one

I couldn't help notice that, leaving aside these unconfirmed allegations over the WTC black boxes, the flight data recorder that WAS found (at the Pentagon) also reveals the flight deck door was closed for the entire flight of A77 see - so there is some interesting consistency here...

If you believe...

The work of Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Their history doesn't exactly make someone want to trust them.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

So pilots for truth

as well as AE911truth is a group "not to be trusted".....hmm interesting. Who do you think might be behind this massive disinfo campaign?

I dont trust PF911T

Is that OK with you?

In Their Own Words
"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." A. Einstein

Did I say... is "not to be trusted?" Please show me where I said that. Thanks.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

you question ae911truth

in that you have repeatedly doubted their whole central research. You question the validity of the entire project. You have done so repeatedly because it is based on the deliberate and preplanned demolitions of the THREE steel framed high rise buildings.
You have not wanted to comment on or show support of the Neil Harrit paper as well....

Show "DARK BEFORE DAWN" by zombie bill hicks
Show "Don't bother wasting your breath..." by Jon Gold

Sorry, you're wrong. CD is

Sorry, you're wrong. CD is proven--and it is most obvious in the case of WTC7. The so-called peers that debate it are either ignorant of the facts, in denial (lying to themselves and others), or consciously and purposely lying. There is no other way around it. If WTC7 had fallen on any other day, no one would even be arguing about it. The laws of physics and the abundance of evidence prove CD, so it is not faith based, it is science, reality, and evidence based. It is those who deny CD that are relying on faith, or rather, they deny it because it is not in accordance with their personal desires and/or beliefs.

Show "Sir, we've reached an impasse" by zombie bill hicks
Show "Who planted the explosives?" by Jon Gold

What has been proven,and

What has been proven,and very successfully,is that there were chips left in the dust of the twin towers collapses and that these chips reacted in a very unique way to a naked flame.There was a very specific thermal spike that occurred at 700 degrees centigrade that produced an internal reaction in those chips that created molten iron,1500 degrees c .Nobody knows why this stuff is there and nobody knows who put it there,but it is there as clear as the nose on your face.On top of this we know from other investigations that, either before or during collapse, lead boiled,that Aluminosilicates vapourized and that iron and molybdenum melted meaning temperatures of 2700 degrees centigrade,4900 degrees fahrenheit.

So forget about going into the who,s and why,s and concentrate on the very simple fact that an event occurred inside those buildings that cannot be explained in conventional terms.Therefore if it was not conventional then it was unconventional, meaning there was an imput from another source.It is easy to deduce, from these absolute facts, that the collapses of three buildings on 9/11 were like polyester, MAN MADE !.

This is a tough spot

Jon has been a strong figure in this movement, and I think that his involvement with some of the more recognizable public figures such as Daniel Sunjata can be attributed to his passion, his tenacity, and his cautious approach to finding the facts. That being said, I do see a bit of a contradiction here. The evidence is clear for nanothermite in the dust, that cannot be reasonably disputed. It being there means nanothermite was on and/or in the buildings before the planes hit. Logic dictates that this required some degree of planning and mission operation. Who, when, where and why have yet to be determined, and we will not figure that out here. I agree with Jon and thousands of others that say we need a new investigation, and this evidence is exactly why. As far as doubting CD, there really is no other reason to find that residue in the dust other than to destroy the buildings. It does not matter of there has been precedent set for usage of the material, evidence for its usage has been found in this instance. Therefore, we must find the source and motive for it.

A personal note to Jon - You, sir, are an invaluable resource to what we are all trying to accomplish, and I respect and admire your efforts and accomplishments regardless of what criticisms you face here. We all have some idea of what might have happened that day, and I believe that the more me resist the temptation to speculate on those things, the closer we will come to actually finding the truth.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

Show "Wrong..." by Jon Gold

So the Flight 77 FOIA black box is fraudulent Jon?

Your knee-jerk reaction speaks volumes Jon... so what is it? The FOIA data on the Flight 77 box is bogus? Or it's authentic? Please do tell.. we await your obviously superior analysis of this data with baited breath...

Show "I can't tell you..." by Jon Gold
Show "So" by zombie bill hicks

cant have it both ways guys

Ignore at the risk of your own credibility

No one has any good replies to the points I make, only downvotes. Any CIT adherents want to comment on the black box of flt 77 found at the Pentagon?

