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New Commemorative Video for 9th 9/11 Anniversary Promoting "Building What?"

David Ray Griffin suggested in his "Building What?" speech that we all do what we can to ensure no one ever responds like Judge Lehner when Building 7 is mentioned.

Here's a new video that is a big step in that direction:

One Giant Step...Vers La Vérité

Vers La Vérité, Guests & Host

Last weekend, from October 9 to 11, Debora Blake and Annie Machon organized “Vers La Vérité” in Paris, France. The event was sponsored in part by ReOpen911 France. “Vers La Vérité” was a mix of public and private events where each sub-event was designed to facilitate communication between people who share common concerns on important issues, including 9/11. It was not a 100% 9/11 Truth conference. The goal was to position 9/11 in the broader context of related and equally disturbing issues such as illegal wars and reduction of civil liberties.

They kicked off the event with a press conference on Friday morning attended by a journalist from a mainstream newspaper, France Soir and the independent TéléLibre. The mayor of Paris's second district introduced Cynthia who made a brief statement and took some questions. Annie Machon also spoke briefly.

Annie Machon and Debora Blake on KPFK tonight at 8pm PST

Following the Vers La Vérité event in Paris on October 9-11, KPFK in Los Angeles will be interviewing organizers Annie Machon and Debora Blake tonight, Oct. 13 from 8 to 9 pm PST, 11pm East Coast, 5:15 Central Europe. To listen live,

Cynthia McKinney, keynote speaker at Vers La Vérité, led the discussion with Annie and Debora.

Link to archive audio file of the broadcast

ReOpen911 France Kicks reBUTTal !!

On 9/11/09, ReOpen911 France posted its video rebuttal to France's top cable tv station Canal+'s hit piece "Jeudi Investigation", a 60 Minutes type program but without the journalistic integrity which aired in April 2008. Posted on Friday, the video has already had over 18,500 views!

11 Septembre: Un Jeudi Noir de l'Information
par ReOpen911

Teaching 9/11 at School - Promoting the Myth

Hello Everyone.

Does anyone know anything about this site?

I stumbled on this stone quite by accident, kicked it over, and now there are zillions of bugs scrambling around my brain...

Their mission statement sounds fine enough:
"In accordance with its mission to contribute to the interdisciplinary study of contemporary issues, The Clarke Center is pleased to sponsor the "Teaching 9-11" web site. The site provides hundreds of useful links for teachers."

Then I discovered it was founded in 1994 by Henry D. Clarke, Jr. who pops up in searches as being CEO of Clabir Corp in the 80's, a holding company which owned, of all things, the ice cream company famous for the Klondike Bar and major defense contractors, among them General Defense Corp. features lots of links to "resources". Many don't immediately work due to site changes but the info is still online if you hunt around a bit. One such link is:

UPDATE: Opportunity to Achieve our Goal ABORTED by CHANGE.ORG

(As of 5:17pm Central Time --11.30.2008-- "" has removed the request for a new 9/11 investigation from their website. -rep.)

Initial blog post published: 2008-11-28 17:46:16

In this week's International edition of Newsweek (Dec 1, 2008), there's an article entitled "President 2.0". In reading it, I discovered that a new site ( is collecting and posting ideas for the Obama administration and the top 10 ideas, the ideas that have received the most votes, will be presented to the President on Inauguration Day.

An idea was just added to suggest that a new investigation into 9/11 be conducted.

Please click the link below and VOTE for this idea. Then forward the link to everyone you know and ask that they vote for it too. It this is for real, it is an excellent opportunity to get out collective voice heard. Loud and Clear. Finally.

Thanks in advance.

(Image updated - 12.2.2008)