Time for a to-the-table Dialogue/Debate/Discourse re: KW fallout, decisiveness vs. divisiveness, Strategy and Tactics

Ok, in terms of what I would like to call the 9-11 truth and justice movement, things are both gearing up in energetic momentum and spinning apart centrifugally at the same time. I think these are both good signs, if we are to pause for thought, dialogue and tactical talk, rather than ignore the signs of our moment and press forward willy nilly. The pitch of the talk about disinfo and how to engage it and/or disengage it is high. And rightfully so. There are many divisions and dischords right now, and some would say this is a good start in sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Being that we are a group of people that take such a thing as the idea of "truth" seriously, intense dialogue is very necessary. And the focus must be on ideas and an honest engagement of debate and dialogue both. The problems of unknown truth and undone justice around 9-11 that we seek to rectify can be explained as a problem of silence. The Official Conspiracy Theory people won't have it out with us in a vigorous and public fashion.

Fragments on 9-11 Truth, Justice and Peace from a ‘Young’ Jewish Intellectual: Part 1- "Breaking the Silence Barrier"

"My column will include voices so often excluded, people whose views the media mostly ignore, issues they distort and even ridicule."— Amy Goodman from her first piece for her weekly column "Breaking the Sound Barrier"

“Of course, there will be those who demand silent obedience. We expect that from the ultra-right, and anyone with a little familiarity with history will expect it from some left intellectuals as well, perhaps in an even more virulent form. But it is important not to be intimidated by hysterical ranting and lies and to keep as closely as one can to the course of truth and honesty and concern for the human consequences of what one does, or fails to do. All truisms, but worth bearing in mind. Beyond the truisms, we turn to specific questions, for inquiry and for action.”—Noam Chomsky from the last page in his pamphlet “9-11”