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WTC Detonations finally revealed (video).

Recently, there was a post on 9/11 Blogger here with videos released by NIST. I took the video with the audible detonations and ran it through an audio editor as the audio was very low and only worked in the right channel (speaker) and had no left channel audio. I raised the audio and changed the stereo output to mono so that the audio can be heard in both speakers.

I then added some witness testimony to corroborate what we are hearing:



There absolutely can be no doubt about what the witnesses heard, and what we can see and hear in these collapse videos. It's time for an international investigation into 9/11.

Former employee of Controlled Demolition, Inc. talks about the WTC collapses

This past weekend, 5/8/2010, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth held a conference in the San Francisco area to discuss their work. One of the guest speakers was a gentleman by the name of Tom Sullivan who had previously worked for Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI), owned and operated by the Loizeaux family.

Tom Sullivan worked for CDI about 10 years ago before and during 9/11, and he worked for CDI for almost 3 years. His roll with CDI was Site Photographer/Explosives Technician. He is also licensed by the FDNY to handle explosives. His explosives tech. duties included placing explosives in buildings to prepare them for demolition.

Sullivan worked on projects such as Seattle King Dome, Three Rivers Stadium, Philadelphia Naval Hospital, Key Span Gas Holders, among others. He also went to high-school with Doug Loizeaux of CDI as well. Sullivan has also published work in the book "Implosion" published by Black Dog Publishing.

A call to action or an end to the truth movement?

I see many people calling for action at the KSM trial. But has anyone really thought about the ramifications of showing up at the KSM trial with "9/11 Was an Inside Job" signs? The Department of Homeland Security has been trying to label 9/11 truthers as terrorists for a couple years now. What will happen if a single 9/11 truth sign shows up at the trial and even hints that KSM is innocent?

It doesn't matter if KSM is really innocent or not. The government has labeled him a terrorist and is putting that terrorist on trial in a public court for the whole world to see. If any 9/11 truth signs show up at that trial, that will be the final nail in the coffin for 9/11 truth. We will be labeled as terrorist sympathizers, terrorist supporters, or homegrown terrorists. DHS would love nothing more than to see 9/11 truth signs flying around at that trial so that they can finally start rounding up the only real voice that threatens whatever agenda the criminals in our government are trying to attain.

There's even the possibility that "agents" could pose as 9/11 truthers to obtain the same goal of painting us as terrorists or terrorist supporters.

U.S. Government Creates Special Security Wing to Cover-up 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

If elements within the government didn't orchestrate 9/11, there would be no need for such a branch of the NSA to exist. They're trying to cover their behinds and silence those who try to expose them.

Link to news story.

Petition Against Ron Paul Dropped

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Shure, from, called Saul Anuzis' office, head of the Michigan Republican Party to find out why Saul Anuzis wanted Ron Paul kicked from the debates. Shure is basically told by an aide to Anuzis that Anuzis spoke with his RNC collegues and decided to drop the petition against Ron Paul. Here's the phone call:

Here's the original thread over at Pilots for 9/11 Truth forums:

Was bored so i made this:

I was a little bored so i made the following image. It was inspired by someone here at 9/11 Blogger who made similar comments.

A few pics from the South Bend 9/11 Truth Conference

Following are a few teaser pics from the South Bend 9/11 Truth Conference which featured Kevin Ryan, Mike Berger and Webster Tarpley. It was a great turnout with over 100 people attending throughout the day. There were some seasoned truthers in attendance that drove several hours to South Bend, and then there were some people that either had no clue about 9/11 truth, or were just interested. The audience was very interested, asked many questions after every speaker and all in all, it was a great conference. Thank you to Kevin Ryan, Mike Berger and Webster Tarpley for their great presentations, each of which brought their own flavor so it was never boring. This conference was made possible by Andy Schmidt whom i helped all day with set up and handing out flyers, movies, etc. If you would like to set up your own 9/11 Truth groups in your cities, Andy Schmidt used The following pics aren't the greatest as they were taken with my phone, but they do the job.