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Loose Change 9/11 American Coup Now Available On for non US viewers

Are you interested in finding out more about alternative theories of 9/11.

If you live outside the US you can now watch the latest iteration of Loose Change at

Loose Change 911 American Coup is available for €4 or £4 or $4 depending upon where you live. US citizens can't currently access the film.

This $1m film presents new evidence and highlights the inconsistencies, lies and discepancies in the official story of 9/11.

Please support this important film.

3 Star Review for ZERO in Times Newspaper 21st August

ZERO gets positive review in 'The Times' - check out the page to comment on it.

Text is below

August 21, 2008

Zero: An Investigation into 9/11 James Christopher 3 Stars out of 5

The alarming documentary, Zero: An Investigation into 9/11(on tour in selected cinemas from Saturday), casts a sour eye on the official version shrouding the decimation of the Twin Towers and the attack on the Pentagon.

The Italian production company Telemaco has collated testimony which suggests that officials are lying about the events surrounding 9/11. The attacks, according to those heavy-weight sages Gore Vidal and Dario Fo, simply cannot be true. The inflammable evidence is this: an orange dropped from the top of the World Trade Centre would have hit the bottom only a second earlier than the top floor – supposedly impossible unless the building was rigged with military-grade plastic explosives.

A documentary with a whiff of pure sulphur.

12A, 110 minutes

Win Tickets To See ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 with the Independent Newspaper

If you live in the UK you can enter a competition to win tickets to see ZERO: An investigation into 9/11 playing nationwide from Sunday. For more details go to

The film will be reviewed in the UK national papers from Friday. For more information about screening times see

Tim Sparke and Francesco Trento will be interviewed for BBC Radio 4 programme 'Front Row', on Tuesday 26th August 19:15 - 19:45.

Please support the film. This is a great opportunity to get the 9/11 message out to the people of Britain.

UK Screening Dates for ZERO: AN INVESTIGATION INTO 9/11 ANNOUNCED in association with The Independent, Sheffield International Documentary Festival and Picturehouse Cinemas

present: Zero: An Investigation into 9/11

Showing at the following cinemas in the UK. Book tickets online or call the appropriate number below.


1. Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge – 0871 704 2050
Sun 24 Aug, 5pm
2. Belmont Picturehouse, Aberdeen – 0871 704 2051
Wed 27/08 6:45PM
3. Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh – 0871 704 2052
Mon 25 Aug, 6:45pm
4. Cinema City, Norwich – 0871 704 2053
Mon 25/08 8:50PM
5. City Screen, York - 0871 704 2054
Mon 25/08 6:20PM
6. Exeter Picturehouse - 0871 704 2057
Sat 23/08 1:00PM, Wed 27/08 7:00PM

European Parliament Screening for Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11

MercuryMedia Acquires Rights To ‘Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11’

Embargoed Until 9th February 2008

London, UK – 9th February 2008 – Mercury Media today announced that they have acquired all world-wide distribution rights (ex Middle East, Belgium and Italy) for the HD-cam feature documentary ‘Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11’ from Italian production company Telemaco.

The film, dubbed ‘The Sensation At The Rome Film Festival’ has been re-edited with an English voice-over for Berlin 2008 where it will be screened as part of the market place offerings. In addition the European Parliament will screen the film on February 26th.

Zero is the first million+ Euro investigation into 9/11 and features interviews with Nobel prize winner Dario Fo, Gore Vidal, Moni Avadia and Giulietto Chiesa MEP, who is also a member of the Security and Defence Commission of the European Parliament.

Loose Change Final Cut - More Dates For UK Screenings Added, Berlin Festival To Screen To Film Buyers

Three new dates for theatrical screenings of Loose Change Final Cut have been added to the schedule following its successful outings around the UK.

The new dates are:

Sunday 27th January at 4.30PM at Greenwich Picture House
with a post screening Q and A with Tim Sparke

Sunday 3rd February at 6.30PM at Brighton's Duke Of Yorks Cinema
with a post screening Q and A with Tim Sparke

Saturday 1st March at 8.30PM at Lancasters Dukes Cinema
with a post screening Q and A with Engineer Gordon Ross - an expert from the film.

Details of how to book tickets, are available from the

In addition Loose Change Final Cut gets its first European Screening at 'The Berlin Film Festival' on February 11th at 5.15PM. This screening is aimed at broadcasters and theatrical distributors around the world so won't be open to truthers but is a mark of the films appeal that it should be screened at such a prestigious event.

The film has been acquired by VideoShow/Exa Media for theatrical and DVD distribution in Italy in advance of the screening and influential trade magazine Screen International wrote about the film last week.

Loose Change Final Cut - UK Theatrical Screenings Attracting Record Numbers

The relentless march of 9/11 Truth gathers pace in England as Picture Houses UK books Loose Change Final Cut for more theaters.

Marc Allenby Head of Marketing for Picture Houses UK said today 'When we were first offered Loose Change Final Cut we were skeptical about its appeal to mainstream British cinema patrons. The films subsequent success in the UK has exceeded our expectations. Our partner cinema's are booking Loose Change Final Cut for wider release in 2008'.

For more information on screenings in the UK go to

Loose Change Final Cut Dylan Avery Interview for Associated Press

Watch Dylan's interview with Associated Press

Check out talksport radio in the UK tonight Thursday 29th November on the James Whale Show at 10PM GMT, 5PM EST for David Ray Griffin v's George Monbiot debating Loose Change Final Cut followed by Dylan Avery and Tim Sparke

Comment Letter On BBC Director Generals Blog - Demanding The BBC Investigate 9/11 As Part Of Its Drive For Truth

I wrote this to Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC after he claimed that all the trust issues of the BBC have been resolved. You can see his letter and my response (no 17) at

Please 9/11 Bloggers - dont write comments to me, add your voice to this blog, using the link above and demand the BBC Investigates 9/11. With continued pressure, the growing weight of evidence, and the new film Loose Change Final Cut, which I promise you will prove the official story of 9/11 is false, we will win this battle for democracy.

Mark Thompson knows sooner or later he will have to investigate 9/11. He is under tremendous pressure to resist us, but we have to show we are as strong and as wily as those that would seek to silence us.

I am confident that behind the scenes the Berlin wall that is seperating those who peddle falsehoods and those that know the truth will soon come crashing down....with your help.....that wall will crumble. Thank you.

Tim Sparke
Executive Producer
Loose Change Final Cut

Mr Thompson,