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BBC Conspiracy Files program DEBUNKED.

Following the BBC's pathetic attempt at debunking the 911 truth movement, there is a new documentary directly debunking the program's methods and impartitality - the bedrock of what the BBC was founded on.

It is a slick, and highly impressive piece of filmmaking - and in my oppionion should be added to the front page, and also the recent media section - it really is that good!!

It has David Shayler - ex MI5 agent doing the naration: but have no fear, there is not a single mention/hint of the NPT's. It methodically disects the BBC's Conspiracy Files program, using the latest 911 truth evidence, and arguments. It is tight all the way through, and literally HAMMERS the BBC to the ground.

It is the best piece of counter debunking film yet found on the web (IMO).

Charlie Cheen to be narator for Loose Final Cut!!!

That's right, Mr Sheen gonna be the narrator for LCFC.

This is gonna be MASSIVE.

This will push it out of the 'neiche' market and into everyone's faces. Yes he's been labelled a nut and tin hatter etc.. But this just gives it extra umph when it comes to being able to sell it round the world. Makes it very marketable.

I feel a tidal wave brewing ;-)

BBC Radio2 911 show

BBC seems to be doing a 911 blitz this week. Jeremy vine had phone in show on 911 this lunchtime. However they tried to focus on the NPT's
David Shayler was one of the guests. I haven't listened to it all yet, so cannot make a judgment.

go down to listen again section: thursday's show
If you have Real player you can fast forward - starts at about 30 mins into the show.

David Cameron answers this weeks questions..

Well Cameron has answered last weeks questions.

Every week he spends the least amount of time on the highest ranked questions, wonder whether that is because they are not the sort of Q's he gets asked in his normal politcal/media circles.

Totally failed to recognise what I was asking him in the first question, and then does an even better job of skirting the second on MI5/MI6 training extremists.

Please go vote this weeks good Q's up: the current top rated is on 911, and mine regarding whether or not he would be prepared to meet an eye witness to 77 (suspicious plain clothed police filming him and the bus that just exploded) is just outside top 5 :-)

Please vote for this

Another question to David Cameron leader of the opposition in the U.K. Trying to press some buttons ;-)

many thanks if you voted!!

Ask the people running the planet

"Ok, now here's your chance: Put your question to the people in charge of this world, and they might just answer.

The BBC has joined the Davos Conversation, linking up with the organisers of the World Economic Forum, plus Buzzmachine, the Guardian newspaper, Huffington Post and Daylife.

Send us a video with your question - don't worry about the technology a webcam recording will do - and the Davos organisers have promised to put a selection of your questions to the presidents, prime ministers and top company bosses coming to Davos."

you know what to do peeps :-)

Last Man Out: UK TOUR

Not sure if anyone has posted this up, so I thought i would.

UK tour dates for W. Rodriguez.

The spOILs of War

This was last Sunday's headline story for The Independent, a U.K news paper. It confirms all our suspicions, even though the politicians swear blind that it wasn't about raping another countries oil reserves, and gaining a foothold in the Middle East - just like the PNAC laid out.

"Iraq's massive oil reserves, the third-largest in the world, are about to be thrown open for large-scale exploitation by Western oil companies under a controversial law which is expected to come before the Iraqi parliament within days."

read the whole article here:

Secrets of the matrix

My first blog... so hope someone finds it interesting :-)

.....the below videos, whilst being long, gives maybe the most detailed analysis and information as to why 911 happened, and what those in power have to gain from such events.

He covers A LOT OF GROUND.... some of which is extremely controversial.. however once you can let go of a few indoctrinated beliefs, it makes a lot of sense. Part 2 goes into detail on 911, and other current events, part1 is essential background though.