9/11 poll

MSNBC News poll about conspiracy theories

MSNBC has a poll in progress asking if you believe in conspiracy theories about 9/11.

chance to weigh in . . .


Glenn Beck Losing His Own Poll

Even though its worded in an incredibly biased manner, Glenn Beck is losing his own 9/11 poll:

MSNBC poll - 66% dont believe official conspiracy theory

This poll indicates not only that 66% dont believe the official story, also now the ones that do believe it are only 29% with 5% undecided. 85,948 votes. The truth is winning folks so keep your eyes on the real perps and dont let em squirm out of responsibility


MSNBC TV Asks About U.S. Involvement in 9/11 in Question of the Day Poll

Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories that indicate the U.S. government was involved? - MSNBC TV

Jay sent in this poll posted as 'MSNBC TV Question of the Day' for today. At first I thought this was the same poll as this one (direct link), but after noticing the vote counts it appears this is indeed a different poll.

One that says 58% believe the U.S. Government was involved, the other 52%. Interesting.

So, get on over and vote if you haven't.

Thanks Jay for the heads up!