What it Takes to Garner Media Attention (or how 911Blogger got offered their first nationally syndicated radio interview)

I got an email tonight from a "nationally syndicated" radio show which "broadcasts [..] to over 30 markets across the country", and has "a reach of 8-10 million listeners at any given time". I'm sure your thinking maybe they emailed me to talk about the leader of the Canadian Action Party commenting on the 9/11 truth movement, or the Jersey Girls push for 15,000 signatures for declassification of 9/11 documents, or maybe the ex-traffic controller's review of Dr. Griffin's new book, or perhaps Rosie hosting 9/11 first responders on The View or her tacit support of this website - or maybe any of the dozens of news items we cover each week - but you would be wrong.

My name is Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, and I'm one of the Producers on the MANCOW SHOW-- a nationally syndicated morning radio show based in Chicago. I would like to invite you to be a guest on the show TOMORROW at 7:10 am Eastern/ 6:10 am central. The interview would be live over the phone, 5-10 minutes long, talking about your website and the possibility that the SAN FRANCISCO HIGHWAY COLLAPSE WAS A POSSIBLE TERRORIST ATTACK or INSIDE JOB.

Please call me ASAP at XXX-XXX-XXXX or e-mail me at your earliest convenience if you are interested in doing an interview.

No, the reason for the attention was the same as the reason this website was the #1 link on fark.com for a few hours today:
Panicky 9/11 truth nutjobs debate Oakland gas tanker incident, see their WTC conspiracy theories collapse as quickly as that highway did

Things like this only further my understanding of the current mindset of popular media. The only thing which is worth covering in their eyes anymore is that which draws anger and ire onto others - give the people someone they can hate - whether deserved or not. It is important for all of us to understand that we are 10x more likely to be covered for that which makes us look crazy, or which paints us as paranoid, than anything else - no matter the newsworthiness. The fact that such a small story (and one not related to 9/11 as well) could garner such a response, but the hundreds of other stories not so much as a glance, should paint a pretty clear picture.

In any event I rejected the offer, mostly because I know who Mancow is, and I understand his desire in doing the interview, but also because we are not a voice for this movement (and this subject matter has nothing to do with this movement anyways).

Thank you for the invitation, but I am afraid it has not reached a party for which you seek. No one involved with our website espouses such an opinion regarding the san francisco highway collapse. Our website is focused on 9/11, any comments regarding the issue you mention would have come from a commenter of our site - of which their are thousands.

Perhaps if you are interested in a story on the thousands of 9/11 emergency rescuers without proper medical treatment, or the majority of 9/11 family members who are pressing for a new investigation into 9/11 we could put you in touch with someone.

Chances are that they might discuss this topic anyway tomorrow, so it might be worth listening to - if you can take the punishment.

Food for thought.

It should go without saying that we would of course forward such requests to someone in a better position to discuss 9/11 were the subject matter more appropriate.

Show "Yeah, That Doggone Media, Not Covering the Right Aspect..." by Brainster

Another piece of timing that could be called suspicious is...

... how quickly Nico came to comment in my other blog:


See, I didn't blog that HERE, so it wasn't something his news aggregator picked up. The only places I left links to this were in replys to your and Jimbo's comments at 911Blogger.

Now I suppose Nico could a have spent all day combing through all the comments from his new agregator, but I doubt it. I see that as a week long project--he has ALOT of news feeds. I'm sort of thinking he was given a heads up by one of you two....

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

What else could you say?

Too bads they don't want to talk about substantial things.

Sieze the Day

Hey John, go on the show. Whenever he asks a question respond with Truth. If he asks about the freeway fire, respond with First Responders are being left to die by our government. If he asks again, respond with the lack of an investigation into the largest mass murder on US soil. If he asks again, promote David Ray Griffin's new book. Basically, if it is live, you can use it as a national platform. It's a great oppurtunity I'd hate to see missed. I'm sure you have some tid bits of 911 Truth you'd love to get out to such a massive audience. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to what you decide.

dz is a normal dude. (and awesome at that!)

Thanks dz. It sounds like you got a handle on this topic. I appreciate your common sense approach to this topic, tempting as it may be. You represent me well as a dude who actually just wants the truth, and I appreciate the opportunity to participate on a website that stays focused and stays on task regarding the questions surrounding 9/11. In udder words you da man. Peace bro. Stay up. Stay Strong. And I'm glad you are telling these fools where to stick their sidetracked and unproductive ways to go. Amen.

Mancow isn't worth

Mancow isn't worth interviewing on. The last time I saw him discussing something he seemed all coked up or something. Not to mention his audience in most cases are probably a portion of the denser members of society(ain't gonna git tru der skullz). We need our own constant platform. As soon as school is out for me I'm gonna be looking into constructing guerilla FM transmitters to play 9/11 truth related mp3s over the airwaves. The airwaves are public and it's time to take them back!

