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West Hartford, Connecticut - One Day Symposium - November 3, 2007

One-Day Symposium, Saturday November 3, 2007

An excellent lineup of speakers is booked for Saturday November 3, 2007 at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, Connecticut, to speak about 9/11 from various critical viewpoints. Steven E. Jones and Richard Gage will discuss the destruction of the WTC towers, John Feal will be there to speak for the 9/11 first responders, three 9/11 Family Members will be there; Donna Marsh O'Connor, Robert McIlvaine and Gordon Haberman. (Mr. Haberman will be speaking publicly for the first time at a 9/11 conference.) Rounding out the list of speakers is Dr. William Pepper, a man who has waded hip-deep through through infiltration as well as mis- and dis- information campaigns through his investigations into the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. His advice on quality of evidence should be taken to heart, as he has been targeted with tainted goods at least once before.

This looks like a top-shelf introduction to 9/11 skepticism, with some fine speakers... congratulations to the organizers!

Feal Good (Again) Support the heroes of 9/11, 12, 13...

Please watch and share these videos with your friends and family (again)

Please make a donation to the Feal Good Foundation (again)

Please buy the rest of these shirts from We Are Change which also goes to the first responders.

Let's do more for these guys/girls than our criminal government has

John Feal on Star Jones

John Feal at Webster Hall

A Message From 9/11 First Responder, And Kidney Donater, John Feal

I wish to thank everyone for their support and well wishes. While I got a chance to make a difference in 3 lives last week while risking my own health, I want you all to know I will not stop there. From 9/11 responders to Americans across the board who need help while our federal govt sits idle, I will stress the message of compassion, love and caring for those less fortunate. I will also continue to be a big pain in the ass to those who should be helping and are not. Jon Gold you and the truth movement ROCK, ROCK, ROCK and if anyone needs my other kidney they can have it.


John Feal
FealGood Foundation Founder
9/11 Responder Advocate

WTC responder spearheads three-way kidney transplant

Good luck John. - Jon


John Feal, a Nesconset resident and former demolition expert, has dedicated his life to helping others after losing half his foot working at the World Trade Center site in the aftermath of 9/11.

August 30, 2007

In January, John Feal was ready to give his kidney to a perfect stranger. But they weren't a good match.

That bad news led to a series of events that will culminate this morning in a Manhattan hospital and potentially save not one life, but three.

The daisy chain started by Feal includes six surgeons who will conduct three simultaneous kidney transplants at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center.

Well Wishes For John Feal And Paul Grossfeld

Most of you have heard of John Feal. If by the off chance you haven't, John was a demolition supervisor that worked for six days at Ground Zero, until his foot was crushed by an eight-ton steel beam, resulting in the loss of half of his foot. He spent 11 weeks in the hospital, and a bit longer learning how to cope.

John is an amazing individual. He was willing to risk life and limb in order to help with the efforts down at Ground Zero. Since being hurt, he has become one of the leading advocates for 9/11 First Responders that are now sick and dying, and has started an organization called "The FealGood Foundation" that assists those very same responders.

Because of his efforts, he has managed to help 100's of 9/11 First Responders, if not more.

John is a very "colorful" individual with a heart of Gold. He holds no punches when speaking his mind, and I admire him for that. Here are some great John Feal quotes:

Open Letter from 9/11 Rescue Worker to Rudy Giuliani


Open Letter from 9/11 Rescue Worker to Rudy Giuliani

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Dear Rudy,

My name is John Feal. I am a 9/11 responder who was horribly injured at Ground Zero during the clean and recovery. I spent 11 weeks in the hospital fighting for my life and lost half of my left foot. But please do not feel sorry for me.

Yesterday in Ohio you praised yourself a hero and compared yourself to the real heroes of 9/11. You say you were there longer then most 9/11 responders -- that sir is an insult to the 9/11 community.

The thousands of responders including the three in Michael Moore's movie SICKO got sick on your watch. And while you paraded around being hailed a hero, the real heroes of 9/11 got sicker and many have died. Regina Cervantes, Billy Maher, and John Graham are heroes -- they are my heroes -- and they were forced by our government's neglect and denial to seek help elsewhere. So what if it was Cuba? If your wife or son was sick, and you were told the only place to get your loved one help was in Cuba, I believe sir you would not hesitate. So whether it is Cuba, Russia, China, Mars, Venus... help is help. And the problem is not where they got help, but that our great country and federal government failed them. You failed the real heroes of 9/11, and the great people of New York and now you want to run this country.

Attacking Michael Moore and the 9/11 responders is not the way for any self-proclaimed hero to act. Mr. Moore has helped these responders, has helped dozens more and is continuing to help these brave souls while elected officials sit idle and let heroes die.

I implore you, Rudy Giuliani, to meet these three wonderful human beings. I implore you, Rudy Giuliani, to step up to the plate and grow a set of Abe Lincolns and help all 9/11 responders who got sick on your watch. Many more will die if our great nation and not-so-great leaders continue to leave great New Yorkers and Americans without care. Shame on you sir for being a poseur and trying to capitalize on your mistakes while thousands of true heroes get sicker.

