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Charlie Sheen faces protest from 9/11 conspiracy theorists

He's recently taken on the issue of bipolar disorder amongst many other topics in his live stand-up shows.

But there's one cause that Charlie Sheen has been apparently shy of talking about recently - his conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York.

Sheen has been vocal in the past about the attacks, asserting that the World Trade Centre, in his view, was blown up in a 'controlled demolition'.

Now conspiracy group The 9/11 Truth Movement are threatening to protest at his live shows, accusing him of neglecting to talk about the matter.

Mark Dice, a prominent member of the organisation, told TMZ that the former Two And A Half Men star has abandoned them after once being a keen supporter.

He said that Sheen should be using the limelight he is currently enjoying to promote the group.
'[He should be] asking hard questions about what happened on 9/11 and the resulting wars ... not bragging about smoking crack and sleeping with hookers,' Mr Dice told the website.

Charlie Sheen arrested

By Joey Bunch
The Denver Post
Posted: 12/25/2009 03:42:39 PM MST
Updated: 12/25/2009 05:06:24 PM MST

Actor Charlie Sheen was booked into the Pitkin County Jail on felony domestic violence charges today, authorities in Aspen said.

Aspen police were summoned by a 9-1-1 to a home at 320 West Hallam St. near downtown at about 11:20 a.m..

A unnamed "victim did not require transport to the hospital," according to a statement from police.

The home at that address is for sale for $7.45 million, but the owner's name is not listed, according to real estate records.

Sheen married 29-year old real estate investor and actress Brooke Mueller last year and she gave birth to twins, Max and Bob, in March.

Booked into the county lockup under his real name, Carlos Irwin Estevez, Sheen was arrested on charges of felony second-degree assault, felony menacing and a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief, according to the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department. His hometown was listed as Encino, Calif.

Martin Sheen supports his son Charlie Sheen in questioning the official story of 9-11


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At a recent Peace March in Los Angeles, Steve Wright of WeAreChangeLA asked Martin Sheen if he supports his son Charlie Sheen in promoting 9-11 [Truth].

"I know he had some serious questions, and I think all of us should be inquisitive about that. We should know what really happened. I don't know. There are some very troubling unanswered questions, and I think that's all Charlie is wanting to explore. So I support that." - Martin Sheen

Daniel Bland's Open Letter to Charlie Sheen:

DB Head Shot Charlie_Sheen.2jpg

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude and respect for your honorable decision to turn up the heat on this evil conspiracy which has invaded our country from within our own borders. You are a very brave man, and deserve the respect of every true blooded American citizen!

Sheen Blasts Cowardly Corporate Media Refusal to Debate 9/11 Facts


Sheen Blasts Cowardly Corporate Media Refusal to Debate 9/11 Facts

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Charlie Sheen has blasted the cowardly corporate media response to his “20 Minutes With The President” letter, slamming the press as “hopeless lap-dogs” for failing to address a single one of his 20 bullet points on 9/11 while ignoring completely his challenge to publicly debate 9/11 truth debunkers.

Todd and Lisa Beamer make a bundle?

Has anyone have any knowledge regarding these claims made in a comment by poster "Henry Kissinger" on a hit piece in the examiner ( ):

"Henry Kissinger says:
Todd Beamer's memorial service was held on 09/16/01 at the Princeton Alliance Church in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Todd Beamer's wife, Lisa Beamer, a grieving mother of two and four months pregnant with her third child, registers TODDBEAMER.ORG four days later on 09/20/01, incorporates The Todd M. Beamer Memorial Foundation eight days later on 9/24/01 and then applies for the trademark "Let's Roll" ten days later on 9/26/01. Instead of acting like a wife and mother who should be experiencing untold grief, shock, and loss, her behavior turns a catastrophic personal tragedy into a cold and calculating cheap publicity stunt. But then the U S Government's propaganda machine needed heroes as well as villains paraded through the media for their 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Charlie Sheen, I Have Your Back!

by Justin Martell

On September 10th, 2009, Meghan McCain appeared on ABC's The View. During her appearance, the conversation was steered, by Whoopi Goldberg, to the impending anniversary of the attacks:

An Idea For Charlie Sheen

Hold a press conference with as many celebrities as you can, and endorse the families' call for a real investigation. Don't put forward any theories... just endorse the families' call.

The "media" can attack you individually, but as a group, it becomes harder to do. I'm sure Daniel Sunjata, Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura, Heather Thomas, Ed Asner, and others would be more than happy to accompany you.