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

91.1 FM baby!

Radio Truth!

And wait--mainstream media personalities use drugs on air? Say it ain't so! I mean I can see loony left Mancow maybe, but you think even upstanding conservatives like Rush (uhhh) and Bill O'Reilly might also?? This is horrible!! Where's my Xanax??


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erich "mancow" muller

desribes himself as a conservative libertarian. he's about as sophisticated as chef boyardee's 'crazee games'

oh i know he's not REALLY loony left

But since he's to the left of Rush and BO it wouldn't surprise me if people claimed that. I mean, like Bill Maher is SUCH a left wing nut, and Jon Stewart SUCH a liberal, not to mention the loony left granddaddy of them all, the Deadly Kos!

Figures he would call himself a conservative libertarian, those are the rich frat boys who want the drugs they like to be legalized and not to have to pay any taxes. Now, I can certainly sympathize, but I daresay my support of both of those points would be slightly more nuanced than cow man's.


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The Finish Line isn't so far away.

dz. Do what you gotta do. That's what all of us have to do. Peace.


I know Mancow openly states he thinks truthers are kooks, but personally I think hes an undercover truther.
He tends to slip tibits into conversations that seem like they were done just to get people to start investigating.
When he interviewed Kevin from Infowars on that FOX show not long ago, he said some things and even helped Kevin solidify some points.
Listen to him sometimes and see if you can pick up these hidden clues., or maybe its just me.

Go on MANCOW... heres why:

The Oakland collapse HELPS TO PROVE that what 911 truthers are saying.

Firstly... The freeway under the collapsed freeway DID NOT COLLAPSE. It didn't pancake! Any progressive collapse was stopped by the structure of the freeway below! This is what SHOULD HAVE HAPPENNED even if any floor of the WTC Towers had collasped... a progressive pancake would have been stopped or slowed by the floors below.

Secondly... The vertical elements on the freeway were not distroyed in the freeway collapse. The span section is like the truss floor sections of the WTC towers. Even if the trusses did fail the core columns (VERTICAL ELEMENTS) would have remained intact... just like in the Oakland Freeway collapse!!!

Of course, gasoline burns so much hotter it explains the collapse of the horizontal section.... but the jet fuel in the towers could never have burned so hot to melt the horizontal structure of the Oakland Freeway section.

my thoughts

If one of us went on Mancow's show and tried to explain all of that, we'd come across as crazy.

I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm saying the uninformed public would just assume you're wrong.

Mancow's morning madhouse is not the place for nuance.

Gasoline does burn hotter

than Kerosene (Jet A) which burns at an absolute maximum of 1796 Degrees F force fed pure oxygen, its "Open air" or also called "Dirty Burn" temp is less than 600 degrees F.

However even with Gasoline the highest maximum temp should be around 2400 degrees F and that is only if plenty of oxygen is provided. (not 2750 which is unlikely)


In this particular fire it was exactly the opposite of the WTC fire.
It was Gas instead of Kerosene which burns hotter.
It was completely in the open instead of confined.
It had zero water put on it instead of 1000s of gallons like in the WTC.

You can also see how much thinner the metal is in these bridge beams and trusses as opposed to the massive WTC columns.

In the small section that fell there were only 2 support columns and the damn tanker truck hit one of them.

If these nutbags are trying to compare this bridge to the WTC then why didn't this bridge collapse into its own footprint in about 2 seconds, most of the concrete should be pulverized into talcum fine powder and there should be molten steel glowing red for several more weeks.
Not to mention all the steel should be shipped away to china and no investigation done.

my thoughts...

Personally, I'm not much of a public speaker. If I got on live radio, I'd probably be unable to say my own name.

But if you can stay on topic, and not get dragged into ridiculous debates, you should take the opportunity to prove that we aren't crazy.

Don't think for 1 second that Mancow has any intention of doing anything other than make you, and all of us, look crazy.

to elaborate...

I do NOT think you should go on to talk about that freeking highway section.

Going on and finding ways to bring up other points, while dismissing the importance of that highway, would be a great opportunity.

I couldn't pull it off though.

You could say that's a crazy idea

No evidence, no motive

Then compare that to 9/11, laying out the evidence and the motive.

Stick with what we have.

The Neo-Cons probably want us to go on about the connections between this stupid bridge and the towers. We'd be smart in my opinion to avoid that connection and stick with what we know. 9/11 Truth.

Bridge (Story) For Sale

It's Called framing the debate. Just by having a prominent member of the truth movement on the show taking the question seriously it helps create buzz that gives the debate credibility. The bedunkers hate to be ignored. If they must sell this bridge story, let them, but don't help them. As you say, no one in the truth movement has said this freeway collapse was an inside job.

