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MYEXPANDEDMIND.COM is an educational tool that provides free documentaries about 9/11 and the other pillars of control such as Energy, Health, Government, Money, Truth, and Religion. We provide a wealth of free information to help "wake more people up" and we have all the information you need in one website so you do not have to search the internet over.

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Bringing 911 Truth to Law Enforcers

When, (not if), Bush implements Martial Law, he and his cronies expect that the Military Command, National Guard, State and Local Police, and County Sheriffs will carry out his orders without question. But history is replete with examples of sympathizers found within the chain of command, who, at the risk of their lives, due to conscience, did not obey something that conflicted with their morals and beliefs.

Let's put "Loose Change" (& other pertinent DVD's) in the hands of those who some day will be given an order to round up "the resistors, political dissidents, etc..." and take us to one of the 800+ "detention centers", i.e. FEMA concentration camps. Or, under the pretext of "protecting" us from those "evil Muslim terrorists" who have, let's say hypothetically, just released a deadly germ in the U.S., (i.e. Another "false flag" terror attack), will now "quaranteen" us "for our own protection"! Perhaps they will hesitate to carry out such an order given by criminals who mass-murdered 3000+ people on 9-11! And perhaps that hesitation will turn to outright refussal.