In Their Own Words
"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." A. Einstein

WARNING- off topic comments, ad homs, insults

some comments were just removed- the first was a blatant personal attack w/ a number of insults, the ones following it were off topic. Those involved can continue the argument by email, or at many other web forums. The subject is Jesse Ventura's 9/11 episode and things related.

"Be civil. There have been disagreements about what happened on 9/11 since it happened. If you feel compelled to point out factual errors in a blog entry, back up your observations with linked documentation. Calling another user a liar or a disinformation agent won't be tolerated. Don't make this site a rallying point for competing factions to battle and waste our bandwidth and time. (If the only comments that you bother making here are to tell others users how stupid that you think they are, your comments will be added to a moderation queue, and your user account may eventually be closed.)"

"Post useful information and commentary, not ad-hominem attacks or insults."

"Keep your comments relevant to the blog entry."

Nice job by Ventura!




This show is AWESOME. I can't believe this got on the air!

1.4 million watched his first show

can't wait to find out how many watched this one.

Hope he does another 9.11 truth episode.

We'll pick up another million I would think, as it gets

passed around on the Net.

It IS on someone's Youtube channel, the full version, somewhere I hope, and if not, maybe someone could get on that..?

Did wonders for AJ's Fall of the Republic, which now has over a million views.

So we basically picked up another couple million likely in our court or leaning our way, and whomever they in turn impact, from each person's own sphere of influence.

Someday the myth of 9/11 will simply fall away, and die away completely, as a new generation, committed to the truth and reality at all cost (except at the cost of truth and reality itself), prevails, simply by subscribing to a rational and objective scientific view of the 9/11 event in history, while replacing the generation of believers (in the OCT myth of 9/11 as they pass away, that's what I see. It's not what Zelikow would have wanted, or predicted, since history is fundamentally nonlinear and unpredictable (happens not always by expection and therefore not subject to control in the final analyssis, to paraphrase Philip Zelikow, professional public mythmaker and appointed 9/11 Commission Chairman.

It IS an info war, a pysch war, a 'psy-op' the whole damn thing, hatched in various think tanks, military-industrial and dark shadowy intelligence networks, and by God, and for the sake of history and the victims themselves, the truth must and WILL prevail in the final analysis.

There's the freaking VIDEOS, of the twin towers and building 7's complete, symmetrical near free fall explosive destruction. Those aren't going away any time soon, and so the physical record, the first hand actual physical event itself, has been captured, on tape, for all people to examine for themselves, from generation to generation, and from age to age.

And to win this war, we must kill the myth, with the truth.

Jesse took a shot at it and good for him for trying.

Don't stop Jesse. Take it the rest of the way in a follow on show, strictly about the twin towers and building 7 on 9/11 and get the BARRY JENNINGS investigation going, try that one. And his testimony, is rather...explosive, to say the least!


On the 11th day, of every month.

and if you read that Jesse Ventura

about running with a follow up investigation show, on the destruction of the buildings and first hand eyewitness accounts, from those of Barry Jennings, and others, like the firemen at the scene when it happened.., don't forget to include a little segment on John ONeil while your at it, and maybe implicate JEROME HAUER too if you can.

And do not forget a full accounting of the person, educational background, specialization and past writings of Philip Zelikow, and how he "crafted" the ONLY official historical accounting of the event, which now lies in tatters, the majority of the rest of the Commission now admitting that they were PREVENTED from doing their job by the Bush Whitehouse and the Pentagon. That's pretty explosive and would make for one HECK of a segment right there, will leave people's minds BLOWN! (said like Jesse)

Really get a knife into them and their bullshit account of the 9/11 event, and then twist it.

On the 11th day, of every month.

Plus it AIRS AGAIN this week at 9:00 p.m.

just before the new episode. And then repeats again at 1:00 a.m.

Remember when

that South Park episode advertised I think it generated so much traffic that it knocked the site down for awhile. Even though this show did not advertise a specific website, possibly it will still have a similar effect.

9/11/01A day of Historic First...

Now 12/09/09 another day of historic first.

WTC #7 collapsing-Seen for the first time on national TV since 9/11

Operation Northwoods -First time this declassified government document revealing the plausibility of government sanctioned terror against its own people was shown on mainstream media.

Thermite/Thermate and Steven Jones- First time Steven Jones and his hypothesis/theory got a fair shake.

First time mainstream video presentation of the angled cut and severely malformed steel, along with the information that nearly all of the steel was shipped off to be melted down in a hurried pace. Are we to believe that the arrangement of the steel, the little window to see it through and a very suspicious (cat burglar looking) Jessie Ventura and film crew were just too covert to be seen? Or are we getting a little help from the inside?