Sheen Challenges 9/11 Truth Debunkers to Larry King Live Debate


Sheen Challenges 9/11 Truth Debunkers to Larry King Live Debate

Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:00pm EDT

'We're not hiding,' states Sheen as he calls out McCain, Hannity, Limbaugh and

AUSTIN, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Appearing on The Alex Jones Show today to
discuss his video address to Barack Obama, Charlie Sheen has challenged those
who have publicly attacked him for speaking out on 9/11, particularly Meghan
McCain, Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, to debate him on CNN's
Larry King Live.

Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama
Over 275,500 views in 2 days on just one Youtube posting.
And there are "about 1600 videos posted.

Fax For Truth Special 11-Day Campaign, Day Ten: President Barack Obama (again)

Author's note: It was not planned to do Obama again. It was planned to fax members of Congress in the WACLA videos who have already received the paper demanding a statement, and we will still do that tomorrow. Due to the new initiative put forth by Charlie Sheen, which Fax For Truth wholeheartedly endorses, we are asking you to send a fax to President Obama again, this time demanding that he respond to Charlie Sheen's evidence and that he grant him an audience.


Today is a slight bump on an otherwise consistent path of supporting WACLA's and Luke Rudkowski's brilliant work of bringing the "Active Thermitic Material" paper to members of Congress. However, due to Charlie Sheen's unexpected but most welcome return to the world of 9/11 truth activism, we felt obligated to pitch in and support the effort to get him a meeting with Obama, or at the very least, a statement from Obama regarding Mr. Sheen's well-researched arguments. Please note that this is the first, but certainly not the last Fax For Truth campaign in support of Charlie Sheen's new initiative.

So today, the tenth day of our campaign, we have been inspired by Charlie Sheen's courageous new venture trying to get the ear of the President regarding the plethora of unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones have thrown down the gauntlet, asking for our support, and this is how we here at Fax For Truth can help them. And so we shall. Please take two minutes to send Obama a short, yet clear message. Meet with Sheen or disprove his arguments. You can use the sample letter provided below or write your own. As always a polite, respectful tone is preferable and you can send a free fax over the internet by going to

White House fax number: 202-456-2461

Sample letter

Today’s date

Your name and address

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: 202-456-1414
Fax: 202-456-2461

Dear President Barack Obama,

The Alex Jones Show: Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up

The Alex Jones Show: Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up

Actor demands investigation be reopened after majority of 9/11 Commission
members say government lied about official story.

Tue Sep 8, 2009 7:36pm EDT

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- According to syndicated talk show host Alex Jones, actor and television star Charlie Sheen has publicly requested a
meeting with President Barack Obama to urge him to reopen the official investigation into 9/11; in light of the fact that the majority of the 9/11 Commission members have now publicly gone on record to express their conviction that the government agreed to lie about the official story.

Sheen will appear live on The Alex Jones Show on Wednesday and Friday to discuss the content of his "20 Minutes With The President" piece and how he plans to move forward with this exciting new initiative. You can listen free here or subscribe to prison to watch live streaming video.

Charlie Sheen gets Twenty Minutes with the President

Reported by Charlie Sheen

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, while he was out promoting his health care reform initiative. I requested 30 minutes given the scope and detail of my inquiry; they said I could have 20. Twenty minutes, 1200 seconds, not a lot of time to question the President about one of the most important events in our nation’s history. The following is a transcript of our remarkable discussion.

Charlie Sheen – Good afternoon Mr. President, thank you so much for taking time out of your demanding schedule.

President Barack Obama – My pleasure, the content of your request seemed like something I should carve out a few minutes for.

CS – I should point out that I voted for you, as your promises of hope and change, transparency and accountability, as well as putting government back into the hands of the American people, struck an emotional cord in me that I hadn’t felt in quite some time, perhaps ever.

PBO – And I appreciate that, Charlie. Big fan of the show, by the way.

A Reminder: We Are Here Today........

Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones at American Scholars Symposium

About This Video

This is the speech Charlie Sheen gave at the American Scholars Symposium in Los Angeles on June 24th 2006. He gives a motivating speech to the group of 1200 seats who flew to the symposium from places as far as australia, germany, canada, and people who drove there from as far away as new york. This meeting was about 911 truth and the Neo Con agenda. Scientists, physicists, ex-cia, ex-fbi, ex-military, and people of all walks of life showed up to discuss how to save America. How to stop the bill of right and constitution from being completely ignored. Stop america from becoming a dictatorship. Stop the news and media from ignoring the truth and backing up the lies.