publicity opportunity at

A new site,, went live last month, and it offers 9/11 truthers some opportunities. It is similar to Digg in that users submit stories and readers endorse the ones they like. The most endorsed stories go on their front page.

Since is new, it currently doesn't take much to get a story moved to the top of the list. The all time highest rated story they've run had 9 endorsements, but just 3 endorsements is enough to put a story out front.

Seems like right now we have an opportunity to get some news into the public eye and perhaps influence the direction of the site. It already has a slightly off-center feel, with a highly rated piece by Christopher Hitchens mocking Obama-fever.

One of my complaints about Digg is that it is so overrun by techie types that non-tech stories never get much traction. That's the kind of trend, that once in place, is almost impossible to turn around. But this site is new, so unclear what it's niche will be.

I rather prefer the "Negative Publicity"

In the sense of "there's no such thing as negative publicity".

Right now, the only way we are getting pretty much any press in the so-called "mainstream media" is negative press. (except for the now occasional things like Sheen, Rosey, etc., which will only continue in quantity and quality over time)

Which is better than nothing.

At least it is letting people know that there are people out here fighting for Truth and Justice, no matter how those who are making it "newsworthy" are portraying it. (and making people think about 9/11 and not letting it wither and die in people's minds, which is also happening at this late date (barring the references the Bush-ites make now and then, which tend to be very vague and truly referential in a simple way rather than expansive or specific in detail -- in fact, I bet they wish the mainstream press would quit making a big deal about Rosie, et al.))

Looking for feedback for this flyer targetted to Democrat delegates

This is my first post - please be kind!

Since learning about the 9/11 coverup, I've been disgusted that most Democrats aren't willing to talk about 9/11 accountability.

I am a delegate to the California Democratic Party, and will be attending the convention in April in San Diego. So ... I made up this litle flyer (which will fit on half of a legal size paper) that I plan to give out at the convention.

The flyer has several tidbits on it -- it touches on issues like framing (which is a good buzzwords for Dems these days) and pointing out how this liberal issue is not even allowed on Daily Kos - a fact that I'm sure most Dem activists don't even realize. But the main goal is to show that 9/11 is the root of all of that the current administration has gotten away with, and the exposing this is important!

I am looking for feedback on the flyer (attached here as PDF). Thanks!