80,000 Facebook Fans for AE911Truth-World911Truth Combined


In just 8 months the number of Facebook followers for AE911Truth and World911Truth has doubled from 40,000 to almost 80,000. This demonstrates the power of social networking and the steady growth of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Much of the success can be attributed to timely updates of quality postings by JF Ranger, Facebook administrator for both sites - as well as the A/E web team. Here's to continued growth and reaching 100,000 this year!

Facebook Explodes With 9/11 Truth: 40,000 Fans for AE911Truth-World911Truth

Total Facebook Friends of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has now topped 20,000, having doubled in the last two months from 10,000 in early August. Combined with World for 9/11 Truth's 19,400 Fans, we are looking at a total of almost 40,000 friends of 9/11 Truth! Even with the obvious overlap, this is still an impressive figure. The social networking phenomenon is alive and well and doing its part to spread the message of the most important movement of all-- OURS.

Tremendous credit to JF Ranger for updating the Facebook pages on an almost daily basis with the top news stories and action campaigns. The system is oiled and producing results. Friend Us!