Look carefully at what is happening here... used to be that online venues like this would jump at the chance to have their name even mentioned on a "nationally syndicated" thingamajig or another. Now it's the other way around--this cow man NEEDS the validation of a credible (so long as I'm not banned for silly reasons) website like 911Blogger in order to convince his audiences that he's someone people can't say no too.

That is why we have to come into our own as grassroots media and reject the "mainstream" wannabes like cow man. By doing so we expose them for the fringe crap THEY are. How much more fringe can you get than slick cover up artists for mass murderers? WE are the future, so long as we remember why we are here, and why we are better than even the most apparently "popular" of name brand shill swill.


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Speak truth to power brotha

Speak truth to power brotha man :). I keep smelling more fear from them each day....this is how Jefferson said things should be.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

nobody could have IMAGINED

using truth as weapons....

Now that they're down it's time to kick em in the nuts. Figuratively of course! I think Jefferson said that. And speaking of Jefferson, nuts, and airplanes....

remember what the dormouse said--FEED YOUR HEAD

feed your head

with truth, of course. ;)


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Alex Jones had someone on

Alex Jones had someone on today saying it was "suspicious", it really pisses me off that sometimes it seems "EVERYTHING" is a conspiracy to AJ.

Hey if you call everything a

Hey if you call everything a false flag, you're bound to be right once in a while. ;)

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

The thing that made me switch off today was...

When he said he MUST have David Icke on...

That was enough for me for today...

Best wishes

nail, meet coffin

for any newcomers jsut finding out about this, David Icke is the non plus ultra of krazy konspiracy kooks. he really goes all the way and says that our rulers are shape shifting reptilians from outer space. I am NOT joking. He says this with a straight face, and people pretend to take hims eriously. He is about as disinfo as disinfo gets. It actually surprises me that even AJ would be this blatantly off the wall, by having him on.

The lesson here is that when people like me and others criticize a guy like AJ for good reasons, and then get accused of maligning an honest if obnoxious truther, there's a reason. It's because we've hit a nerve. Now I can't wait to see how people here will spin this Icke story, if true.


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I was going to write something very clever...

..about how "you just don't understand" and spin it while denying I was spinning it, but my brain can't get past "shapeshifting alien reptiles.


What's this guys history, anyway? When did he start pushing the reptiloid shite--before or after 911?

BTW--the first time I heard about this alien/reptile thing was in a Hellblazer graphic novel, where Jonny's winding up this reporter by feeding him crazy shite. I was stunned beyond belief that it hadn't been invented by the writer.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Thanks dz...

For using your noggin. Which you usually do.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

Yeah, second that...

Thanks dz...

I could imagine...

The interview now...

MANCOW: "So what does this do to your claims that the WTC was brought down by CD?"

dz: "First of all, it's a bridge. Not a 110 story tower. Secondly, it has nothing to do with 9/11..."

MANCOW: "But your movement said that fire can't melt steel, so how does this relate to your theory that the Government was behind 9/11?"

dz: "As I said, it has nothing to do with 9/11, however, if you would like to talk about how the 9/11 fam..."

MANCOW: "We're sorry, that's all we have time for today. Thanks for joining us dz. Keep up your crazy, loony conspiracy theory. Next up, Dick Cheney's going to tell us why killing baby seals is fun."

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

"In any event I rejected the offer..."

Good for you DZ, no use having the "frame" put around your neck like a noose. There are plenty of better opportunities in the future.

I think you did the right

I think you did the right thing man, but you could have accepted it and then once on the air totally rejected the idea that the bridge collapse is relevant and shouted about the first responders/other things of actual importance etc.

Guerrilla News Network's Anthony Lappe

Approached the topic in a similar way when he blogged about this and quickly asked GNN users:

A truck fire weakens steel supports and topples a freeway overpass. “Controlled demo” conspiracists care to share their thoughts?

Using This Link As The Source


Notice that the sourced article makes no claims that "a truck fire weakens steel supports and topples a freeway overpass"

He then relates the collapses on 9/11 to the highway collapse. But he does not explain his basis for relating the two. We know it's not from the source article.

yes, Anthony Lappe is a

yes, Anthony Lappe is a coward and im sure he was very pleased to see this. nevermind that the FACTS dont back him up. oh well, at least we know we are getting to him......


Oh yeah, that guy who couldn't seem to remember that he worked for the State Department's propaganda division before he founded an alterno pseudo-radical 'news' outlet... lmao

The Eleventh Day of Every Month



Make "Cover up" the talking point. Ignore everything that distracts from it. Force him to answer the question: Did the government cover up 9/11?

Give him a barrage of fast facts establishing cover up. Including polls, including Mineta, including Genoa, including ISI, including War Games.

Keep in mind you're not going to prove controlled demoltion in a fast attack segment. So don't get hung up on it.

Cover up means that people need to investigate more. That's all we can hope for from Fox.

Think about it. Write talking points down and keep them handy.

Good luck.

Good call dz