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Beyond Treason On Google Video!, watch it before it gets taken down again

Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium (about 1 hour long)

this movie gets taken down from google video very quickly. watch it while you can. i think it's the best movie about the use of Depleted Uranium in the middle east.


WTC 7 High Res Zafar Pic

I got an e-mail from Aman Zafar and he said he re-scanned his pictures from 9/11 in the highest resolution. The pic is 15mb... so very good quality. it clearly shows that WTC 7 was not scooped out, as popular mechanics and NIST claims.

compare to the NIST pic:


Mineta Paper Published in Journal of 9/11 Studies

Mineta Paper Published in Journal of 9/11 Studies

Norman Mineta and Richard Clarke Contradict the 9/11 Commission Report
By: Adam Letalik of

Direct link to paper:

WTC 7 NIST pic is fake (25% NOT scooped out)

compare these two pictures


Aman Zafar's pic:


that picture is from this guy's website...

here are his pics from 9/11.

From his website:

Five years since the attacks. A lot of people have visited this site and I have received a lot of E-mails from everyone thanking me for sharing the photographs. I have just got a new scanner so I decided to scan the picture at a higher resolution from the 5x7 prints that I had. The pictures below are thumbnails.

The pictures were taken from my apartment in Jersey. I did not see the two planes hit, but started to take pictures about 3-4 mins after the second one hit.

If you have any comments, please feel free to E-mail me on

Please also note all these pictures are taken on 35mm film and are copyright of Aman Zafar (i.e. ME!!!!).

Mineta Paper - Updated

I've made a few small changes in my paper. I've added the new information from the CNN transcript that shows that the White House evacuation began around the time that Mineta arrived at the White House. This confirmed his testimony when he stated that when he “got to the White House, it was being evacuated.” Thanks to Robert Moore for that find. This was essentially the only argument that the “debunkers” would use to ignore Mineta’s testimony since they maintained that the evacuation of the White House did not begin until 9:45. There is now essentially no counter argument to the testimony of Norman Mineta and the account of Richard Clarke.


As far as i know, these are the only two pictures that show the SW corner of WTC 7 from the 18th floor down.

I found the above picture in this article:


Movie Night

I've added a couple new movies to my ever growing list of movies. I'd like to recomend some to everyone here that you may not have heard of yet, but are definately worth watching. Watch them before google takes them down... they've removed the first two movies before, but someone put new copies back up.

Beyond Treason (01:28:53)

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: Media & the Israel-Palestine Conflict (01:19:14)

What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy (02:03:26)

Arundhati Roy - We (01:04:19)

USS Liberty: Dead in the Water (01:08:32)

If you want more... here's the list in all her glory. Five pages of movies and videos to watch off google video. There will most certainly be quite a few in there that you have not seen yet.


What struck the Pentagon on 9/11?

Many 9/11 researchers believe that the Pentagon was struck by a missile, a belief made widely popular by Loose Change. This theory is supported by the appearance of the Pentagon and the nature of the damage. The Pentagon was struck in the only section that was specifically renovated to bolster it against attack. This supports the theory that a missile was used to create the 16 foot hole since a drone aircraft would not cause significant damage to such a robust structure. Those who looked carefully at the debris at the Pentagon discovered evidence of airplane parts from a midsized aircraft, far smaller than AA 77, a Boeing 757. Although there are many conflicting eyewitness accounts, many seem to agree that it was a “mid-sized” plane that “appeared to hold about eight to 12 people”. Many have therefore speculated that it was an unmanned global hawk drone aircraft that was remotely piloted to strike the Pentagon.

1993 news - WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge

CBS: Dan Rather

Hear the recorded conversation at 142 minutes into Episode 14 of 9/11 synchronicity (the full episode is 441 minutes)

9/11: Toxic Legacy on Discovery Channel this Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday, the discovery channel will be showing 9/11: Toxic Legay. This is a great show about the sick and dying first responders on 9/11 and how the dust cloud was harmful to the health of everyone despite the fact they were told the air was safe to breath.

9/11: Toxic Legacy

Five years after 9/11, many first responders are suffering serious health complications. What was the environmental fallout from the terrorist attacks and did the government do enough to ensure the public's safety?
tv :: pg
cc :: cc

Discovery Channel

FEB 03 2007
@ 04:00 PM

FEB 04 2007
@ 07:00 PM

FEB 10 2007
@ 04:00 AM

I don't have the video for this show, but here is an mp3 audio file of the show.

The CBC aired this show on Septmeber 10th, 2006. They have some video clips from the show.

The CBC also published an article about the show, which pretty much says in words what's on the video.

New Documentaries

I've made a few updates to my website,

I found a few new documentaries to put up on my site... most of the new ones are on page 5, but there are probably a few that most of you havn't seen in the first 4 pages as well, so check out the huge list of movies i have now.

Also, my paper on Norman Mineta is finished. Spread the link around and let me know what you think of the paper. If you think there's something i've overlooked, i invite anyone to help me expand and edit the paper.

that's about it for now... my site isn't getting as many hits as it used to because it was the first link on the old site, and now a lot of people go to the new site. So if anyone is able to get my site more popular, that would be appreciated. a lot of people don't know about my site yet but would really like a lot of the content if they went to it.

Norman Mineta paper ready for review

I have finished a final draft of my Norman Mineta paper. It's fully sourced and has many attached notes. I would like to publish this paper in the Journal of 9/11 Studies or anywhere else it is wanted. However, i think that it would be helpful if i let everyone here read through it so that if i missed anything, i can add it in before it's published in any journals. So I am asking for everyone's help to give me some feedback and if people have other ideas of things to add, that'd be great. For example, I have a note on the 9/11 Commission Report and it's conflicts of interest. There's lots more that could be added there, so if anyone feels like helping to expand the paper, that'd be awesome. Please post comments below or e-mail me at


I screwed, ScrewLooseChange - DEBUNKED!

I have finally come up with evidence that is 100% irrefutabale. My post about how Clarke and Mineta's accounts agree with each other proves Cheney was in the PEOC before the Pentagon was hit. Screw loose change people have a counter arguement for every claim that we make... but THEY CANNOT DEBUNK THIS!

check out the thread, and watch them grasp at straws to try to defend their 9/11 commission report

UNDEBUNKABLE - Mineta and Clarke Agree

UNDEBUNKABLE - Mineta and Clarke Agree: Cheney was in the PEOC before the Pentagon was hit !

Richard Clarke reading 'Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror' by Richard Clarke

Part 1 [1.3 MB] – 3min 56sec

Part 2 [1.4 MB] – 4min 04sec

Part 3 [1.7 MB] – 5min 01sec

Part 4 [1.5 MB] – 4min 30sec

Norman Mineta, the acting Secretary of Transportation on 9/11, testified before the 9/11 Commission in a public hearing that he entered the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) at 9:20 a.m. where Vice President Dick Cheney was in charge. In his testimony, Mineta explained that “probably about five or six minutes” after he entered the PEOC, he observed a conversation between Dick Cheney and a young aide.

MR. MINETA: … during the time that the airplane coming into the Pentagon. There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, "The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out." And when it got down to, "The plane is 10 miles out," the young man also said to the vice president, "Do the orders still stand?" And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, "Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?" Well, at the time I didn't know what all that meant. And --