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Beck and Unpopular Mechincs Attack 911 Truth

Hey, This video is a few months old, But no many know abou tit.

It wasnt in the Media 2006 Links. This Video made me sick, Man these
people are evil

1.-They say We are trying to destroy our country

2.-We made Jim Meigs waste his life writing a book, debunking the myths..aww poor thing.

Rumor: Hollywood Celeb May go public on Alex Jones Show Tomorrow

Some people Who were listening to the Show said about 2:55pm EST a Hollllywood Celeb bigger then Sheen is expecting
to go on air To expose 9/11 Truth.

We dont know who it is, but some names which people think are:

Mel Gibson
Gary Busey
Robert Deniro
Brandon Boyd
Brad & Angelina
Brad Pitt
Kevin Costner

1)If this happens, Expect the Media to completely black out this. The only reason Charlie
got go much attention back in March was because of Showbiz tonight, That is what opened the door
to the media to cover Sheen.

We need a major show on CNN, Showbiz tonigth, Acess Hollywood, etc

2) To help push Main Stream Media To cover this, As soon as Alex Jones
writes an article on this, We need to Submit it to Digg and we need 50 Truthers to come togethetr
and digg this story. This will help 50-100k people know whats going on.

3) Some haters at serverly effected the CNN poll with charlie sheen
As soon as the poll went up, They had all there visitors Vote NO on the Poll
That is why 35% Said no in a poll in the beginners
We need to Come together and all Us truthers VOTE YES, To help damage

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MSNBC Bans All 9/11 Truth Posts, Bans Some truthers

I first heard about this this morning, But I think it Happened Yesturday

I made a post 2 days ago to a follow-up Topic, About how the media is owned by
5 cooperations, GE owns MSNBC, and how GE is profitting Heavily from Illegal wars

and how when The 8-10-06 Call to Action, No media outlet in the world cared
enough to mention it except foxnews. As soon as I posted that, All the 911 Truth
Posts were Gone!!

9/11 Truth Videos for Tuesday

Hello 911 Truther Freinds:

Please Vote on these 6 Videos on 9/11 Truth!!


Trying to Push Six 9/11 Truther Movies Up Today!

Okay Heres the Deal, I swear DIGG is rigged, Somebody submitted this

It has 42 Diggs in less then 20 Hours, It was an Site
and I was waiting for it to go on the homepage, But then I came back an
hour later, The article was removed from the upcoming stories on digg
I doupt it was buried, Usually b4 Its buried, Digg users Say They are buring
it in the comments section, All i saw was positive Comments.

Anyways That pissed me off. I dont know whats going on with them.

Okay Heres the Deal I just submitted six 9/11 Truth Videos on Digg. I think
the best one, Is the one with Bush stealing $5 Trillion Dallors.

Please Vote on the top 5 Stories on my profile:

And also this one which isnt registering:

Angry at My Local Newspapers

I see how Other Newspapers are covering some of the 911 Truth Movement

I saw on article on 911blogger how SC did a cover on 911 Press for truth.

I think I called them a few months ago, Got no where. I just emailed them this morning.

Maybe if serveral People contact them, They will pay attention.

Here are some questions?

Why arent they covering 911 truth movement? Whats it going to take for them to cover it? Other Newspapers are covering it!

If you dont mind, or want something to do..Let them know how u feel...

New Journal Of 9/11 Studies Letter Debunks Space Beam Hypothesis

A new letter published on the Journal of 9/11 Studies site in the new "Letters" section debunks Judy Wood's space beam hypothesis.

A. Introduction

This paper critiques the work and thesis of Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds suggesting that a "Star Wars" beam weapon was used in the destruction of the World Trade Center towers (referred to herein as the “WR thesis” or “WR paper”). The WR thesis is presented in a web-based paper entitled “The Star Wars Beam Weapon”, which can be found here. The central claim of the WR thesis is that the phenomena observed during the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2 are only consistent with the use of some type of directed energy weapon, either originating from outer space or reflected from outer space (thus, it is referred to herein as a “space beam weapon”). The main arguments in the WR thesis are examined in this paper and a case is made that the WR thesis and its supporting paper contain several scientific flaws, including, the use of corrupted data, ignoring data that contradicts its claims, not considering more reasonable explanations for observed effects, and, in the case of the Kingdome demolition, incorrectly comparing data.

More available here:

The Forgotten 9/11 Truth Documentary

Im talking About Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State,

About 16 months old, Most people I talk to Agree this is the very best
9/11 Truth Video ever Made.

Lets try to give it a push back in google 100:

Great Work, Whoever Did this!!!!

275k Plus views in just 6 days and could climb to over 1 million

Here is the URL:

People thought it was saddams hanging, and 275k skeptics saw this

I think Youtube Censored this story from the MOST viewed, Because I dont
See it anywhere Under Most Viewed for the Week.

Also If you can, Digg my 911 truth, infowars storuies:

I am begentile

9/11 Mysteries

If Admin lets this thru, and its on Automattic we will get the push we need to get this back in google top 100. We are getting 10k Views a day, Just another 2k on top of that and its back in there. Has enough traffic to do this.

9/11 Mysteries (Full Length, High Quality)

Please bare with this, We just need a little push to get it back in google 100, 10K Views

Danny Bonaduce With 9/11 On Foxnews

Check out this story, whatcha think?

Heres the link, I dont know how to submit the actual Youtube on here.

Digg this story if you can:


John Conner Visits Hollywood

Note, more info on John's meeting with Bonaduce here: