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Scientific Facts Of 911 Richard Gage Full Presentation at Lawrence Tech University 04/18/2011


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Thermite reference in 1951 movie "The thing from another world"

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Here is an old Hollywood reference to thermite from back in the early ‘50s. This is a clip from the 1951 movie “The thing from another world” or more commonly known as “The Thing.” The story begins as an Air Force crew (with a lone newsman (Douglas Spencer) tagging along) is ordered to fly up to a remote base in the North Pole to investigate reports of a mysterious aircraft crash. Led by Captain Hendry (Kenneth Tobey), the crew is greeted by a chilling Artic air, which serves as an omen of "things" to come. After examining the information available, head scientist Dr. Carrington (Robert Carthwaite) surmise that this craft it is not of this world and with the help of the good Captain decide to lead an expedition out to the crash site. Upon arriving at the crash site, their assumptions prove to be correct. The saucer now lies under tons of ice. Captain Hendry orders his crew to plant thermite bombs around the circumference of the ship to help melt away the ice.

Jesse Ventura Educates The Young Turks about 911

The whole video is pretty good. The 911 issue comes up at the 18:00 mark.

US News and World Report 911 hit piece backfires against the Propagandists

U.S. News and World Report ran an article on May 26th entitled “The Inner Worlds of Conspiracy Believers”. The intention was to demonize the truth/freedom movement by implying that anyone who doesn’t believe the official story of 911 or anyone who mistrusts the government all-together is mentally ill. But the real story isn’t the obvious moronic drivel concocted by this yellow-journalistic rag of disinformation, it is the collection of well-informed comments left on their site…. 147 so far, the overwhelming majority of which are critical of the official conspiracy theory and also of this collection of nonsense that tries to pass itself off as news. Here are the comments...

Revolutionary Politics

Fox News censors Jesse Ventura: The Cavuto interview that didn't air

On September 2nd 2008, Jesse Ventura

FOXNews-12 yr old SanFrancisco Girl to Russian Troops: Thank You

12 Year Old Girl Tells the read more...Truth on Fox News about Georgia. Fox News even had to cut them off right in the middle of the account of Georgian aggression even though they had just come from a commercial break 2 minutes prior to that.


This story just hit the popular page of Digg: The Education of a 9/11 Reporter

Here's the link:
The debunkers will soon be there I'm sure led by "Herkimer56" and dipshitplease.(I forget his real handle)
Let's bury the bury brigade!

911 story about arrested 911 protestor moving up on

We can get more exposure for 911 truth if more people can logon to and "digg up" this story...

There is a lot of debating going on right now on the DIGG website under this story.

Cell phone calls at high altitudes on 9/11

I just sent an email to David Ray Griffin in care of Scholars of 9/11 truth and justice and I would like to open some dialogue regarding the cell phone calls from the planes on 9/11. Here is what I sent:

Dr. Griffin,

270 degrees weakens steel: Call for action

Architects and engineers take notice. In lieu of the following video testimony I call on the experts to find a more suitable material than steel in the manufacture of major household appliances such as stoves and furnaces. I have warned my wife about the issue and she has agreed to be very careful when using our existing stove not to exceed the 270-degree weakening point, the result of which could make pizza take a very long time to cook. I call upon the experts in metallurgy in the 911-truth community to please expedite plans immediately for an alternative material to use in the production of these household appliances. I am not too familiar with the weakening points of other metals and so I make my plea for help from the experts. I am no expert on steel properties as such but I will offer my services in manufacturing tools for prototype and production when the time comes. We owe it to the world to help keep them safe from these obviously dangerous items. I for one feel fortunate that our stove hasn’t already melted all over the kitchen and will immediately alert the manufacturer to make them aware of the obvious design flaw.