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Guardian "Facebook fact-check " on 9/11 - every bit as poor as you would expect



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The Guardian is no better at telling the truth about the nature of the 9/11 debate than about Syria, Ukraine or indeed anything. It's recent bid at being both social-media savvy and weirdly Orwellian, "Facebook Fact Check", has this little snippet up atm:




McKinney Introduces Jones & Gage - Feb. 23, 2008

Part One

Part Two

Cynthia McKinney warms up the stage for Richard Gage and Steven Jones, February 23, 2008, at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles.

West Hartford, Connecticut - One Day Symposium - November 3, 2007

One-Day Symposium, Saturday November 3, 2007

An excellent lineup of speakers is booked for Saturday November 3, 2007 at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, Connecticut, to speak about 9/11 from various critical viewpoints. Steven E. Jones and Richard Gage will discuss the destruction of the WTC towers, John Feal will be there to speak for the 9/11 first responders, three 9/11 Family Members will be there; Donna Marsh O'Connor, Robert McIlvaine and Gordon Haberman. (Mr. Haberman will be speaking publicly for the first time at a 9/11 conference.) Rounding out the list of speakers is Dr. William Pepper, a man who has waded hip-deep through through infiltration as well as mis- and dis- information campaigns through his investigations into the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. His advice on quality of evidence should be taken to heart, as he has been targeted with tainted goods at least once before.

This looks like a top-shelf introduction to 9/11 skepticism, with some fine speakers... congratulations to the organizers!

Jones & Deagle on Collecting Evidence & establishing a 'Chain of Custody' in the Event of Another 9/11

"I encourage you to post this video since it addresses a very important point regarding a possible 9/11-like event in the future, and what we can do about it. It is something that I've talked about and hope to get agreement among ALL seekers of truth and justice. We need to be aware and prepared."
- Steven E. Jones - July 19, 2007.

Recorded at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 24th, 2007, by Soul Tree Digital entertainment. Segment posted with permission.

Special thanks to Darren for the DVD, and Curtis for this excellent idea.

Discussion thread started at the Blogger Board.

Prof. Jones Summarizes His Vancouver Keynote Address

I missed Prof. Jones' 6/23 keynote address at the Vancouver 9/11 Conference, however, I caught up with him on Sunday, and he was kind enough to summarize the key points of his lecture for visitors of who couldn't be in Vancouver.

Jones' lecture will be available in the coming weeks on DVD from and

Dr. Jones & Dr. Deagle debate the 'micro-fusion' hypothesis

(You'll need to turn the volume way up to hear the conversation clearly, be sure to turn it back down when you move on!)

On the final day of the Vancouver 9/11 Conference, Dr. William Deagle gave a presentation that included a hypothesis that suggests 'micro-fusion' devices may have been used to facilitate the destruction of the World Trade Center. Necessarily, this captured the interest of Jones, who has a relevant educational background.

Dr. Steven Jones 'Lifting the Fog' Berkeley Lecture Now on Google Video

This is the recording of a live webcast of Steven Jones' presentation from the Lifting the Fog conference held on the campus of UC Berkeley thanks to

Parts of Upcoming Event 'Lifting the Fog' to be Available via Webcast

Just got word that the Steven Jones section of this Saturday's event on Berkeley campus entitled 'Lifting the Fog' will be available via a live webcast. This portion of the program should run from 1:30pm to 3:00pm PST.

Check out for more details, and expect more details on the webcast in the coming days.

Thanks to the guys from for the heads up!