The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Actions of January 11 on Truth Revolution Radio

Focusing on the international Actions of January 11 featuring activists from Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Oakland, Calgary and more. Full two hour show with no ads: MP3

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Standing For 9/11 Truth

Ottawa 9/11 Truth featured in The PEN, a local Ottawa paper.

Ottawa 9/11 Truth is one of an ever growing number of local groups around the world that have come together through the courageous initiative of one or two people going out ALONE on the Eleventh Day of the month and taking action for 9/11 truth. Through their determination and persistence - and willingness to stand alone for the truth - they have slowly but surely attracted others to join them in their action. We are spreading the truth around the world, we are growing and we aren't stopping until justice. February 11 marks the one year anniversary of the campaign for International Days of Truth Action. Isn't it time you joined us?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Truth Action at the Flames Game

On January 11th 2008, Calgary 9/11 Truth went outside of a Calgary Flames Hockey game to hand out free DVDs and take part in International Truth Action Day. Video by Nathan Moulton and

More January 11 action reports here

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Take Action January 11

January 11 2008 is the 12th International Day of Truth Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice. The day marks 76 months of 9/11 lies and is the 6th anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. Wherever you are on January 11 - join us in united action for 9/11 truth. We're not stopping until justice.

6 Years of Guantanamo Day of Action
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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Actions of November 11

We're taking action everywhere on Every Eleventh until Justice

Join us on December 11

For the full report including videos check out the Actions of November 11 on The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Johnny Wave on Truth Revolution Radio

In the third of a series of broadcasts covering the Actions of November 11, Johnny Wave of Marines for 9/11 Truth reports on the Los Angeles march and talks about the highs and lows of his continuing truth activism, including grateful support from other members of the US military and being stalked by followers of Michelle Malkin.


The Eleventh Day of Every Month

November 11, 2007 in Santa Monica

Join 9/11 truth community in Southern California for impromptu meetup near the Santa Monica Pier and pedestrian shopping district, 3rd Street Promenade. We will meet at Colorado and Ocean Avenues at 11AM and then visit the promenade later in the morning. We will also set up one or more information booths and hand out free literature and DVDs. We are inviting people from all corners of Southern California to show our strength in number for this action. Please bring information that can be distributed free.

Visit website for more information:

We have produced a YouTube video which we hope will inspire you to come out and join us:


WeAreCHANGE Maryland

On the evening of Thursday, October 11th, five members of WeAreCHANGE Maryland stood outside the Baltimore Sun office on Calvert Street in downtown Baltimore for over three hours distributing DVDs and flyers to passersby.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Almost everyone who walked past us took a flyer and DVD, including businessmen and women. Many people rolled down their car window during a red light to receive materials. Standing next to a bus stop, we even had a bus driver beckon for some as well. We got many supportive honks, waves, and pumped fists.

In total we handed out over 100 flyers, over 100 DVDs (mostly 9/11: Press for Truth with some Terrorstorm), and got thousands of eyes on our signs.

Actions of September 11

On September 11 2007, there was more action for 9/11 truth in more locations around the world than ever before.

We are creating an unstoppable momentum for justice.

Join us in action on October 11.

More photos, videos and action reports at

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Actions of August 11

More action in more locations around the world than ever before...

Complete coverage at

Organize for September 11

Please help support!

July 11 Truth Action in Murcia Spain

On July 11 2007 the Murzia Truth Squad in Murcia Spain joined the international campaign for Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice. We encourage good people around the world to join us and we implore American citizens who have not yet gotten involved to TAKE ACTION ON AUGUST 11!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio Tonight

Once again we will be reporting on the Actions of the Eleventh from around the world on Truth Revolution Radio. Call in and leave an action report on the hotline at 1-512-646-6455 anytime today or call in live to the show between 9 and 10 pm pacific at 1-888-202-19844.

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