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Thank you all for such a good turnout on the update last month, I wanted to remind everyone all films are $2.50 and we are still adding DVD's.

This month we have added 4 DVD's which are as follows :

The End Of America (Short film)
America Remembers 9/11
No End In Sight
The War In Iraq

These are all decent films and everyone should check them out, remember ALL films are $2.50 regardless when they were put on the site!

Garry - 911TruthDVD.com



New Combo DVD's available from 911dvdproject.com

The following DVD Combos are now available from http://www.911dvdproject.com/

1. Loose Change 2, Terrorstorm, 911 Eyewitnesses, and Road to Tyranny

2. Press for Truth, David R. Griffin, Steven E Jones, Loose Change 2, Eyewitnesses

3. 911 Mysteries, Terrorstorm, Loose Change 2, David Ray Griffin

4. 911 Mysteries, Wm Rodriguez, Steven E Jones, portions of Martial Law (omiting Bohemian Grove and Schwartzeneger stuff).

5. Dust and Deceit, Beyond Treason, Depleted Uranium (America’s Dirty Bomb)

6. Synthetic Terror (Webster Tarpley), Oil, Smoke and Mirrors, History of Oil, US Drug Lords

7. USS Liberty, Waco, Oklahoma City, 911 Mysteries

8. 911 Revisited, Steven Jones, Painful Deceptions

9. 911 Mysteries, Painful Deceptions, Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

10. Secrets of the CIA, Oil, Smoke and Mirrors, John Perkins, History of Oil

11. Freedom to Fascism, Aaron Russo interview, Money as Debt, Peaches and the Fed

12. Truth and Lies of 911, In Plane Site, Unanswered Questions, 911 the Illusion, Mohamed Atta

13. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime, Eyewitnesses, Take Back 911, Revealing the Truth, FEMA

Bringing 911 Truth to Law Enforcers

When, (not if), Bush implements Martial Law, he and his cronies expect that the Military Command, National Guard, State and Local Police, and County Sheriffs will carry out his orders without question. But history is replete with examples of sympathizers found within the chain of command, who, at the risk of their lives, due to conscience, did not obey something that conflicted with their morals and beliefs.

Let's put "Loose Change" (& other pertinent DVD's) in the hands of those who some day will be given an order to round up "the resistors, political dissidents, etc..." and take us to one of the 800+ "detention centers", i.e. FEMA concentration camps. Or, under the pretext of "protecting" us from those "evil Muslim terrorists" who have, let's say hypothetically, just released a deadly germ in the U.S., (i.e. Another "false flag" terror attack), will now "quaranteen" us "for our own protection"! Perhaps they will hesitate to carry out such an order given by criminals who mass-murdered 3000+ people on 9-11! And perhaps that hesitation will turn to outright refussal.