Call to all world journalists: WE NEED YOU this week of sept 2009

Call to all world journalists: WE NEED YOU this week of sept 2009"

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Herblay FRANCE,

bonjour ,
journalists of the world, we need your expertise for this september 2009 to write up a professional article on the situation after 9/11. For eight years now the 911 truth movement is struggling to obtain a real investigation into the attacks of the 11th September 2001 and bring the criminals to justice. The general public have not been correctly informed of their demand and their actions. Nor the important information on the recent discovery of non activated nanothermite found in the WTC débris. Where did it come from ? Who put it there ? An islamic fanatic in a cave in Afghanistan does not have the sophisticated equipment to make this high tech micro explosives.

911 truth Madrid in front of "El Pais", leading newspaper

We put up our information panel and handed out information to all of the journalists coming in and out of "El Pais", spains leading paper. The object of our visit was to get them to cover the Niels Harrit event on Tuesday Lets hope it works.