Well, I'll be blown...

...out of all proportion

As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a self- outed 9/11 truther I think it's wise to unpeel some of the MSM deception about the man.


They did it on 911 got away with it, so here we go again with the Iran Election SPIN

it's all over the French national television TF1, France2 France3, ...

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had stolen the iranian election

Torture Was The Only Crime? I Think Not

Jon Gold

Has anyone else noticed that the media, and Congress is acting as though torture is the only crime committed by the Bush White House (with the possible exception of illegal wiretapping)?

Why has everyone forgotten the other crimes perpetrated by the Bush White House? Crimes like stealing the 2000, and 2004 elections. Proveable crimes concerning the 9/11 attacks like obstruction of justice, and criminal negligence. Crimes like lying this country into war. Crimes like violating the Constitution. The list of crimes committed by the Bush Administration just goes on and on.

BBC and the official investigators solved the final mystery of 9/11- WTC 7 down by fires

Mike Rudin Spinmaster. Listen!

WTC 7 isn’t the final mystery, it is one in a row of mysteries.

We do not and will not fall for anyone claiming that the case is solved with the view solely on one point!

I just put together the main valid points and hints for an inside job in the last two weeks, points that can not be debunked, as they stand straight for the seventh year after the attacks, and were nearly never touched by “debunkers”. There is no special order in that points, and I’m sure I can add another 200 ones- I’m just not in the mood for deliver hard facts to ignorants. And, BTW, I have sources for all points, valid sources, established sources. It’s no problem to research it.

1: The failing interception of the hijacked planes and the lying from NORAD and FAA. No one was held accountable.

2: Wargames and Exercises that day- cover and confusion

3: Angel is next

4: Secret Service in Booker Elementary School did not evacuate Bush immediately- they know he was not in danger

5: Many members of the Bush Admin spoke of opportunities that 9/11 offered, Bush inclusive.

I rather prefer the "Negative Publicity"

In the sense of "there's no such thing as negative publicity".

Right now, the only way we are getting pretty much any press in the so-called "mainstream media" is negative press. (except for the now occasional things like Sheen, Rosey, etc., which will only continue in quantity and quality over time)

Which is better than nothing.

At least it is letting people know that there are people out here fighting for Truth and Justice, no matter how those who are making it "newsworthy" are portraying it. (and making people think about 9/11 and not letting it wither and die in people's minds, which is also happening at this late date (barring the references the Bush-ites make now and then, which tend to be very vague and truly referential in a simple way rather than expansive or specific in detail -- in fact, I bet they wish the mainstream press would quit making a big deal about Rosie, et al.))

BBC strikes Google-YouTube deal

*cough* Damage control, anyone? You just can't make this shit up. -r.


BBC strikes Google-YouTube deal

By Tim Weber
Business editor, BBC News website

Friday, 2 March 2007, 11:31 GMT

The BBC has struck a content deal with YouTube, the web's most popular video sharing website, owned by Google.

Three YouTube channels - one for news and two for entertainment - will showcase short clips of BBC content.

The BBC hopes that the deal will help it reach YouTube's monthly audience of more than 70 million users and drive extra traffic to its own website.

The corporation will also get a share of the advertising revenue generated by traffic to the new YouTube channels.

Three deals in one

The deal with Google - non-exclusive and set to run for several years - will establish three different YouTube services:

* BBC: One of the BBC's two entertainment channels will be a "public service" proposition, featuring no advertising.

Who's Partisan?

Ok, the Democrats have successfully taken the House of Representatives, and have a chance at taking back the Senate.

Good. Now we have a chance to show EVERYONE just how "Partisan" we really are.

If the Democrats continue to support the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, and refuse to investigate the OBVIOUS cover-up regarding 9/11, then they will receive the SAME treatment as the Republicans.

I wonder what we'll be called then? Perhaps "America Haters" will get more attention. Maybe "anti-semitic" will take the lead. Regardless, we DEMAND absolute truth, and absolute accountability. No matter WHAT you call us.

In other words, sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will NEVER hurt us, and we WILL prevail.

Rolling Stone 9/11 Blog crawling with people playing "anti-semites"

Please anyone who gets this in time:

go over to the Rolling Stone Blog
and help out.

There are tons of posts by people pretending to be Truthers and smearing us with anti-semitic propaganda. Pretending to be for 9/11 Truth and then ranting about "Jews"

It's bad.

Thanks for the help if your able.

And if you're an agent reading this, you've got my curse.

I've been reading Fetzers. "The Great Zapruder Hoax" and you would not believe the amount of trouble that went into falsifying the data. The cover up and spin was bigger work than the original operation. This "operation" at Rolling Stone is definitely deliberate. It's not even skillfully done. But a trap for the sheeple, nevertheless.


You're Dishonoring The Family Members

I'm very tired of seeing people say that to members of this movement.

Let's be clear on what's being said here.

This Administration initially refused to investigate the murder of 3000 people until the family members forced them to.

This Administration underfunded that investigation until the families fought for more.

This Administration originally wanted a man who has warrants out for his arrest in other parts of the world, to lead that investigation, until the family members confronted him, and forced him to resign.

This Administration refused to hand over pertinent documents regarding that investigation.

This Administration initially didn't want anyone from said Administration to testify.

This Administration appointed a self confessed expert at creating "public myths" to direct the entire investigation.

This Administration vetted each and every chapter of a report that was supposedly created in a non-partisan, independent fashion.

This Administration murdered the heroes of 9/11 by telling them the air was safe to breathe, and the water was safe to drink.

This Administration has used the names of the 3000 people that died on 9/11 to start two illegal wars, take away our civil liberties, bankrupt the nation, make fortunes for the corporate elite, torture innocent civilians INCLUDING children... the list goes on and on.

Lee Hamilton: The 9/11 Commission's Mandate Was "To Tell The Story Of 9/11"

I stumbled across this article from the Statesman Journal, and saw what Lee Hamilton was passing off as the mandate for the 9/11 Commission.

He states:

We had two mandates. One was to tell the story of 9/11, and I think we did that reasonably well. The story that we told has stood up and will certainly become the starting point for anybody who investigates 9/11.

As you can see on the 9/11 Commission's very own website, their mandate was to:

"provide a “full and complete accounting” of the attacks of September 11, 2001 and recommendations as to how to prevent such attacks in the future."

If the "story" that the 9/11 Commission told us was only the "starting point", then how can it be a "Full and Complete Accounting" of the attacks of September 11th?

At first, I was angry with Mr. Hamilton for not telling us the truth about what their mandate was.

Then, it occurred to me. He wasn't lying.

Philip Zelikow, a man who's expertise is "the creation and maintenance of, in his words, “public myths” or “public presumptions” was in charge of the 9/11 Commission.