Dr. Bob Bowman

Bob Bowman to Wisconsin State Legislators: Urge University to Re-Hire Kevin Barrett!

Former "Star Wars" Chief to State Legislators: Urge University to Re-Hire Kevin Barrett!

Contact: Kevin Barrett, 608-583-2132; kbarrett@merr.com

For Immediate Release - July 23, 2008


Dr. Kevin Barrett; 608-583-2132, kbarrett@merr.com

On Tuesday, July 29th, the head of the "Star Wars" space weapons program under two U.S. presidents, Dr. Robert Bowman, will ask State Legislators to request the re-instatement of Dr. Kevin Barrett as a University of Wisconsin instructor.

Col. Bowman, a rocket scientist with a doctorate from Cal Tech who flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam as a fighter pilot, will present his request to the legislature at a press conference in the State Capitol building, Room 330 Southwest, at 11 a.m. Tuesday 7/29/08.

Kevin Barrett, the target of a 2006 witch-hunt by State Rep. Steve Nass, has not been rehired at UW-Madison, despite his repeated applications for open positions, since he finished teaching his controversial Islam course in fall 2006. His most recent application, for the spring 2008 semester, was rejected in favor of a less-qualified and less-experienced applicant.

My Radio Guests Today and Tomorrow: Debra Sweet, Col. Bob Bowman and Richard Gage

Today's guest on GCN is Debra Sweet is the National Director of World Can't Wait, the leading impeachment lobby. WCW has sort of tiptoed around 9/11 truth in their push for impeachment, so it will be interesting to hear what Debra has to say about the issue. I get the sense that she and many others at WCW are closet 9/11 truth supporters, but they keep it low key to avoid scaring off the still-to-be-educated. Her willingness to spend two hours of talk radio with an all-out truth jihadi suggests that she's at the very least open-minded...

Monday 12/10: Debra Sweet, National Director, World Can't Wait: http://www.worldcantwait.net 4-6 pm CT, "The Dynamic Duo" on GCN: http://gcnlive.com Network 4

Dr. Bob Bowman in Detroit

Here is some video I helped capture of Dr. Robert Bowman on the Detroit stop of the "Patriots Tour." In the video he gives his inaugural address if HE were elected president. Please share and enjoy!

To see the last four clips go here: http://www.eclipptv.com/videoList.php?pg=videonew&tags=bowman

Duty, Honor, Country 2007

An Open Letter to the New Generation of Military Officers Serving and Protecting Our Nation

Source: 911truth.org

By Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret., National Commander, The Patriots

Dear Comrades in Arms,

You are facing challenges in 2007 that we of previous generations never dreamed of. I'm just an old fighter pilot (101 combat missions in Vietnam , F-4 Phantom, Phu Cat, 1969-1970) who's now a disabled veteran with terminal cancer from Agent Orange. Our mailing list (over 22,000) includes veterans from all branches of the service, all political parties, and all parts of the political spectrum. We are Republicans and Democrats, Greens and Libertarians, Constitutionists and Reformers, and a good many Independents. What unites us is our desire for a government that (1) follows the Constitution, (2) honors the truth, and (3) serves the people.

We see our government going down the wrong path, all too often ignoring military advice, and heading us toward great danger. And we look to you who still serve as the best hope for protecting our nation from disaster.