smoking gun

Another Unseen 9/11 Smoking Gun???

Look at the tire...

How did it get there? Unless there was a car parked in the UPPER floors of the WTC then the ONLY way it could have gotten there is by a BIG EXPLOSION at GROUND LEVEL.

Obviously it was not one of the tires from a plane.

How could a building FALLING DOWN blow this tire out here this far?



So many smoking guns

If anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence looked at any of the the data regarding 9/11 they would certainly see that there are smoking guns all over the place.
I will make an observation using percentages regarding the second tower collaspe.
How did 20% of the mass crush to dust 80% of the mass, when half of the 80% mass is 60% stronger than the 20% mass? Absolutely Impossible without the use of explosives. Smoking gun!

Other smoking guns.

Liquid metal...22 Cal. Smoking gun!

The 9/11 commissions "Assumptions and opinions report" Backed up by MIT's assumptions, opinions and make believe. 9mm Smoking gun!

Popular science's “opinions, assumptions and make believe”. Smoking 22 Cal. rifle!

Silence by the media and the complicity of Congress. Smoking anthrax!

The countless video reports of explosions. Smoking 38 special!

Wtc7. Smoking flare gun!

Trade towers reduced to dust. Smoking 44 magnum!

The Pentagon couldn't protect "The Pentagon" or anybody else for that matter. Smoking missile!

Laws of physics broken (see picture*). Smoking Bazzooka!

Scientific proof thermite was used. Smoking BFG 9000!!!!!!

A 9/11 "Smoking Gun" Hidden In Plain Sight

Source: Oped News

Let's face it, if the 9/11 attacks were "legitimate", they would have been accompanied by "legitimate" statements and claims of responsibility.

You don't pull off the most spectacular "terrorist" attack in history, especially against largely symbolic targets, and then hide.

You don't put yourself through the expense, trouble, risk, etc., of carrying out the most daring "terrorist" attack in world history, only to let a panel of fatuous government apologists tell the world what your ostensible motive was; e.g., "they hate us because of our 'freedom'", or some such puerile nonsense.

Moreover, someone totally committed to the idea of stopping U.S. imperialism/aggression against his people, country, etc., and willing to die to do it, obviously wouldn't have to be tortured into admitting it. I mean, contrary to what the U.S. government would apparently have us believe, an ideologue doing a 9/11 would be different than, say, a greedy person doing in his rich uncle to collect the inheritance money.

Where Are The Tops of the Towers?

Recently during my discussions with people about 9/11 I have noticed that discussing the tops of the towers is usually much more effective than other smoking guns, even building 7. I have tried to no avail to simplify the language used to describe the various laws of physics broken by the pulverized concrete, the expanding dust clouds, the lateral ejection of the steel beams, the speed of the collapse, the burning temperature of jet fuel, the heat-sink properties and melting point of steel, but invariably the non-scientifically minded always have doubts (gravity could cause the dust and lateral ejection, fires and debris downed building 7, the jet fuel mixed with other materials in the buildings, etc.) Posts Debate Over Most Convincing 9/11 Evidence

The great debating website has a new debate up asking what the most convincing piece of evidence is that proves 9/11 was an inside job. Truthers have been scarce so far, and "None" is in 1st place with 6 votes, followed by "Pyroclastic Dust Flows" with 1 vote.

Head over to the website and vote for what you think is the most convincing evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. Registration is painless and voting is simple. The debate in question can be found at:

9/11 Truthers often have heated debates over the best piece of evidence, and truth be told the best proof is many pieces of evidence combined into a solid case. Nonetheless this is a good opportunity for the movement to debate the many proofs of 9/11 with others who have not seen or heard them before, and get them some good exposure.