In closing, sir, I wish you great health and happiness, but not success in your presidential campaign unless you do what is morally right and start helping 9/11 heroes. If you couldn't help the people of our great city, then how in Sam Hill are you going to help the people of this country?

Sincerely & God Bless,
John Feal
9/11 responder/advocate/founder of the Fealgood Foundation

John Feal at - "Wield Your Mighty Pen for Us, Mr. President"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 6:04 PM
Wield Your Mighty Pen for Us, Mr. President

By 9/11 first responder John Feal, founder of the FealGood Foundation

NEW YORK -- A pen in my hands could make some difference in the lives around me, and I work through the FealGood Foundation to make sure the documents I sign relieve some of the suffering of my fellow 9/11 responders. If I could, I would use my pen as you used yours last week. I would save my buddies.

In commuting the prison sentence of your friend Scooter, you said you believed the sentence imposed was too severe. Boy, can I relate.

When I look at the life sentences imposed on 9/11 responders suffering with acute illness, financial and emotional ruin and nearly six long years of neglect by their city, state and federal government leaders, I fill with rage and frustration. You've seen some of us in 'SiCKO,' so I know you are aware of our plight. My pen can only relieve tiny bits of their suffering. Yours could lift much more.

FealGood Foundation Doo Wop fundraiser - July 21 - Flushing, NY

Doo Wop show for a great cause

Thursday, July 5, 2007 4:51 PM CDT

Want to hear Doo Wop artists that make you “FealGood,” and enjoy a concert designed to help many 9/11 First Responders and their families?

Friend Entertainment, Ltd., along with the FealGood Foundation, will be hosting a “Doo-Wop for the First Responders of 9/11” concert at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 21 at Queens College's Kupferberg Center for the Performing Arts/Colden Auditorium.

All of the profits from the show will go to foundations for the families of the First Responders of 9/11, said Norman Wasserman, creator of Friend Entertainment.

The concert will include performances by original Doo-Wop artists: Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge, The Duprees, Frankie Lymon's “Legendary” Teenagers, Jay Siegel and The Tokens, Vito Picone and The Elegants and Cleveland Still and The Dubs, according to Wasserman, who began the fund-raising organization 19 years ago. Covers 9/11 First Responder Vito Valenti

Big thanks to

This is a video of Vito Valenti recently made by Sak from Because of the fund-raising we've done, and the help we are giving Vito, and the FealGood Foundation, this video is dedicated to the 9/11 Truth Movement.

There are no words to describe how this made me feel, except to say that it made me cry. A big thank you to, John Feal, the FealGood Foundation, and to Vito Valenti.

9/11 Sicko and Cuban Healthcare

Some representation by the Fealgood Foundation and a cameo by Vito.

New Site Coming Soon...

David Weiss passed away on 9/11. He was one of the brave 343 firemen that gave their lives that day. In Arizona, I met David's sister, Michele Little. Since then, she and I have become good friends. She is one of the most positive people I know, and I am thankful for having met her. Through me, Michele met John Feal of the FealGoodFoundation. Michele is currently in the process of setting up a 9/11 Responders Fund in order to help out. She has asked that I help her out with some of the web stuff for her site. Here is a variation of the header I made.

Anyway, just wanted to share.

Benefit Concert for First Responders and the Strategic Action Weekend

First Responder Benefit the Pinnacle of what should be an amazing weekend for activism.
Ohio: April 27 - 29th
To contact me or get active:


John Feal On Video

The first video is entitled, "Contagious Giving - Can We Pull It Off?" This is a concert John went to recently at Queens College. They let John speak, and he promoted the July 21st Benefit Concert. He managed to sell A LOT of tickets.

The second video is entitled, "John Feal on FOX & FRIENDS TV Broadcast April 16, 2007." As you can see, this took place today. John was debating Jeff Endean about whether or not Michael Moore is using first responders to make America look bad.


A Message From John Feal

I already bought my ticket, and will be attending. If you can, please do the same. - Jon

Flyer To Hand Out With Other 9/11 Related Flyers
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Founder John Feal
9/11 Responder

A Message From John Feal

Founder John Feal
9/11 Responder

To everyone in the 9/11 truth movement, by now most of you know I have formed a relationship with many of you and support your cause. This is due to Jon Gold, and his tremendous passion for the truth. While I cannot sit here typing and say what happened on 9/11/01 to those buildings is truth, fact, or fiction, I can say I stand behind you 100%, because anyone or any group that has the passion and tenacity to fight for what they believe in, well then I am proud to say I support your cause. If all 9/11 organizations, could only join together and support each other, maybe, just maybe real success would follow. My only goal is the same as yours, we seek the truth. Whether that day, those leading up to it, or why great Americans are sick and dying now because of it.