First time anybody with access to the mainstream media had the balls to stand up to the FBI, when the threat to Jessie was very clear that he should "stand down" on this story. (He was threatened with the revelation of his own black ops participation during his Navy Seal days.

First time in mainstream media we heard about the "black boxes" being found.

First time in mainstream media that the 9/11 commission report was shown for the fraud that it is.

First time in mainstream media someone linked a name like, Rumsfeld and Cheney to the attacks of 9/11 and the plausibility of a false flag operation.

I could go on ad nauseam, but why, it's very clear to me, the Genie has been let out of the bottle!

Thank You Tru-TV and Jessie Ventura

RE steel in Hanger 17

In the brief image we saw through the window, there appeared to be a medium sized box girder bent into a very tight but smooth U shape. It didn't have any obvious large cracks. This is more evidence confirming temperatures much higher than a jet fuel fire van produce.

someone suggested that the U-shaped steel beam

was placed there, in view of the camera, from the window, intentionally FOR the show.

I find that idea perhaps the most disturbing thing, along with the way they FBI meeting went, the way it was cut, the final point something about how indeed the FBI and other government agencies ARE involved in black ops.

He's got to do a follow up on it, and soon.

And now that he's got the show, he's not putting his own life on the line.

Be interesting, if he goes at the twin towers and building 7 and the war games operations next show and gets that show out ASAP on the heels of this one.

And I know you're reading this blog Jesse, so thanks again eh?


On the 11th day, of every month.

On Youtube in 4 Parts

I don't know how someone got the full length version of Fall of the Republic on their Youtube Channel, but if someone has the capacity to do it, you might want to make this readily available in that format, from that platform, to get more views on it, say another MILLION views over the next few months. Every single person counts in this battle and info war, and we have the best tool for a nonlinear one-to-many dissemination of 9/11 information ever invented by man, the Internet. Street actions are great and very important, but there's still lots of room for Internet-based actions, and spreading this on Youtube would be one that we could easily take, except for me as a computer idiot who has yet to upload a video to youtube.

Why not use this to get some more viral action for 9/11 truth on the Internet?

A lot of people like Ventura and might pay attention to what he has to say about it, and I don't think we've yet reached complete saturation.

A million people can impact at least 10 times that many, and those individuals 10 times again.. so ya never know, getting a piece of information out to a hundred million people is a lot easier than it used to be and we've done pretty good so far altogether bypassing the MSM.
On the 11th day, of every month.

The staged and scripted

The staged and scripted approach undermines the serious nature of the information. I can see this doing more harm than good in the long run I'm afraid. I'm guessing that the only way that they could get this show on the air is to take the piss out of it as much as possible as is evidenced by their Scooby Doo meets Entertainment Tonight approach.

What works for me might not work for others and vice versa

Loose change did not work for me even the last one, whereas Blue Print for Truth did. There may be a place for this but I wouldn't normally watch it. I'm more of a PBS kind of guy but not everyone will watch PBS. Alex Jones turns me off but others like him.

You are probably like me and want the 60 minutes approach.

This is not going to go away and the only way for MSM to get back credibility is for them to ask the hard questions. and not stop. Like asking NIST how they can reconcile Free Fall with their story of fire induced collapse

great video but!!!

Jesse over acts in many places,,,still doing his showtime wrestler,,this will turn some people off despite the fact that the video and the points it raises are first class,,,I guess thats Hollywood however.

Only took 30 seconds for my

Only took 30 seconds for my first cringe because I did not expect one of the best known faces on British television,June Sarpong,to be pretending to be an investigator.This alone makes the shows credibility worthless in the UK if it ever gets here.Yes it was typical Jesse Ventura,yes it was crass,yes it was a tad cheap,yes it was very Americanized but that is what Americans like and it is after all directed at the American audience.It would not be the way I would address the issue but then again nobody would watch me on television and people will watch Jesse Ventura.The man has the screen presence to carry this off and lets face facts,people like Richard Gage don,t have the same charisma.

So my first thoughts were it was like a cheap version of Cheaters and that June Sarpong is the brand name for British crap but I cannot deny it was good TV,got over lots of information in a short time and that I enjoyed it.Maybe I should just take it as it is and what it was meant to be,a TV show.



So how many watched the 9/11 episode?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Clear and strong!

Thank you!

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!