December 2010

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9/11 Analysis with David Chandler Now Available

Cover Art for 9/11 Analysis
The new DVD, "9/11 Analysis with David Chandler" is completed and will start shipping on Monday Jan 3. It can be ordered at It is available as a single DVD in a standard DVD case or in inexpensively priced bulk packs (in sleeves) in quantities of 25, 50, and 100 for mass distribution (marked "Not For Resale for Profit"). Contact if you would like to order in wholesale quantities for resale or if you would like to feature the DVD on your web site.

The DVD is based on the many short analysis videos David Chandler has posted on the internet over the last several years. On the DVD these are woven together with an explanatory narrative (and at one point a little physics "chalk talk" is thrown in). This DVD is accessible to the general public, but it also has the potential to arouse interest in and address the questions of the science-educated segment of the public.

Production team: David Chandler (producer, narrator), John Parulis (videographer, editor), Laurel Burik (publicity), Steve Wilson (business manager)

Truth Action Ottawa - 9/11 Truth Actions from October, November and December

Happy holidays, and a special thanks to all those who took action on the 11th of every month with us and around the world. Let's redouble our efforts next year leading up to the 10th anniversary.

NFL Great to Match Your BuildingWhat? Donations Through December 31

The BuildingWhat? campaign is pleased to announce beginning today, December 29, through December 31, NFL great Mark Stepnoski will match, up to $10,000, all donations made to the next TV ad campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters across the globe, the BuildingWhat? campaign has raised almost $30,000 since the launch of the new fundraising drive on December 5. We are thrilled and grateful that two-time Superbowl champion Mark Stepnoski has so generously stepped forward to spur us toward the $50,000-milestone. Between now and the end of the year, Mark will match every dollar you donate; and just a reminder, every dollar you do give in 2010 will be fully tax-deductible when you file your taxes in the coming months!

To kick off the mini-fundraising drive, Mark will be appearing on the Alex Jones Show at 2pm Eastern on Wednesday, December 29. Please tune in to hear Mark talk about why he is supporting the campaign for a new Building 7 investigation. He will be joined by engineer and AE911Truth member Tony Szamboti, who recently appeared on Geraldo At Large and has been spearheading the effort in New York City to bring about a new investigation.

For more information on the next round of TV spots, click here. To donate, simply click below:

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We wish you the best in the New Year and thank you in advance for helping make 2011 what promises to be a breakthrough year!


The BuildingWhat? Team


Laurie Manwell on Psychological Resistance to 9/11 Truth, on "9/11 In Context"

On this week's "9/11 In Context" show, which airs Thursday, December 30, at 3pm ET, I will interview Laurie Manwell, Ph.D. candidate in Applied Cognitive Sciences at the University of Guelph. We will discuss the results of her research into the many reasons for the intense psychological resistance to 9/11 truth, and her positive strategies to present our information in ways that minimize denial and negative reactions. Laurie has published on the subject in the Journal of 9/11 Studies and is the author of "In Denial of Democracy: Social Psychological Implications for Public Discourse on State Crimes Against Democracy Post-9/11" in the recent breakthrough issue of American Behavioral Scientist on "state crimes against democracy."

Listen live at:

or listen to the mp3 which is available at the same link right after the broadcast.

Click "Play" or click on "Download" under the show title ("Laurie Manwell ...").

A page of links to Laurie Manwell's writings is posted at the Resistance Radio Forum,


9-11 can’t wait
A former Grand Juror once said of the Oklahoma City bombings, that we MUST get to the bottom of that event because if not, it will happen again. His prophetic statement was realized a few years later on September 11th, 2001.
This past week, Judge Napolitano stated on the Alex Jones show, that ten years from now, 9-11 will relegate itself to the memory hole as a ‘novelty’ much the same way as the JFK phenomenon has, but I say to you that it will be too late. Everything we have, every freedom (we have left) will be gone and quite possibly the planet could be turned into a wasteland or even a cinder.
Every obscenity that has been visited upon the American people from wiretapping to war, from radiating to illegal searches, from poisoning of our air, water and food, to our current police state, all have its roots, it’s justification…….in 9-11.

NYC Department of Buildings: No Copies of City Issued Permits for Construction Within WTC 7 Found For Years 1999, 2000 and 2001

A Freedom of Information reply from the New York City Department of Buildings reports that copies of city permits for routine or major construction work within World Trade Center building 7 during the years 1999, 2000 and 2001 could not be located. Records for the “ALT 2” category were requested.

“DOB divides construction work into two main categories: New Buildings (NB) and Alterations (ALT). Alterations are further divided into three types—ALT1s, ALT2s and ALT3s—depending upon the scope of work. An ALT1 is a major alteration in which the use or occupancy of an existing property changes. An ALT2 is an alteration in which the use or occupancy of a facility does not change, but includes multiple work types, i.e., plumbing and construction. ALT1s and ALT2s must be filed by a registered architect or licensed engineer."

Love Me I'm A Liberal! And don't talk to me about conspiracies!

One more way to get 9/11 Truth out to the public is to write songs about it. Here Vic Sadot writes about his humorous parody update to Phil Ochs' "Love Me I'm A Liberal" from his 1966 "Phil Ochs In Concert" album. Vic writes about working 9/11 Truth themes into the song. Vic Sadot gives all of his "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs" away as free mp3 downloads at Last FM and MySpace. We need to be a singing out movement as much as we need to be scholarly, scientific, and articulate. Check out the words and the links to one more song to help you to ring in the 2011 New Year with 9/11 Truth, the 10th anniversary year of that tragic "false flag" event that was so shamefully used to manipulate the American public to support corporate empire wars and repression of our inalienable rights.

9 Months Before 9/11, Online Discussion About Whether WTC Could Survive Plane Impact

I found the following on "Geekosystem" and thought it was interesting:

Reddit alerts us to the existence of an unsettling thread on aviation site dated November 30, 2000, in which forumers debated whether or not the World Trade Center “could survive an 767-300 impact.”

UK planning to evacuate expats from the Persian Gulf region in the event of war with Iran

US bases surrounding Iran                                                                                      US bases surrounding Iran 

Engineer Questioning 9/11

Jonathan Cole

PDF Scan Of Original: OurTown - Englewood FL - Dec 29th 2010

Engineer questioning 9/11

Official explanation defies basic laws of physics


ENGLEWOOD — Like most Americans, Jonathan Cole was shocked by the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001.
And like most Americans, Cole, an engineer and president of Giffels Webster Engineering, initially accepted official explanations for the towers’ destruction, but no longer.
The science doesn’t work, according to Cole, who has produced a series of simple experiments and videos that call into question the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s and other official findings on the disaster.
In late 2007, Cole began questioning all he heard when he was a sent a video of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. The video shows the building collapsing down on itself, much like the twin towers; however, WTC 7 wasn’t struck by an aircraft.